View Full Version : Sacramento CoC fans

July 27th, 2010, 23:09
Hello CoC'ers and Fantasy Grounds fans.

We are a small group of players in the Sacramento area who enjoy Call of Cthulhu. We've just gotten started playing in the last month and are having a blast. We have a web page (http://www.sacramentomythossociety.com) and invite all fans of CoC to drop by and say hello.

We hold closed games for us local folks as we are all real-life friends but we'd always like to make new friends, regardless of where you are.

We'd love to hear shared ideas and maybe if you are hosting a game you can advertise it there as well as the calendar on the FG site. We'll always stop by if we can to help you test something out or to fill a spot in a scenario, sanity permitting of course ;)

We are also looking to do some other games in the near future.