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July 20th, 2010, 05:44
Simple Scenario: KS11-OGL The Repository (https://www.fantasygrounds.com/store/product.xcp?id=WHM-KS11-OGL)

A mysterious cavern holds constructs inert since the end of an ancient war.

Thousands of years ago, the Harlass Orn thrived in the swamps surrounding Kith'takharos. At the height of their achievements, the Harlass Orn fought a desperate war against extra-dimensional creatures called Veilwalkers. The Veilwalkers created numerous battle constructs and placed them in storage facilities called repositories.

The Repository is a Simple Scenario designed for 3-5 characters of Fifth or Sixth Levels. A Simple Scenario is a set piece encounter or very short adventure the Gamemaster can insert when needed to fill a gap or spice up an ongoing adventure. In this Simple Scenario, the characters encounter a Veilwalker repository that houses a cache of deactivated constructs.

This product contains an OGL 3.5 Fantasy Grounds II module and an accompanying 2 page PDF for an estimated 4-8 hours of playing time. The module contains all the information necessary to run the adventure. The PDF duplicates the contents of the module in an easy to read format.

The basic Kith'takharos Setting is available for free in a rules agnostic format at www.whitehairedman.com

July 21st, 2010, 01:54
I'll need to check this out. WHM puts up good stuff.