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July 18th, 2010, 22:59
We are looking for a 6th player for our Scales of War game. There are a number of things you should know before applying so please read the following carefully.

First off, we are currently at level 25. We're probably around four months away from completing the Adventure Path. So why are we looking for a sixth player when we can easily finish off the Path with five? And why would you want to join a two-year-old campaign four months away from completion? DnD is as much a social experience for us as it is a game we enjoy. We've forged some excellent friendships the last time we recruited from these boards (well over a year ago) and I think we're all looking to shake up our existing roster in that sense.

As for why you would join, if you're compatible with our group, you would be invited to play in whatever game we start after Scales. This is a unique opportunity because our group prides itself on our longevity, so you would be joining a game that *will not* fall apart. I've been running this campaign for over two years, with no changes to the roster since the very first adventure. I've been running another campaign for over a year with no changes to the roster since the second adventure. We don't play whims -- we play to build characters over a long period of time and we enjoy the growth campaign arcs offer.

So you join us now, we have four months to see if you're the kind of reliable, socially-compatible person we'd like to game with for the future. And if you are, you've found a stable, comfortable group, which I'm given to understand can sometimes be hard to find for a new player.

However, there is another warning I must give: Scales is, in some ways, an experiment for our group. We play a very character- and story-driven campaign called Burning Sky on Thursdays, so Scales gives us a chance to relax -- our characters here are much more relaxed, some better than others, and our primary goal is to follow the Path to the end, beat up some baddies, and not worry overly much about what makes sense from a story perspective. After we finish Scales, though, we aren't planning to go back to that sort of gameplay. We'd be delving into something more interesting and character-oriented.

Regardless, it's very hard to sum up two years worth of gameplay in a single paragraph. As a DM, I take the players' desires very seriously and am constantly striving to improve the game and try out new techniques and ideas. Our players range in age and disposition, though. Our average age is around 27 years old. Most of us are laid back and easy to get along with. We typically spend some time before and after games shooting the breeze about games or movies. On the other hand, there are some things we take very seriously. One is timeliness and attendance. You have to give us notice if you aren't going to be at a game or will be late. The more you plan ahead the better. We strongly dislike when people at the table are distracted (that's why we're looking for a 6th, in fact), especially if it happens often. And, finally, as any group of friends, we have completely relaxed standards for social etiquette... plenty of swearing and discussion topics I wouldn't summarize on the forums. ;)

If you're still interested, we play Saturdays, at 6 PM EST, until 11 PM EST. E-mail me if you're interested: eugene.zar at gmail dot com. Be sure to mention your general availability (we sometimes play on Sunday or even during the weekdays if Saturday scheduling doesn't work for everyone). Also describe yourself and your general attitude towards DnD. What kind of characters have you made, if any? What kind of characters are you interested in making? What are you expecting from me as a DM? The more information you give us, the better equipped we will be to know what to expect.

July 19th, 2010, 01:17
I should also mention that I have an Ultimate license. No need to buy the software to play.

July 20th, 2010, 04:58
Wow. This is something I'd be HUGELY interested in! The congenial, relaxed atmosphere you are offering is exactly what I'm looking for out of a D&D group, and I've been woefully unable to find it in a F2F format (and here's the kicker...) but it's an hour or two too early for my stay-at-home-Daddy schedule. Well, let me correct myself: It's too early for my daughter's schedule... My dependable availability would generally be any evening after 730-8pm est, until approximately midnight.

I am a dependable, punctual and not socially inept (I promise! :) ), married gamer just over 41 (my wife games as well, but hasn't the time to play currently), and expect my games to be just that - games: relaxing, fun and engaging. I love the gradual growth and development of a character (and party) in a long-term campaign - it's by far my favourite gaming style, and I like to be able to contribute threads to a campaign by providing a rich character with ample material for the DM to take and run with.

While I am a Fantasy Grounds newb, I am pretty familiar with 4e, and tend to prefer controller type characters (Wizard and Invoker being favourites).

I realize it's probably a stretch to bother with writing all this, given the game's stated timing, but I'd rather go on and take the chance since what you describe is basically my ideal game.

Thanks for listening, and best of luck to you and your group!

July 21st, 2010, 06:56
Thanks for the response. We're somewhat open to changing our time for that timeframe, so I'm glad you posted. I'll keep that in mind when we're examining our options.

Also, thanks for sending this in an e-mail. Just easier to have a back-and-forth conversation by e-mail, for anyone else reading.