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July 14th, 2010, 18:27
Last night marked the premiere game of my 4e game in FG2 - I'm taking my players through the Scales of War Adventure Path from Dungeon Magazine. Players are a human Seeker, a halfling Bard, a goliath Warden...

...and a bear.

Yes, a bear. His mechanics are that of a half-orc monk, but he's an awakened bear. It has already made for some amusing antics in our game with the bear getting upset that he was unable to eat the hobgoblin grunts that came at them in waves.

Our first session took us through about 30 minutes of set-up before getting the game running. The biggest trip-up was that, though I had sent custom portraits to all my players and they were all installed properly, they didn't all show up properly at first. Some players only saw black boxes in place of portraits (including myself). Suddenly, at some point, they all popped up properly. Odd, but we moved on.

(There was a similar problem later on when only one player couldn't see a token PNG file I had placed on the map, while everyone else could. I changed the token to something else and it showed up fine. His difference was that he was running FG2 on a Mac using Wine)

We got rolling with an introductory tactical encounter in a tavern called The Antler and Thistle. It took us almost an hour and a half to get through combat, as there was a lot of pausing for rule look-ups, people stepping away to get drinks / put dogs out / pee / whatever. It was also a fairly large combat with around a dozen or so enemies, eight innocent bystanders and the four PCs.

Overall we had a great time. You can take a look at one of the screenshots from the night here;


I had a thought that it would add to the investiture that players have in the game if there were built-in sound effects for die rolling - different ones for each die type, b/c they all sound different.