View Full Version : My groups new adventure Level 1-3

June 13th, 2010, 11:09
I wanted to share some of my campaign, get some advice from more veteran DM's on what they think would spice this up a bit, and critique on it in general. : )

This is the start of my new campaign. The first area is a level 1-3 abstractly shaped tower in the middle of a jungle area. I filled it with poisonscales, and even a ****atrice boss at the top. The players are shipwrecked on this jungle island, and need to get to the top to find the oracle that's been helping them survive on this island. (The oracles a major plot character for future interactions. But won't be seen again until the end of their heroic tier)


Floor 1 is a basic introduction area. There's an easy to find secret door in the main foyer. Nothing major but there are two stairwells on the left and right sides, and one in the center. The center one leads down into the basement (There were assorted goodies down there. Murky atmosphere to make the players tense.) The stairwells are awesome because it gives the party the choice of going in two directions.

Floor 2 left. The highlight of this floor are some stealth poisonscales and a brazier that a deathspore resides in. The room is pitch black, and the brazier is in plain view. >:D (If the players are creative about light, I'll just have the poisonscales chuck a torch into the brazier, because it is their trap afterall.)

Floor 2 Right. This area actually leads outside onto a raised crumbling bridge. There are poisonscales worshiping a totem and I put a kissing maiden trap on the ledge if the players were reckless. (Trap goes whack, player stumbles back, and falls about 20 feet down off the ledge, and is now back at the temples entrance. Is it wrong to find a trap like this hilarious?) To add onto it, I even made it so the poisonscales put chimes on the trap to alert them of intruders.

Floor 3. This is another tension floor. Both the left and right paths converge here and open up to two more paths. There are people on a raised dais in the rooms center. But they're all turned to stone. The sky can be seen through a large hole in the ceiling.

Floor 3 right. This area is a very unstable looking outside bridge area (Much like floor 2's right path). More statuesque figures are here. I have an ambush of a couple watered down gargs here. (Fits in perfect with the theme.)

Floor 3 left. There's a bridge here that leads to a small tower cropping off the side of the main tower. It's got a ladder going up to floor 4, and is chock full of spiders and webs of previous unfortunates that entered here. I wanted to spice this up like the other encounters... but couldn't really come up with much.

Floor 4 Boss. This area is a large flat penthouse type of area. There's a large hole in the center of the room that shows all the statues from floor 3. I have a decked out ****atrice to fight the party here. It's a solo, but I didn't give it any extra petrification powers because I was afraid the party may not be able to handle it. After the boss is down, the room at the north side leads to a story segment, and loot! :D