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June 12th, 2010, 23:23
So, I've finally gotten all of the books scraped and parsed, and I'm ready to start my group on FG. Before I did though, I had a question that I'm sure can be easily answered.

I'm used to MapTools for our games. The one thing it has, that I have yet to find in FG is the ability to move on the grids. To be more specific, the ability to have tokens only move in the pre-defined grid, instead of free-form. Up/down/left/right, and each grid space counts as five feet.

Is it also possible for ranged attacks to utilize this grid for the purposes of determining range and 'splash' for powers?

If this is all detailed somewhere in the guide, and I missed it, please feel free to point me to it and then light-heartedly mock me :)

Thank you in advance!!

June 13th, 2010, 03:36
Haha. Well I won't be doing any mocking... but what you're missing is the step where the GM applies a grid to an image.

If you right click on a map image, in the radial menu you'll find "Layers". Click on that, and in the sub-menu select "Set Grid".

Your mouse pointer changes to a little cross-hair. Click and drag the cross hair to match (as close as you can) one of the grid spaces on your map. It will then create a grid for your whole map.

While FG won't calculate ranges/bursts automatically, you can easily utilise the grid to show bursts/distances by using pointers. Once again right-click on the image, and in the radial menu find "Pointers". Here you can draw an arrow to indicate forced movement, distance, range, or to determine cover and line of sight. Or you can use the square pointer to determine a burst or blast attack.

Players and GM have access to pointers, and they are coloured based on your dice colour selection.

Hope that helps!

June 13th, 2010, 04:22
As GM, radial menu the map to Layers and go to the Grid. Then drag the placement of one square and the grid will populate. If you want to redo it just clear the grid layer and try again.

Once the grid is set you can also radial any token and Lock Tokens--when a player tries to move a token they control it will show you what they wish and you must approve it (middle click their token is easiest). It also counts out the squares.

There's shortcuts for the pointers too--holding both mouse buttons draws pointers.

Standard - Arrow
Shift - Square

I don't remember the others--check out the User Guide, some good visuals of all that stuff.

I've recorded the material for two revised tutorials now, but with 2.7.0 on the horizon, I decided to hold off and do them after it's live, because there's some REALLY big changes, (like player token drops and image toolbars!)

June 13th, 2010, 06:24
Thank you both, those were both very simple processes!