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June 11th, 2010, 18:56
Okay I'm trying to figure out how to make this work, and so far have been unsuccessful (sort of).

I'm put in the text for Prime Shot (ranger) as a situational power, and did "Reset power abilities". This effect was generated:

(self/all) TRGT; ATK: 1 ranged ( - )

I changed it to:

(self/one) TRGT; ATK: 1 ranged ( - )

The first issue is TRGT is not passing on a target for the effect, as best I can tell. The GM can specify a target on the effect after it's applied, and then it works fine. So I tried:

(trgt/one) TRGT; ATK: 1 ranged ( - )

I tried holding ALT (which applied to character, but w/o a target).
I tried without ALT (which applied to target, but w/o a target).

Is this how it works? I can't figure out any way to get TRGT to actually do anything. I also can't get the "ranged" portion of ATK to work without choosing a target for the effect. (So TRGT not working stinks.)

I tried this with First Strike (rogue) and it gave me:

(self/all) TRGT; CA (end)

When double-clicked it applies the effect to the character, but again does not pass on a target. CA works without choosing a target though. However if you change targets the CA is still there. If you apply this, then have the host apply and effect target, it works beautifully--you only have CA against that specific target.

So for the TL;DR version:

Is TRGT not working in the Label: Special Tags?

June 11th, 2010, 21:14
Okay I figured it out finally. Going to explain it all in case this is helpful. I'm still using the Prime Shot (+1 to ranged attack if no one is closer) example. Here is what populates from the text:

(self/all) TRGT; ATK: 1 ranged (-)

I did not realize that PLAYERS can't token drop. Attacks, damage, and effects with (trgt/___) can be applied with double-clicks on targetted tokens, but token drops don't work.

So as a Player if I target the ranger and SHIFT drop the effect on a CT entry, the effect applies to the ranger with the correct target.

As a GM if I set the ranger to target himself and SHIFT drop the effect on a token or the CT then it applies and targets correctly, as well.

I've determinted that when SHIFT dropping (self/___) is is overridden to (trgt/___). I've also come to the conclusion that TRGT in the effect text does nothing; I haven't found one effect where it being present changed anything.

My logic told me that the following:

(self/all) TRGT; ATK: 1 ranged (End)

Should allow a player to target a token, double click the effect, and have it apply to the character, with the effect target on the token, expiring at the end of the turn. Doesn't work (just assigns to character with no effect target). If it's set to (trgt/___) then double-click assigns to the token, still with no effect target.

What does TRGT actually do? GM or Player perspective I can't figure this out. I guess it reminds the user they need to SHIFT drop this effect, but that's about all I can figure. :D

June 11th, 2010, 21:56
Target is used in what the release notes calls Third Party Targeting. Cutting to the chase, this mostly used by Warlord powers:

Three party effect targeting.
1) Use primary targeting to select the targets you want to apply the effect to.
2) Hold SHIFT key while dragging effect onto the target you want the effect to apply to.

The effect will be applied to the primary targets, while the target of each of those effects will be set to the drop target.

Very useful for powers which apply effect to multiple targets against a specific creature. (i.e. Warlord's Strike).

It would be good if the 4E examples of effects had one of these as an example. I'll use Warlord's Strike as an example, Warlord's Strike gives a bonus to damage to all allies on a hit vs. one target. So for a player to use 3rd party targeting to drop the plus to damage so every character gets it automatically only against that one target originally hit by the Warlord, the player does the following (going from memory here):

1) Player targets the monster using targeting ring
2) Player holds down shift and drag and drops the Warlord's Strike effect onto all his allies.

I know this works if the player does the drops on the combat tracker. I think it also works now on the map too.

June 11th, 2010, 22:25
Are player token drops enabled in 2.7.0 then? They don't work in 2.6.5 still. That Warlord example is how I realized I needed to hold Shift to pass an effect target on to the CT.

But what I'm saying is, you don't need the TRGT special tag for this to happen. Looking at the CT, the TRGT tag is automatically inserted. I just tried this:

(self/once) ATK: 1 ranged (-)

I targetted four characters, then CT Dropped the effect (on Kobold Slinger 5) and each character has this in their effects:

ONCE; TRGT*Kobold Slinger 5*; ATK: 1 ranged

I'm sure that Shift Drops force the effect to be (trgt/___) and inserts TRGT into the effect. But it's the Shift drop that uses the TRGT special tag; it doesn't matter if it's in the effect description on the Power itself. Using the Warlord example:

(self/once) DMG: 1 (-)
(trgt/once) TRGT; DMG: 1 (-)

Both of these effect entries are functionally identical when using a SHIFT drop. Am I making sense?

June 12th, 2010, 00:50

Player token drops work fine in 2.7.0! I still wish that the following:

(self/all) TRGT; ATK: 1 ranged (end)

Would work like I want (target enemy token and double-click, effect applied to character with token as effect target), but it's much easier to use still (half the clicks in a turn!).

Using the above I can do this:
1. Target the player.
2. Shift drag the effect (PS ATK) onto the enemy token.
(effect applied to character with enemy token as effect target)
3. Drag the Attack roll onto the enemy token.
(attack roll resolved against enemy token, effect triggers)

Now that I can token drop attacks/damage, I don't have to change targets multiple times.

1. Target player.
2. Shift drop effect (Prime Shot ATK) on enemy CT.
3. Untarget player.
4. Target enemy token.
5. Double-click ranged attack.
6. Untarget enemy token.
7. Target player.
8. Shift drop effect (Hunter's Quarry DMG) on enemy CT.
9. Untarget player.
10. Target enemy token.
11. Double-click damage roll.
12. Untarget enemy token.
13. Next turn.

1. Target character.
2. Shift drop effect onto enemy token.
3. Drop attack onto enemy token.
4. Shift drop effect (HQ DMG) onto enemy token.
5. Drop attack onto enemy token.
6. Untarget character.
7. Next turn.