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May 22nd, 2010, 22:40
So I have a Friend that is Vice President of a publishing Company and he has just released a Game Called Fox Magic, I've been Reading through the book and Thought that it would be way better as a text environment Game because of the way you "level up" by writing a little about how your character has taking in the events of the game and how they feel and have grown. (I thought it was a really neat Idea but could also feel like an English assignment to some)

Basically the Game is that your one of 8 breeds of Fox Spirits (Kitsune) that normally play tricks on people and Such. Each Breed gives you choices of special Spiritual Abilities like outer body movement or being able to turn into a Human or Half Human half Animal for extra Strength and such. From what I read the goal is normally to help gods from different shrines or to keep harmony in a village, though I suppose it would be up the GM that runs the Game.

Anyway I was hoping others might give some Criticisms or helpful hints that I could relay back to him. He's Already done this one but he's working on using the Dice System for a Super Spy like game.