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April 18th, 2010, 22:27
Well well well... With the bugs in the ruleset fixed we've torn through "The Dead Forest" yesterday and tonight and are curently at "The Gates of Power" and being set on the path to the "Heart of Darkness"

... these are old Swedish Drakar & Demoner adventures that were created before they made version 1.5 of DoD and hence the statblocks are in the form of "Skill percent%" which makes them exceedingly useful for BRP.

No screenshots yet, but they will be forthcoming.

The first Chapter of the Saga "Döda Skogen" (The Dead forest) is a largely humorous romp through the swamps of a kingdom where the old races (elves, halflings, dwarves and giants) are no longer present. The area is infested with undead and bears the bite of the decay of magic.

It can and generally is played as a humorous almost satirical dungeon-raid with some cynical incidents. Like how in 12 of the 13 sessions I have played it there is a peaceloving old mage that has gotten either killed or knocked out cold by adventurers figuring that he is probably evil.

As for the second chapter... the gates of power. This is when the Road to Glory series starts coming into their own. Things go from humorous to very serious as the players manage to find out were all the older races have gone... only to find this place devoid of them to and instead infested by undead and orcs to dangerous levels.

So... either way I am looking forward to lots of fun with this.

- Obe