View Full Version : New to 4e player looking for game

April 17th, 2010, 16:25
Hi all, new to the forum and 4e D&D. Been playing D&D off and on for 20 years or so, mainly 3.5e and Pathfinder recently with a local group - weekly sessions. I've somewhat become turned off to 3.5e and 3.75e, and thought I'd like to try 4e, so I'm interested in finding a game. No experience with 4e play as yet but I'm a pretty quick study.

Would prefer a mature game and players (not implying racey, just not juvenile)

Available Mon-Thur weeknights between 630ish and 1030 eastern. Weekends Saturday mornings until noon or Sunday most of the day/evening.

email [email protected] if you have space or know of a game.