View Full Version : New to Fantasy Grounds, looking for a game and bit of advice

April 16th, 2010, 23:38
Hello all, a friend of mine pointed me to this site recently and I think the concept is brilliant. My local D&D group is completely head over heels for Pathfinder 3.75e, and I'm tired of the somewhat brokenness of the system, so I checked out 4.0e, and it looks great. I'm looking to get into an online campaign, but I must admit that I really have no idea where to start. Do I make a character first? Or will that be done when we "meet" online in the game session for the first time? I've never actually used Fantasy Ground for a campaign before, so this doesn't help me much.

Any tips on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if this is a massive repost and I just missed the FAQ or some such.

April 17th, 2010, 00:22
Welcome to Fantasy Grounds! No problem about being some what less experienced, we all where at one point or another. There are two sugestion I'll give you. First post in the 4e area that you are a player looking for a 4e game and then post your times that you can play. Second search the forums, there are many DM/GMs out there looking for players. They usally post there campaigns on the forum somewhere. For the most part wait on making a character until you know who you are playing with and what campaign. Some DMs have restrictions on characater creation. But again welcome to FGII :)