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April 14th, 2010, 23:48
Hello, FG users! I currently run two campaigns, one that's been running for almost two years (Scales of War) and another that's been running for about a year (War of the Burning Sky). However, sometimes we cancel our Scales of War games (this happens about once a month) and I want to use these opportunities to practice writing my own material.

This campaign is experimental in nature, meaning I may tweak rules and do strange things, but the ultimate goal, as in anything DnD: fun! For me, and for the players. I've opened the offer to my other players, and considering we've been playing pretty heavily since 4e's release, I'd say we're pretty much 4e veterans. That means we follow the rules rather closely. I don't think any of us mind if if you're new to 4e or don't have as good a grasp on the rules, but I'm just putting the expectation out there that we lean on the "tighter" side when it comes to rules. That said, if you can convince me that in a particular situation, something makes sense, then go for it -- just understand the rule that you're breaking before you casually break it.

Anyway, here are the (vague) campaign details. If you're interested, post here, PM me, or even e-mail me: [email protected] We use Skype for OOC and do RP in chat. We play on Saturdays, at 6 PM EST... probably around once a month to start, though we may speed up later. First session is this coming Saturday.

The campaign is tentatively named "A Lesson Learned".

All characters will be the same race: Phoan, the Light Ones. Their
eternal enemy, the Skoan, the Dark Ones, are fundamentally the same
race. However, you still select a core race, which will be your "soul
form." From a statistics/gameplay viewpoint, you are the PHB race, but
from an appearance/flavor perspective, you are Phoan. The _soul form_
is still valid and should drive your character -- elves are attuned to
nature, eladrin are attracted to magic and the fey realm, dwarves are
sturdy and heavy, etc. But they all LOOK human.

If you select the human race, that means your soul has not picked a
form yet. Some Phoans stay this way permanently, but most do not. The
word for a Phoan whose soul has not selected a form is, Ahavock,
"beyond chaos." If you have not selected a soul form, you can do so
any time. Furthermore, even if you *have*, you may switch at any time,
though doing so is extremely rare and you should have a good reason.

During the heroic tier, your character will be learning the ways of
the Phoans in order to become an adult in your clan, called a Shoal,
also the word for the sun. You pick any core class you like, but you
can switch any time you return to the Shoal and talk with an Elder who
specializes in that class.

Level 1-10 = Woad (literally, "non-adult"... like, apprentice)
Level 11-20 = Phoad (literally, "adult"... like Journeyman or Professional)
Level 21-30 = Aphoad (literally, "beyond adult", like master)

Once a Woad becomes a Phoad, as part of a ceremony upon reaching Level
11, he joins the men of the Shoal in their eternal battle against the
Skoans. Once he reaches Level 21, he must be voted in as an Aphoad by
all current living Aphoad. He then takes battle command, or is sent
across the Havok (the long stretches of dark forests that separate
Shoals) to learn what he can and bring it back to the Shoal.

Deities: None of the deities in the regular pantheon exist. That also
means associated feats and channel divinities and such also don't
exist. Don't pick a deity. As we play, part of the campaign will
explore the religion of the Phoan people. As this occurs, Channel
Divinity powers and feats will open up to characters who are
particularly religious. Keeo in mind that you can switch classes any
time during heroic tier.

In terms of how to shape your character, he is young: maybe 14 or 15
years old, so there hasn't been all that much teenage development yet.
Your character can be male or female, but their lives have essentially
been the same up to this point. The Shoals are extremely militaristic.
Children are raised by the men and women of the clan whose soul forms
were non-military (we assume these are "peasant" classes from the DMG
that are unavailable to PCs) like priests, crafters, and traders. Many
of these, particularily the traders, are respected Aphoad ("masters"),
and are the only ones to contact the outside world, usually by means
of teleportation. The location of a Shoal is extremely secretive and
secluded to prevent the Skoan from finding the Phoan. Horrible stories
about the Skoan are told to you as children, and most fairy tales
involve evil Skoan tricking Phoan. For example, tricking them into
revealing the location of their Shoal, and then raiding it and killing
everyone. Darkness is considered evil and light good. Shoals are
magically lit at all times, inside homes and out, so true darkness,
when your character sees it, is certainly foreign and likely
terrifying. Shoals consist of a number of houses, both on the ground
and in the trees, built of sturdy wood and plant material. The Havok
is everything beyond the Shoal. It is a jungle forest filled with
magic and beyond enormous in scope, size, and diversity of life.

- Zone-based healing for any class is forbidden. Too powerful.
- All the usual house rules from Scales/Burning Sky (custom fall
damage, strict charge/push rules, etc)
- Masterwork armor is a special boon given only to special chosen
warriors. You'll have to work for it.
- Treasure is largely meaningless to the Phoan. If they require
magical artifacts, they pray that they might receive them, typically
at the Apho, (the "pedestal of light" at which the deity is most
likely to listen). For mundane goods and rituals, the Shoal provides
their Woads with an allowance which can be spent with the Shoal