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April 9th, 2010, 00:55
Hey all,

Decided to repost here as it seems the most appropriate place.

I am looking to transfer over my players notes to my new campaign. I am creating a base campaign and using my adventures as .mod instead of running them as individual campaigns.

Anyone have any suggestions on how I might go about that?

Using the D20_JPG Ruleset.

Thanks gang!

Moon Wizard
April 13th, 2010, 14:03
There is currently no way to export notes from a campaign.

Here are a couple ideas to get the notes from one campaign to another.
* Create a new campaign, then copy the entire notes node from the old db.xml fileto the new db.xml file. You should do this before entering any information into the new campaign, since the db.xml file is not meant to be manually edited and data can be lost if you mess up. Make sure not to edit the original db.xml file.
* Copy and paste the notes to a text editor, start a new campaign and copy them back in. You will lose the owner information, but there is no chance of messing up new database.
* Have your players copy and paste the notes from old campaign to text editor, then back into the new campaign. (You could also do it by logging in as each player by running a second instance of FG on your host machine and connecting to