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April 3rd, 2010, 09:14
Recruiting dedicated players to play Sundays 6/7 pm to 10/11 pm every week GMT -5. Age requirement: Late 20's or 30's please. So far all of us are relatively new to 4e and FG but we are all experienced players/GMs. I have a long module I created and is almost ready to play on FG. I would like to launch the campaign within 2 weeks. Would be nice to have a player that is well verse in the core rules but we don't want a rules lawyer either. You have to be easy going. We will be playing with the core rule books only unless someone can bring something else to the table. My DM style is very challenging but fair and I award exp for roleplaying well. There is always a way out of any situation for the wise but death may be around the corner as well. I tried to bring the ruthlessness and rawness of the Warhammer Fantasy RPG world to this DnD ruleset. This campaign is going to be more of a dungeon grind than anything but it will allow for good character development too. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in and you are reliable...hola;)

April 3rd, 2010, 09:15
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Annoucing the annual Festival of Shadows hosted since time immemorial by the
authority of the port city of Critwall. In accordance with The Most High and
Honorable King Julian Frostwall III of the Kingdom of Furyondy, it is with great
pleasure that King Julian and his court bid welcome to adventurers far and wide
for this year's "Running of the Gauntlet". All thrill seekers are welcome to
join in the competition, from the fearful apprentice to the seasoned veteran.
As always this years' top prizes will include the finest in magical weapons,
armor, tombs, and potions, including the recently recovered, legendary vorpal
sword, the "Blade of Cairn". In keeping with the traditions of our beloved
goddess Sehanine our new labyrinths and gauntlets will be especially dangerous
and deadly this year. So don't forget to bring your trusty trap finder or our
clerics will be scraping your remains off our dungeon floors at your expense.
Entrance to our observation decks are limited and subject to a first come first
serve basis. Do not tarry secure your entrance post haste!!!

Ruffians, thieves, rabble-rousers, and provocateurs will not be tolerated.

By Order of:
King Julian Frostwall III

April 3rd, 2010, 09:21
Your journey begins in the World of Greyhawk setting, specifically, in the town
Libernen in the Kingdom of Furyondy. The kingdom is under the dictum of the young King Julian
Frostwell III a just but arrogant boy king, who was thrust into power at the
ripe age of 17. Even though the royal family still mourns the late king's
unexpected death just a couple of months ago, the Festival of Shadows, more
especially "The Running of the Gauntlet" must go on. After all, this weeklong
celebration is the single most profitable event of the year for the kingdom.
The Festival of Shadows marks the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. It
is a combination of praising the god of sun and summer, Pelor, for a bountiful
harvest and making offerings to Sehanine, the patron goddess of trickery and
illusions, in an attempt to ward off winter's harshness for a month or two more.
Every race celebrates the Festival of Shadows in its own specific ways but one
thing remains prevalent in every culture, trickery and deception. From the
wearing of costumes to cursing your neighbor with facial warts, the better the
guise the better the tidings Sehanine will bestow upon thee…or so they say.

Over a decade ago, the now late King Malthious Frostwell the Exalted, began "The
Running of the Gauntlet" in the port city of Critwall. What began as a small
maze with a few traps and a few ordinary creatures for a purse of coin and
notoriety, has now taken a life of its own. Today, squires and champions alike
come from every corner of the empire to put their metal to the test…and quite a
test it has become. Exotic beasts imported from distant uncharted lands, traps
that have ripped groups to shreds, magic, illusions, tests of strength and wit,
are but a few of the challenges that await adventures in this port city.

So who actually creates all this mayhem? A select group of "artisans" called
the Friar's Lantern Guild. Some say they are nothing more than a glorified
thieves guild but they would never say it to a members face. The Friar's
Lantern is a very secretive and powerful bunch that spends practically the
entire year planning and preparing for this very lucrative event. The slogan
that hangs from their guild house reads "The Friar's Lantern Guild…We bring
nightmares to life and scare you to death", and they mean it, literally. The
group in charge of "death control" is the priests of Pelor and they are always
at the ready to rescue an overwhelmed party. Especially those wise enough to
contribute large sums of coin to their donation boxes prior to the event. Yet,
too often than not, a party meets such a horrible end that they are beyond
salvation but this is what keeps the spectators coming every year. It is also
this risk and of course the treasure, that has made the gauntlet challenge so
popular amongst adventurers as well.

All your life you have heard the stories but this year you are committed to
experiencing the gauntlet for yourself. You have been staying at the Wolf Belly
Inn for a few nights and have met other adventurers who share your thirst for
fame and fortune as well. You've been trying to get hired as merchant escorts
to travel to the city of Critwall but to no avail. Every merchant wagon that
has come to town has either already hired a small army or they tell you they
really don't have anything that bandits would be interested in. You are now
facing quite a dilemma. If you don't leave town by the morrow you will never
make the journey on foot in time for the preliminary events and without any work
you may not have enough in your purse to enter the contest.