View Full Version : One-Shot 4E: Trying out PHB3 Races/Classes

March 28th, 2010, 19:21
I'm running a one-shot today at 6 PM Eastern Standard Time. That's in less than four hours, sorry for the short notice. We already have four people, I'll take up to two more. This is a good opportunity to meet some new people and try out the PHB3 goodies.

It'd be nice if you're familiar with FG2's 4e ruleset functionality (effects and the like) since we use them heavily but it's not super important.

Send me an IM on Skype if you're interested: eugene.zar is my username there. The earlier you contact me, the more likely we'll have a spot open. We start a 6 EST but you still need to make a character and get familiarized and such.