View Full Version : Gaming Army v2

September 21st, 2009, 22:41
We just finished the core upgrades to GamingArmy.com this morning, and took the new site live. We greatly improved the community features of the site, and added things like classified ads for gamers (Looking For Game, Looking For Players, etc...), a casino, flash arcade, and user points system. We are still working on more things for members to spend their points on at the moment, but the base engine is there.

An advanced downloads section is on the way shortly, and will allow approved users to setup their own downloads shop on the site, for distributing/selling rulesets, modules, tokens, art packs, or anything else they have the rights to distribute or sell.

So follow think link in my signature, and have fun. I hope you all enjoy the site, we have put a ton of work into it for you.