View Full Version : Castles & Crusades for the aged

September 20th, 2009, 23:58
ok..we're not ancient, but in our 40's or so...we play a very open-ended, character driven, roleplay-laden game that tries to remind us that once, when we were 13 and ADnD hardbacks came out, and our weekends were lost to hours of gaming/roleplaying...we had fun.

We are serious about playing, serious about roleplaying well, and serious about having a good time because now, more than ever, we have so little time to enjoy the game.

C&C is alot like ADnD 1st ed., the rules are easy to pick up if you've been gaming for a long time like us, or if you haven't gamed in a while, well, it's an old school style ruleset, so very easy to fall back into.

currently we run sunday evening at 8pm est until 11 or so...not late or long, but action packed!

PM here or email taoistpunk at gmail dot com for more info or to join in

Robert Hudson
November 7th, 2009, 21:21

Good to see you guys still running this. Sir Peleg Iludil, the pompus Elven Knight salutes you all! Hope all is well. Where are you guys at or did you reset with something new?

For the record, did a few sessions with these guys, great roleplaying and lot of fun.