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  1. Alternative ColourGizmo Extension
  2. DOE: Locations Extension
  3. DOE: Weather Extension
  4. New Organisations Extension - Request For Input
  5. Beer Theme
  6. Chatnomicon Chat Extension
  7. DOE: Alignment Graph Extension
  8. DOE: Campaign Style Graph Extension
  9. D&D 5E Theme
  10. Pins Colors Idea
  11. Rifts Theme..
  12. Multiable Character Sheet Ext needed.
  13. Background extension
  14. Clean design theme / how to
  15. DOE Base Extension
  16. DOE: Organisations Extension
  17. LanguagePak (LPak) Community Project/Program
  18. Extension to change chat font or color?
  19. Random NPC Generator! [3.5, 4e, 5e, and Pathfinder]
  20. Mutant Year Zero Dice Mechanic
  21. Removing Dice from the Table Top
  22. DOE: Sound Extension
  23. Quick question about an extension not loading
  24. Basic success counting extension
  25. Square Turn Marker (CoreRPG based systems.)
  26. just wondering?
  27. Slash handlers in table extension
  28. Combat Tracker Effect Visibility Options for the 5E Ruleset
  29. 5E - Calculate encounter difficulty on "New Encounter" dialog
  30. 5E Encounter Calc
  31. FG Game Calendar - Local Timezone for Firefox
  32. PF Ruleset: Power Points counter on Spells tab mod out there?
  33. Pin Color Extension
  34. Individual PC XP assignment extension for d20 based rulesets
  35. Image Text Label Extension
  36. Map resize to TV resolution - for Face-To-Face games
  37. Whisper Extention
  38. ? Is there an extension or setting for token name size (or tooltip)?
  39. Extension for pop up window placement
  40. 5e Apply effect on start
  41. [5E] Hide 3D Dice
  42. Problem With Decals in DSA 4.1 Ruleset
  43. DOE: OLE Extension
  44. [5E] Better Traits
  45. [WHFRP] Warhammer Calendars
  46. Extension Question
  47. Theme Font Color Issues (Help Request)
  48. Curse of the Crimson Throne Theme
  49. Savage Rifts Extension V1.1
  50. Conan Extension V 3.7 (updated)
  51. HiRes Fonts (Total rip off of Big Fonts)
  52. New School NPC Maker - 5E Extension
  53. New School NPC Maker - Pathfinder/3.5E version
  54. Old School NPC Maker
  55. Black Crusade Extension (Powered by MoreCore)
  56. Module: Herbalism & Alchemist Homebrew 5e
  57. Help with an extension
  58. Adventures in Middle-Earth
  59. Discord Soundboards with DOE Sound Extension
  60. Symbaroum extension and module - still under construction
  61. Fog of War Extension
  62. Coriolis Theme for MoreCore
  63. Extension to clearly indicate active PC when controlling multiple PCs?
  64. AD&D Core 1e Extention
  65. 5E: Map Indicator for Death
  66. Need your expertise about char_main.xml
  67. Token Death Indicator 2.0 - BLOOD SPLATS!
  68. MUSE - Map Unit Settings Extension (CoreRPG)
  69. 5E - Remove all foes with 0 HP
  70. Extension Compatibility
  71. New Character sheet for my ruleset
  72. Enhanced Effect Handling on a Successful Spell Saving Throw Extension (EoSSE) for 5E
  73. How to Avoid or Mitigate Extension Conflicts (or Collisions)
  74. Theme extension based on another theme... how can I do that?...
  75. Dark Core Theme - Accessibility for Fantasy Grounds
  76. Dark FATE Theme - Accessibility for Fantasy Grounds
  77. Spell Library Search Filter for All Fields (Extension) for 5E
  78. Dark Numenera Theme - Accessibility for Fantasy Grounds
  79. Fantasy Chat Font
  80. space theme extension for corerpg / pathfinder / starfinder
  81. Item Enhancement (add effects to items and when they are equipped apply them)
  82. Mystic Class (from Unearthed Arcana) Implementor Extension and Module
  83. 5E - Table Importer
  84. 5E Advanced Effects (items, npcs, characters)
  85. Extension String Resource Failure
  86. Field Filters for All Libraries
  87. Auto-play spell sounds w/ Sound Extension?
  88. ACK-Improved UI (Info/Meta Data Icon Replacement)
  89. Request Fat Pointer + Distance in the middle
  90. Extension for Fate Core
  91. Some damned extensions
  92. Extension first-timer
  93. Cannot find lokiare1's table import extension
  94. WORKING EXTs: What are you currently using in 3.3.3? :)
  95. Generic DicePool extension fore CoreRPG
  96. Index Card RPG (ICRPG) Themes
  97. Font text and color alteration
  98. Item Labels Title
  99. CoreRPG based Extention: ReadyCheck
  100. CoreRPG based Extention: WhisperDING
  101. Forbidden Lands Mechanic
  102. Help with custom theme
  103. Setting ruleset currency labels
  104. CoreRPG/5E Extension: Player CT Targeting
  105. New Critical Hit
  106. Simple Black and White Desktops - Bold Button Text
  107. Calendar Log Extension
  108. 5E: Use Up Powers extension
  109. Session Number Decals
  110. Simple Dark Theme
  111. 5E: Change Initiative, Update Effects
  112. 5E - Notebook Paper theme
  113. Font Color & Lighting
  114. Background Replacement. Help
  115. Coriolis - The Third Horizon (CoreRPG Extension)
  116. Critical Role / Tal'Dorei 5E Setting Calendar Mod/Extension
  117. The Dark Eye (TDE) - MoreCore Extension
  118. Window Saver X Extension
  119. Extension Update Checker
  120. CoreRPG based: On Demand Manual Dice (DM only)
  121. Combat Tracker Game Name and Session Number Extension
  122. Non-PM to Trenloe (nothing secret, he just has a full inbox)
  123. 5E Encounter Calc (updated)
  124. DOE: REMU (Ruleset, Extension & Module Updater) Extension
  125. 5E Random Treasure Generator
  126. Generators Extension
  127. 5E - Request Roll Extension - WIP
  128. Can I create this extension?
  129. Are there any other "Hotkeys" allowed in FG besides CTRL, ALT and SHIFT?
  130. Is a chat window reload extension even possible?
  131. Has anyone ever created a Post-Apocalyptic Theme for FG?
  132. Question about equipment carry/equipped toggle...
  133. 5E - Add-on - Sanity & Honor
  134. User Created Themes for Fantasy Grounds
  135. If possible for the HEX code to be used in other areas?
  136. Dice Total color change
  137. How to determine when a function is fired
  138. Theme - The Coming of Night
  139. Extension FG3 (CoreRPG) : 7th Sea
  140. Extension FG3 (CoreRPG) : 7th Sea
  141. Move Player Token & Roll Dice from phone/tablet for In-Person/Face-to-Face play on TV
  142. Player and DM combat tracker the same
  143. 5e Leather theme for 3.5e/Pathfinder
  144. Custom Dice Base
  145. Rotating Image Windows
  146. Parameterized Rolls for MoreCore
  147. Alphabetic (or other) sorting options for Character Selection Screen
  148. CoreRPG (PFRPG,5E/etc): Token View Options (Hide bars/effects from PCs)
  149. Lost in LUA...
  150. A new CreatureGen for Starfinder
  151. CoreRPG+ Extension: Has Initiative Indicator
  152. 5E Renwon / Infamy Extensions
  153. Druid Wild Shapes (for 5E)
  154. Trying to create an extension for a new 5E based campaign/world
  155. Extension FG3 (CoreRPG) : Mutant Year Zero
  156. Creating extension to change the way health bars look.
  157. Trying to create an extension to change appearance of the mouse cursor.
  158. Need help using images and tokens from a module
  159. 5e Combat Enhancer (built on retired GPL Advanced Kombat extension)
  160. Must have extensions?
  161. A Time of War (Mechwarrior RPG) Dice Commands
  162. [REQUEST] WebM Support
  163. [TRANSLATION] Core RPG in Brazilian Portuguese
  164. [REQUEST] One-Use Item
  165. MoreCore Extension for Green Ronin's upcoming EXPANSE RPG!
  166. Request - Non-Ally Results extension
  167. Extension: Hide GM Roll Results from Players (And include attack name)
  168. 5E: Average HP Option v1
  169. Extension error loading lua script
  170. Time extension question
  171. LAE:ExpandedOptions v1.1 for 5E
  172. Extension Question
  173. Local Dice Tower Extension for 5E (LDTE)
  174. Local Dice Tower Extension (LDTE)
  175. Forbidden Lands Calendar module
  176. URL Links in the extension.xml <announcement> tag
  177. Chat - Auto combine lines (i.e., remove new lines) when pasting from PDF, etc.
  178. Accessing information stored in the XML file for a character.
  179. DOE Locations and Organizations: best practices
  180. 5E Add-on: Power & Horror
  181. Montserrat Font Extension
  182. Splitting stubborn data that doesn't want to split
  183. How to give client host privileges
  184. DOE:Sound & Syrinscape On A MAC (or Linux)
  185. 5e Content Chat Poster
  186. Fall of Delta Green (and other GUMSHOE) automated ruleset
  187. New Damage Types?
  188. rations and waterskins
  189. Sign Language / Finger Spell Fonts
  190. Hit Points: How to turn from Dynamic FIELD to Static FIELD
  191. Extension for jumping to CT entry for PFRPG
  192. Kickstarter for PFRPG version of 5e Combat Enhancer
  193. Extension development guides
  194. Translate for my own
  195. Core RPG Background Changer
  196. CSV Table Importer MK
  197. MoreCore theme extension: MLP Tails of Equestria
  198. 5E: Map Indicator for Death (Extended Version)
  199. [requesting help]Custom Die Results from character sheet roll
  200. Data Module Activation - filtering / DM recommendations
  201. LAE:Expanded Starfinder Options Extension
  202. Request - Simple Theme for 5e (nothing exists for what I'm looking for)
  203. A Theme made for AAW Games that the owner wants me to release to public
  204. Theme Savage Rifts
  205. 3.5: advantage/disadvantage
  206. A Way to Implement Kingdom Building
  207. LAE:Starfinder Sheet AddOns
  208. Window Resizer 5E
  209. Coriolis - Third Horizon (Extension, Theme, PC and NPC sheets for MoreCore)
  210. Forbidden Lands (Extension, Theme, PC and NPC sheets for MoreCore)
  211. 5E Enhancer
  212. Halloween Theme for 5E
  213. Custom HP recovery options for 5e
  214. FGTabber - More space for your FG client
  215. MoreCore Based: Conan Adventures in an Age Undreamed of 2d20 (W.I.P.)
  216. New Versions Of The DOEs - But There's A Problem
  217. Spell slot helper for DND 5
  218. 5E - Theme with Bars
  219. SimplePlus (Discrete Theme Improvements)
  220. Trying to get the names in a list
  221. Noto Sans based Fonts Extension
  222. Tuirgin's Simple Gray Theme (w/ DCC RPG support)
  223. Help - extension beyond my current understanding to script. :)
  224. Reliable talent extension.
  225. Ghost Theme
  226. AudioOverseer (Audio Management Extension)
  227. World Builder Extension
  228. GM Identity Whisper
  229. Useful Pathfinder 1e Extensions?
  230. Dice Color Changer Extension
  231. Investigator Extension
  232. TTRPG Safety Toolkit Extension
  233. 5e Elven Accuracy
  234. Making a Die that rolls 0 or 1, or 0, 1 or 2
  235. DCC Gongfarmer Extension (Random Level 0 Character Generator)
  236. Halt! Player Safety Extension / X-Card
  237. Help with merging templates
  238. Player Agency Extension
  239. invalid handler 'onLockChanged'?
  240. Extensions for vault rulesets
  241. WindowSaverX Problem
  242. Replacing Functions Without Package Name
  243. Dulux-Oz Locations
  244. 5e Combat stats
  245. A daft critical hits and misses extension for 5e
  246. Explorer's Guide to Wildemount - Exandrian Calendar
  247. MoreCore - Dungeon Theme
  248. Extensions I would like the links for
  249. Disable / HIde Modifier Box
  250. 4E - Changing dmg types and skills for Gamma World