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  1. what auto populates during character creation?
  2. Map auto-opening when character opened?
  3. Purchased DCC rulset- Any must have extensions? and a few question.
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  5. hoping for more books on FG
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  7. AC Effect Tied to Spell
  8. I bought the Ravenloft classic D&D adventure, should I buy the 2E core rulebooks?
  9. Items -> Weapons script broken
  10. Custom Spell/Ability - how to show table results in chat after a roll?
  11. AD&D Question or How do I...
  12. Maps for the Halls of Arden Vul
  13. D&D 2E - Surprise die rolls default d10 after updated to d6
  14. New update 1/21/21
  15. 2E Combat Tracker Action Attacks Messed Up
  16. Maps for The Shattered Circle
  17. Openings in two of my games
  18. DCC Tutorial - Setup and Customization of Spell Records (v1.11)
  19. Ruins of Adventure Mod-couple of issues discovered
  20. Fantasy Grounds College is looking for volunteers and participants for DnD Classic!
  21. B2: Keep on the Borderlands (extra maps)
  22. Free FG Adventure thx to Sterno and AlterZwerg
  23. FRC1 Ruins of Adverture encounters don't work
  24. Future AD&D conversions
  25. How to attach token image to created NPC/Monster?
  26. Can I designate damage reduction (DR/) in the D&D Classic ruleset
  27. Can I clone items or spells/powers to see how they were built?
  28. Do item/spell changes propogate to possessors of the item/spell?
  29. Undermountain: The Lost Level
  30. Call a table from within a table with a modified dice roll
  31. Effect to add bonus to save vs. specific spells
  32. Social status and birth tables from Dragon#70
  33. Character Mounts In FG
  34. Problems with latest update
  35. Problems with latest update
  36. ADnD Bug Report
  37. New to Fantasy Grounds AD&D
  38. Script error 2e AD&D
  39. Classic D&D Character Creation
  40. Sword of the dales typos
  41. Sidebar will not load. Gives error.
  42. Character Creation, Weapon Specialization.
  43. Spells Learned for a New Wizard
  44. Magic item and class creation.
  45. Barbarian Handbook
  46. Creating Magic-User Spells
  47. DCC questions
  48. Released: The Shattered Circle (2E)
  49. AD&D 2e problem
  50. Issues with Chat wndow linking with CT and Character sheet
  51. Besides LFG any tips for looking for games? Having no luck finding 2E/1E or DCC.
  52. Combat Tracker Issues in 2e FGU
  53. Missing scale on maps
  54. What das "Mk" stand for?
  55. Do you prefer a small (3 or 4) or large (5 or 6) party? Why?
  56. Turn Undead 2E
  57. Lighting and token vision support
  58. Firing into melee
  59. detect evil/detect good error
  60. Auto roll initiative each round for monsters, manual roll initiative for characters
  61. Ruins of Adventure - Kobold, Guards Weapon Damage Inoperative
  62. Fantasy Grounds Module for Melan's The Nocturnal Table now available
  63. Bug rpt.
  64. Couple of Rules Questions AD&D 1E and FG