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  1. Looking forward to 5e!
  2. Update
  3. D&D 5th Edition Surveys
  4. Monte Cook departs from role as lead designer on 5E
  5. D&D is not an iPhone
  6. Magic Systems
  7. The Public Playtest
  8. Need another pre-gen for the playtest...
  9. Looking for a player Mondays 7:30 to 10 pm -5 GMT
  10. New Playtest stuff!
  11. Playtest - Faenvlok: Urban setting
  12. Legal Advice
  13. 5e playtest
  14. Help
  15. CrimsonCrust
  16. Looking For a 5e game
  17. Project: Par5e
  18. 5e playtest character sheet?
  19. How Is D&D Next?
  20. Here is Extension for 4E ruleset that gets you 90% of way to D&D Next (5E)
  21. Parser for the 5E pdf rules
  22. Help with Mod Files
  23. Scourge of the Sword Coast
  24. 5E Games or Updates?
  25. Limited 5E testing
  26. 5E Testing open to all
  27. Hunter's Mark
  28. New test release
  29. 5E Manager Characters Issue
  30. Effects you can use in 5E ruleset
  31. 5th Edition Release Dates - Leaked
  32. 2014 Dungeoneering contest
  33. Basic D&D
  34. 5E/Next Playtest Kit/Rules
  35. Most current 5E rules?
  36. An interesting post on ENWorld discussing digital tools for 5E
  37. The Mists of Madness, D&D Next (final play test version)
  38. D&D Adventurers League
  39. D&D Next Digital Tools
  40. Some 5E ruleset comments
  41. Who's going to DM D&D Adventurer's League Sessions?
  42. 5E in a Custom/HomeBrew World
  43. Bless
  44. Convert 4E adventure to 5E?
  45. I made right?
  46. Can you hide effects from chat?
  47. NPCs in 5E
  48. I'm interested in playing 5e.
  49. Questions
  50. Spellcasting and the powers tab of the character sheet
  51. What we know...
  52. Combat Tracker and Encounters
  53. 5e Ruleset hopes
  54. 5E Ruleset question
  55. Calendar integration?
  56. Basic D&D
  57. Any one converting the 5th edition version of "The Wizard's Amulet"
  58. 5E Alternate Wound Colors Extension
  59. NPC Skill Rolls
  60. Lost Mine of Phandelver Test Run: Act 1
  61. Turn Undead
  62. Mike Schley's D&D Starter Set Adventure Maps
  63. Fix the proficiency bonus level
  64. Level Description Not Matching
  65. Character Sheet Layout
  66. AC on the 5E character sheet
  67. What ruleset are you all using for 5e?
  68. {online campaign over fg}
  69. 5E Ruleset Requests
  70. Creature (NPC) Immunities, Resists, and Vulnerabilities
  71. dumb looking font for Windowtitle box
  72. Couple of questions about 5E and running my first campaign
  73. Modules
  74. Beta testing of latest 5E
  75. Adventurers Lague Group for online play!
  76. Luck of the Halfling
  77. Shield of Faith
  78. Maps - Lost Mine of Phandelver
  79. PF Monster conversion to 5E request
  80. PAR5E and Races
  81. Error when adding weapons to the Combat sheet
  82. Spell attacks not adding proficiency bonus to attack
  83. PAR5E and Classes
  84. Contents page and sorceror
  85. Linking to races from formattedtext field
  86. PAR5E Tables and HTML tags
  87. 4e Class Conversion: The Vryloka Vampire
  88. Questions on character powers and other effekts in 5E
  89. Question on paying someone to parse information...
  90. PAR5E Setup Questions
  91. Creating an action for NPC
  92. Any interest in The playing in the Starter Set.
  93. Looking for Cartographer(s)
  94. Thoughts and comments after the first game :)
  95. New D&D Basic Information this weekend maybe! GM Info, Monsters, & Magic Items!!!!
  96. Looking for a group.
  97. D&D Basic Rules PDF Parser
  98. Trouble with Par5e vs Spells.txt
  99. Players Handbook Release
  100. Druid and Wild Shape
  101. would it be possible to build a library module that you could add content
  102. Creating an effect for Heavy Armor Master Feat
  103. 5E Bragging
  104. Adding a resistance to character sheet
  105. 5e ruleset
  106. Rotation of Windows in FG2- possible?
  107. Impressions & FG CoN 5 presence
  108. PAR5E Tutorial
  109. FG 5e official products...
  110. Necromancer Kickstarter Ending tomorrow.
  111. character sheet question
  112. Let's Play The Lost Mine of Phandelver
  113. Fantasy Grounds + Par5e'd data = ?
  114. Improved and Superior Criticals
  115. Map pins in 5e
  116. Great Weapon Fighting
  117. Creating spells from scratch.
  118. Item effects
  119. One Shot adventure
  120. Disclaimer
  121. PAR5E Problems: Barbarian, Monk, Rogue
  122. monster(npc) immunities
  123. Maps - Hoard of the Dragon Queen
  124. Hidden rolls and inspiration
  125. 5e Blizzard Pass conversion
  126. party sheet seems to be broken
  127. AC Calculation
  128. Ravenloft?
  129. problems with par5e
  130. Parsing the Monster Manual Issues and Discussion
  131. So how does one MANUALLY put in races
  132. Character export?
  133. #zl; tag for PAR5E (5E)
  134. Error adding NPC's
  135. 5E Character Sheet - tracking exhaustion
  136. Was able to fix Waterborne Vehicle bug in Players Handbook by editing the .MOD file
  137. 5E Character sheet from XML
  138. damage resistance effects
  139. Spells - magnifying glass some not
  140. Husband and Wife LFG!
  141. Videos WIP Thread
  142. PAR5E won't parse!
  143. Potions as spells with par5e
  144. Question about clerics.
  145. The Parser
  146. Thunderwave spell, positioning of cube shape on a grid
  147. Creating Power categories (Spells) in DnD 5E character sheets
  148. FG and PAR5E and Effects - newbie help
  149. 5e books and scanning
  150. Newbie character sheet help
  151. Encounters
  152. Wrong attack bonus for spell attack, ranged?
  153. Monk Ki
  154. NPC List vrs. Encounters?
  155. Loading a module from player side
  156. Auto Assigning Tokens
  157. Character stuck with Disadvantage
  158. Wood and Dungeon Themes for 5E
  159. Difficulties to understand exactly Effect creation
  160. Par5E and Tables
  161. Par5e > Reference Manual vs Story?
  162. The input string format is incorrect.
  163. Combat Tracker and (long) Effects
  164. NPCs & Monsters Casting
  165. Hit points stoping when at 0
  166. Dungeon Master's Guide options
  167. 5E Effects examples
  168. Implementing Dragon Breath, AoE spells
  169. equipment.txt
  170. Plot points and Dawn of worlds
  171. Built-in Effects
  172. Lay on Hands Healing effect
  173. 5E FG Google Community
  174. Channel Divinity; Paladin; Vow of Emnity Effect
  175. 5E Request & FG Question
  176. IFT conditional effect not working?
  177. Effects and visibility
  178. Par5e appears to not have problems with Class but it does not show up
  179. Third Party Targeting and Advantage/Disadvantage
  180. [Stream] DragonQueen
  181. Equipping Armor
  182. Running a 5e game without parsed content
  183. Request help with parsing NPC's
  184. Trouble Parsing a Class
  185. Modules
  186. Abilities with dice reroll effects
  187. Seeking 1-2 Players for a 5e Campaign
  188. Curious Why Most of the 5E Wiki Is Empty
  189. Script error? on something I have had working for a long time
  190. 5e Theme Extensions
  191. looking for new players
  192. [Stream] - Lost Mine of Phandelver
  193. Sharing Notes With Certain Players
  194. Adding Homebrewed Skills
  195. Reroll (Lucky)
  196. Looking for 5E games
  197. How to properly figure out AC?
  198. Sneak Attack
  199. 5E D&D - Community Extensions
  200. My pHârn D&D 5e Project
  201. Parse 5e class list problems
  202. New 5e monster book
  203. Par5e and character management 5e
  204. Par5e and certain magic items
  205. Attacks with Magic Weapons
  206. Scales of War conversion
  207. FGcon - Anyone want to run the same 5e encounter?
  208. 5e DMG Magic Items Easy Reference Manual
  209. 5E disadvantage on weapon , Why?
  210. Token Scale
  211. What class has access to a familiar
  212. Par5e: No mod or xml output
  213. Problem with DIS on ranged attack
  214. problem with image files
  215. 5E Eberron Info
  216. NPC Spellcasters (parsed content)
  217. New 5e Campaign!
  218. Please update the effects wiki page
  219. Effect Formula?
  220. 5e Effects that are built in
  221. How do I link an Item to a Weapon Action?
  222. Implementing the Versatile Property
  223. Calendars
  224. Manager_action_save busted after update for 5e
  225. 5e NPC sheet, create a "to hit" syntax with percentile dice instead of a d20?
  226. The RESIST tag resists me
  227. Creating an effect for bonus damage on a 20?
  228. Can 3.5e classes be used in 5e?
  229. fudging dice rolls
  230. D&D 5e Condition Cards
  231. Character Sheets
  232. NPC/Monster attacks How to?
  233. Armor Class issue on Character sheet
  234. User Created maps for Hoard of the Dragon Queen?
  235. Parsed all three 5e core books, any others to parse?
  236. Do negative stat effects not work?
  237. D&D 5E Drinking Game V 0.5
  238. NPCS, Making skill and stat checks???
  239. How to setup a "Grappled" effect with a save ends
  240. Damage Reduction - Heavy Armor Master
  241. Making an Effects Module
  242. Conversions from pathfinder to 5E
  243. What is the "Prepared" box in the "Power Group" Window?
  244. How to you copy or move spells between sheets.
  245. HP under zero extension
  246. Sharing 5E content
  247. How does expend on next roll work?
  248. Where is the full documentation for the XML for modules and campaigns?
  249. finding the 5E ruleset
  250. All Necromancer Game 5e Books released in PDF