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  1. Setting modifiers for players
  2. Bandit's Cave - Syrinscape Specific Soundsets
  3. Effect not working
  4. How to set different adjustments per target for an AOE
  5. New to Fantasy Grounds
  6. [LiveStream] DMing again, streaming Tuesdays.
  7. Tomb of Horrors - Illustration Booklet Link
  8. Wounded set to 0??
  9. My First attempt at a MOD
  10. New Dungeon Master Guide Walk-through
  11. Going Rogue on the Elemental Earth Plane of Evil
  12. Question on NPC creation
  13. Coincidence? Lol
  14. Conditional Operators/Creature Types - no tiefling/half-orc?
  15. Help with module export?
  16. Powers Players can't see?
  17. Sword of Life Stealing Effects
  18. Players Making Saving Throws
  19. Tarokka Card Table and Tokens
  20. NPCs with Spells using Spell Attack
  21. NPCs (monsters) with items
  22. Question about additional effects of some special weapons
  23. Where is IT!?!?!
  24. Question about converted modules
  25. [Effects] New Weapon Properties
  26. Any way to make a "shove"?
  27. A wish-list for 5e Companions Tab, etc...
  28. Can you survive your own encounter?
  29. Primeval Thule - Anyone play it?
  30. Run over by a purple worm
  31. Imported PC portraits
  32. PC Combat Control from GM Screen
  33. I need a little help (Or maybe a lot)
  34. [Monster Manual] Missing Art?
  35. The Haunt one-shot
  36. Saving Actions/Effects to Spells Beyond What is Parsed?
  37. Invisible...?
  38. Effects as reminders to forgetful DM's in the combat tracker
  39. NPC rolls missing spell casting modifier
  40. Update, PHB and maps
  41. If a gm modifies a player character sheet while their offline do they sync later.
  42. Cat & Mouse 5e Module Price?
  43. And So Starts My Return To D&D...
  44. 5e Monster Attacks and Actions
  45. has anyone converted a Lavawight to 5e?
  46. Suggested Improvements
  47. D&D Monster Maker and parsing
  48. For those with PotA problems
  49. Syntax & Parsing NPC Breath Weapon + Effect
  50. After nearly two years, I don't know...
  51. Potaatow ... Potato
  52. FG files - Underworld Races & Classes Kickstarter (hours until end!)
  53. Legendary Actions?
  54. Draconic Ancestor help
  55. Noob needs help [actions & effects]
  56. Spells
  57. 5e Magic Items with non basic attacks
  58. D&D Stargate - Planescape Campaign Idea
  59. "Paragon monsters" in FG
  60. Target :REMOVE on Miss
  61. New machine, whoops
  62. Merge creature templates with creatures
  63. Greyhawk
  64. Show just shared images
  65. Module not showing in player library
  66. Random Encounter Tables
  67. Random Parcel for specific item
  68. Question: Stat block importing
  69. Eberron
  70. DMG table list?
  71. NPC action does not force saving throw roll on the target
  72. Another sound setup idea.... Discord and Teamspeak together?
  73. Object Damage Threshold - How to do?
  74. 5e Compatible Adventures
  75. Using Classes from the Unearthed Arcana mod
  76. Current HP/HP Remaining Extension?
  77. Identify Item for Specific Player(s)?
  78. Missing class in module
  79. Table Question
  80. Cursed Magic Items
  81. Having specific hit points for some monsters
  82. Roll initiative each turn
  83. Adventures in Middle Earth Calendar?
  84. Question about how to learn the rules really well
  85. Magic Items with Charges
  86. Incarnate: Last of the Lacers
  87. Is there a way to add bear totem effect to an NPC?
  88. Spell Scroll Tables
  89. Always learning with FG - Cover
  90. When is a dragon old enough ???
  91. Ultimate Bestiary: Revenge of the Horde?
  92. NPC templates for Each Race?
  93. How Would You Handle NPC Ability Scores in this Example?
  94. Special Weapon Effect
  95. 5E Monster Creator Application
  96. Automatic roll to table
  97. Effect with drag & drop on Character creation
  98. Cold-Forged Iron Damage Type
  99. Roll all Initiatives & ADVINIT
  100. Did I miscalculate this CR?
  101. Fantasy Ground.com/Wiki - 5e Effects Page contributions
  102. Sneak Attack Effect Coding (it works)
  103. Ranger - Hunter Archetype - Colossus Slayer Effect Coding
  104. Evasion - Effect Coding
  105. Creating Spell Casting NPCs/Monsters
  106. Ring of Invisibility Effect
  107. Scroll DCs and Attack Bonuses
  108. NPC Engineer
  109. effect on feat elemental adept
  110. Proficiency Die
  111. Question about custom modules and tokens
  112. Storm Kings Thunder - PCs controlling NPCs
  113. 5E Character Sheet - Log Tab - Adventures Section
  114. Warlock Hex and how to use in FG
  115. Familiars in FG
  116. New option
  117. Comprehensive 5e Effects list? (Spells/Actions/Racial) etc.
  118. Effects in FG
  119. a few 5e combat questions ..
  120. NPC Initiative Bonus
  121. Can an extension be made for this
  122. Thrown Weapon Effects
  123. FRE1 NPC Conversion Questions
  124. Effect removal question
  125. Thorn Whip (Druid Cantrip)
  126. Grant Temp Hit Points
  127. Effects inbuilt into the NPC Stat Block
  128. 6-8 hour one-shot?
  129. Par5e crash
  130. [JBE 5e] Looking for Testers
  131. Battle Map for Sloobludop Combat?
  132. Fantasy Grounds looks awful at a 4k resolution
  133. permanent disadvantage on npc
  134. Druid Wild Shape and Proficiency increases
  135. Problem with Drag and Drop
  136. Shillelagh spell duration Q
  137. Random character sheet generator (Request)
  138. Alert feat
  139. Unable to open Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide - Player's Guide for character
  140. An (perhaps interesting) idea for extension.
  141. Updated effects list
  142. Effect to force ongoing save?
  143. Yet Another Extension / Behavior change.
  144. Applying an Effect to Monster Attack
  145. 5e FG Gambling or Card Game/Tarot Mechanic?
  146. Seeking Opinions on Kingdoms
  147. Book of Lost Spells
  148. Storm King's Thunder Tavern Generator Does Not Work
  149. New FG User with Lots of Questions
  150. [3.3.1 5e] Player Can't Edit Owned Character Sheet
  151. Question about creating a new magic item with charges
  152. Using the Blood Hunter class in a game
  153. Effect to assign a specific ability score
  154. Savage Attacks effect
  155. Barbarian Rage Question
  156. magic items and spell casting bonus, need help
  157. Effect affecting skills
  158. not sure where to post this, But question about Tavern Brawler. Need clarification
  159. AoO rule clarification
  160. Our Game Stats from the Sunless Citadel Game I just DM'd
  161. effect for advantage on saves vs greater favored enemy
  162. Number of Uses Circles/Bubbles/Tick Marks
  163. 5th edition one-shot modules
  164. Rogue Elusive Effect
  165. Critical Dice overload
  166. Greyhawk initiative
  167. 5e Mystic Class and Psionics on the Actions Tab
  168. Limiting Magic Weapon Spell Effect to a Single Item
  169. Why are older WotC prdoucts being updated almost weekly?
  170. Lizardfolk and Natural Armor
  171. Spell Immunity Coding (Specific Spell)
  172. Conditions
  173. Same token for multiple NPCs
  174. Collection of PC's question
  175. 5e magic items in the SRD
  176. How do I do Recharging on 5+ so it is rolled in CT?
  177. Combat Tracker Question.
  178. PC vs NPC entry for Classed NPCs
  179. Complete Roslof module, Missing Item
  180. Image groups for player
  181. EXT: Old-School Initiative
  182. Are the modules worth it?
  183. Using Function Keys for Effects as DM
  184. Lack of encounter multiplier not affecting combat?
  185. Baldur's Gate
  186. Doppelgängers
  187. Automation of prone ability of Sword of Giant-slaying
  188. Generate Random Encounters
  189. Oddness with Saving Throws (and targeting) in 5E
  190. Net Librariam of random magical effects
  191. Applying cover modifier to one creature out of many for saving throw
  192. Hyperlanes
  193. [BST Time] 5E Stealth Group Game Looking for Players
  194. Changing the INIT modifier value.
  195. Xanathar's Guide to Everything
  196. +2 and +5 modifier buttons
  197. Eldritch knight
  198. Wound system in FG
  199. Force Critical Damage
  200. Mad about Paladins!!!
  201. Tomb of annilation Monsters ie Stone Juggernaut.
  202. Character Vitality and Improved Criticals
  203. Wording for an NPC to give extra damage for ally next weapon attack
  204. Price Drop Aug 15
  205. 5e and Smiteworks Critical Hit / Fail System: How Do I Use It?
  206. [Livestream] Tomb of Horrors @ 7PM CST (Aug 8)
  207. Missing Background?
  208. DnD 5e Demi-Gods & Deities?
  209. Primeval Thule Calendar?
  210. Lost Tales of Myth Dranor
  211. D&D Beyond
  212. Estimated Run time for TYP "Return to White Plume Mt."
  213. D&D Beyond and the definitive FG integration...
  214. Question on Effects
  215. Blank Spaces
  216. D&D Beyond support added to NPC Engineer
  217. Darkness questions to DMs
  218. Player targeting with NPC
  219. gestalt 5e - possible in FG?
  220. New D&D Survey online
  221. How to customize (not use dice) for ability scores as player or dm
  222. 5e ruleset and importing from Herolab
  223. F2 - Crypt of Kendall Furfoot (Free Module)
  224. Customizing in Adventure's League (AL)
  225. Book of the Righteous 5e appeared in my account (Kickstarter)
  226. Is the Monster Manual needed to play adventure modules?
  227. Beginner's Guide to D&D/Sort of review for FG too...
  228. Incorrect Handling of Effects on a "Half on Success"
  229. DnD 5e FG Effects and Conditions Chain Letter or Document>?
  230. Module Creation - Anonymous Link Help?
  231. Does Simulacrum have a soul?
  232. Rogue Uncanny Dodge
  233. Homebrew Compendium Question
  234. How to best add a subrace option for dragonborn
  235. Dice: Manual Entry Option
  236. NPC weapon Parsing
  237. How would you write an effect for old school Protection from Evil type?
  238. Dexterity based Fighter in AL
  239. 5E Detailed Step By Step Character Creation Guide with Screenshots
  240. Thoughts on the UA alternative initiative
  241. D&D Tomb of Annihilation is now available
  242. Map pack for ToA
  243. 5E module improvement suggestion
  244. Difficult Terrain
  245. Question about applying Hunter's Mark
  246. Different attacks to different types of creatures
  247. About Effects
  248. Movement rule DnD 5E Circling a creature inside reach
  249. Prepared spells
  250. ToA Module (or any module) - Are Maps/Pics Extract-able?