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  1. Are DMG effects allowed to be negative and have a damage type?
  2. Spell Editing to apply effects and save DCs.
  3. Noob question...
  4. Spells with concentration question
  5. How to add NPCs to the party
  6. 5E Sample Campaign
  7. Find Familiar, Pets and other Companions
  8. Does anyone have a Mod for Basic Traps
  9. 5e Twitch Stream List for new DM's and players?
  10. Exporting an inserted module (Community made)
  11. Luck Stone effect trouble.
  12. hero lab and fantasy grounds
  13. Weird symbol next to word 'Dex' in Stealth skill
  14. Making your own magic items: is there any way to . . .
  15. suggestions on how to convert old pdf adventures to usable 5e and fg moduels
  16. Global save DC bonus
  17. Tracking (Survival Skill) question
  18. Radiant Damage not properly Disabling Regeneration: Curse of Strahd typo.
  19. Throwing yourself Prone
  20. Storm King's Thunder module for Fantasy Grounds now available
  21. Open Character Creation for new season
  22. Another open FG table for character creation...
  23. Sharing another cool looking Kickstarter!
  24. Basic XP Party Sheet Extension
  25. New Subrace: Sea Dwarf. Feedback?
  26. Goading Attack issue.
  27. Adventure Query
  28. Insert characters created in a module?
  29. Regaining HP vs Regen
  30. About PC Sheet : armor base
  31. Effect & Great Weapon Fighting
  32. Epic Campaign combining Storm King's Thunder with Tyranny of Dragons
  33. Partially Filled out Log Entries
  34. Changing Damage Dice with effect (eg: Shillelagh)
  35. Roll damage if it hits
  36. Shield Guardian
  37. Editing encounter tokens in Princes
  38. Create a Ring of Spell Storing
  39. Effects?
  40. Exportable conditions?
  41. Halfing dice damage
  42. Suggestion: Equipment Links on PHB Class quick creation guidelines
  43. Kickstarter - Mega dungeon 5e and 1e with FG stretch goal
  44. Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
  45. NPC Name Mod
  46. Newb question on criticals
  47. About Weight and equipement
  48. FG Distance Measured Between Targets
  49. The Great Upheaval FG mod is now free on DMsGuild.com. The "Dripping Caves" problem.
  50. Adamantine Armor and Survivor (Fighter) effects
  51. 5E Character Creation - Server Open Today starting now!
  52. 5E xml mod effects question?
  53. Save not working
  54. Wolves and wonder what else?
  55. curse of Strahd Questions
  56. A monk's disease and poison immunity?
  57. About panel effect
  58. Spell AoE on Grid
  59. Charisma to Intelligence for Sorcerer?
  60. Ultimate NPCs- Skulduggery (5E): Report Bugs Here
  61. Review of "The Assimilation Strain" by Legendary Games
  62. Project: Par5E (cont.)
  63. Variant Human?
  64. Tavern and Shop Maps
  65. Looking for Party 5e version
  66. Adventures in Middle Earth
  67. Looking for someone to convert 5E PDF to FG file
  68. Welcome Message
  69. 5e SRD
  70. Hiding Effects
  71. Some Questions
  72. Log tab, how to fill it?
  73. Sneak Attack Question
  74. Kobold Press' Book of Lairs is now available
  75. weapon with more than one damage type
  76. Converting old 2E/3E monster/npc's into 5E
  77. Armor Equation
  78. Players and Calendar
  79. UA module?
  80. Spell Attack Bonus
  81. Good adventure for fresh lvl 1 characters?
  82. Players Companion
  83. Ultramodern5 Suggestions
  84. Spell-less Ranger variant for FG?
  85. Adjusting the encounter CR and EXP in FG
  86. Missing spell slot
  87. Issues setting STR with Effect
  88. Battlemaster : precision attack
  89. Adventure Suggestion
  90. D&D 5th Ed. and geometry
  91. New way of displaying features [I'm spoiling my PC's thoroughly! :D]
  92. Where is this 5e Theme located?
  93. Vision auras on tokens?
  94. New to fg and looking for a one-shot to learn more? Tomorrow night, Sat. Oct 1st
  95. Help a Returning DM Get it Right!
  96. 5e Player's Handbook
  97. Cantrip - Vicious mockery - further automation?
  98. How to appropriately apply the cover modifer to a character/npc
  99. Adventurers League in FG-Con 9
  100. Whats means the "(C)" in "ATK: 1d4; SAVE: 1d4; (C)" Config effect
  101. Kobold Press "Prepared! - A dozen adventures for 5th edition"
  102. Par5e Homebrew Class (Popup alternatives)
  103. Hero Labs benefit?
  104. How to add ammo to a weapon?
  105. [Tome of Beasts] Unbalanced creatures feedback
  106. How to deal with this problem?
  107. conversion question.
  108. Cross reference table generation
  109. Gold, Coins, Treasure
  110. Mage armor effect in 5E
  111. Monster Manual - File?
  112. SRD and PHB issues, maybe
  113. Unofficial 5e Theme
  114. Error when trying to follow Flame spell link from Fire Genasi
  115. Modules similair to Witch Hunter Class
  116. Store Generator Mod?
  117. Eldritch Knight
  118. New Extension: TheoGeek's Improved Critical
  119. Reverse Damage Effect?
  120. FG Con 9 The Pirate's Cove (Book of Lairs)
  121. DnD 5E Tokens are done
  122. Holy Water as an attack
  123. Volo's Guide to Monsters
  124. Seems I should totally know this, nevertheless...
  125. Inequalities and Dice
  126. Making a theme extension/edit
  127. Infernal Legacy - Tiefling ability
  128. Mix of official races and classes
  129. What have other people done with mixed groups of remote players and in person players
  130. Let's Play 5E Scales of War (Series 2)
  131. Keyboard Shortcuts
  132. Can I Create an item that modifies a character sheet?
  133. SKT Maps
  134. The Ranger Revised
  135. Spell lists for 5e NPCs
  136. Tokens not showing distance moved.
  137. Spooky Halloween one-shot?
  138. Two damage types simultaneously
  139. Effect - advantage on saves vs. Poison
  140. Unknown Monsters
  141. Ignoring RESIST, is there a way to do this as a weapon property?
  142. Hero points in 5e
  143. Ability Checks
  144. Add tokens to map when adding to Combat tracker
  145. The 5e rule I learned today
  146. Creature Effect
  147. D&D 5E FAQ's
  148. 5e Character Sheet How to use tutorial?
  149. Races
  150. Half Damage
  151. Persistent Table Setup?
  152. 5e Bug Reports (Continued)
  153. My buttons are gone
  154. 3.2 and the Wiki
  155. Volo's Guide to monsters
  156. Critical hits with 2 handed sword.
  157. Superior Inspiration
  158. Image quality downgrade in 3.2
  159. 3.2 NPCs
  160. D&D Volo's Guide to Monsters is now available!
  161. Is Volo's Guide a part of the Complete Bundle?
  162. Creating backgrounds.
  163. Thinking of buying Lost mine of Phandelver, but...
  164. Magic Item Effects and Scroll Usage
  165. How to sneak attack?
  166. Lifegain weapon
  167. Adding Items to tables
  168. Creating new character classes
  169. Is FG working on "Dungeonology"
  170. ALOCON II - January 20-22 - Something EPIC is Coming!
  171. Volo's Guide to Monsters vs. Tome of Beasts
  172. Combat Tracker Decimal on portraits?
  173. Removing HP for players side.
  174. adding spells to a new npc
  175. Changes to 5e requirements?
  176. 5e Par5e SRD
  177. 5e Module Updates
  178. Little doubt about passive perception
  179. Creating a Large PC Token that retains its size
  180. Using IF to specify weapon attack
  181. Has anyone made a module containing pregenerated PCs?
  182. How can I steal a sleeping player?
  183. New Free 5E Module - Z1- Zombie Curse by Frank Schmidt
  184. Combat Tracker Question - Possible Extension?
  185. Curse of Strahd sidebar
  186. Barbarian Stone's Endurance Question
  187. The Bandit's Cave (Legendary Games)
  188. Kingdoms!
  189. Custom Icons for Map Markers
  190. Giving out "playing cards" and players being able to play them
  191. Players not seeing Weapon Attacks in Combat Mode
  192. About the character story in the sheet
  193. Connecting two audio sources in teamspeak?
  194. Tome of Beasts lacking Vampire Warlock variant
  195. How to share FG files in the network?
  196. Druid Class Pack
  197. Will the Monster Manual be updated to resemble the physical book like the PHB & DMG?
  198. Primeval Thule: Player's Companion 5E - Narrative Tables
  199. Monters are locked in the SRD and I can't change their tokens
  200. is death permenant
  201. Official DD content
  202. How do I create my own Backpack (container)?
  203. About effect and advantage on saving throws
  204. Book of Lost Spells (Fifth Edition)
  205. Any Tips or Advice on Running a Text-Only Game?
  206. Barbarian Effects
  207. Nord Games - Creaking in the Dark and Greenskin Diplomacy
  208. Give NPC control to PC
  209. 5E Wizards Theme with Dragon Heads Removed (for limited display space situations)
  210. Critical Strike Master feat
  211. HOF2 - Putting a Krampus i the Holiday - Another Free Module!
  212. Extension: change the GM hidden die roll '?' to the 'visibility off icon'
  213. Freebie Tokens not Available in 5E?
  214. ATK Targeted Effect in the Chat Window
  215. Feature Request: Dice roll for Resist effect
  216. Just Getting Started
  217. [[Kickstarter]] Of Drow Origin - FUNDED
  218. Any Complete Race Effects setup like the Complete Class Effects?
  219. Equipment List in a campaign
  220. Dragonborn and Half-Orc Racial Powers
  221. Creating items
  222. Is there anyway to roll a macro in chat that will reroll 1s and 2s?
  223. Witch Bolt not in Spell list?
  224. Advantage on initiative and rolling all initiatives
  225. Assistance with Item Module
  226. [[Kickstarter]] FUNDED - Of Drow Origins Fantasy Grounds Unlocked
  227. Unearthed Arcana Module
  228. Unearthed Arcana MOD in the DMs Guild by Nickademus
  229. *New Magic Item That All Creatures Can Use* - Spell Grenade
  230. AAW - 001-Buried Council Chambers module currently free at AAW website
  231. Next Level XP
  232. Adding additional archtypes to classes
  233. Item classification
  234. Import Local Character questions
  235. Create custom class?
  236. Problem Changing the NPC's token
  237. Drag/Drop Weapons onto NPC during Creation
  238. Maps in fg, secret door cover up and such....
  239. How to change hit die (custom class)?
  240. Manually Refreshing Recover Dice
  241. [[Kickstarter]] funded! Of Drow Origin Final 48 hours
  242. Extension: 5E Theme - FG Pro
  243. Protection Fighting Style Effect
  244. 5e Can't we show only prepared spells in combat mode?
  245. 'Wilderness Adventure Framework' in the DMG behavior is weird.
  246. Another 14 pt font extension
  247. Original Characters Backstory Garuh'kai & Ander- a short story part 1
  248. Manage Character Portrait
  249. Ranger Fighting Style - Archery
  250. 5e theme