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  1. Automation question
  2. Greek Language
  3. Ravenloft Battlemaps revised
  4. Ochre Jelly...
  5. Are there actions other than Dodge that should have an associated effect?
  6. Combat Tracker - NPCs being skipped by "Next Actor" button? - Also, effect duration??
  7. help with a warning
  8. FGCon 8 The Incomplete Lunch
  9. How to use Log on character sheet
  10. ADV & DIS shortcut
  11. Player Campaign Settings
  12. Ready Action - Creature or Player determining another creature or players intention
  13. Character Management - Log/Roll/Points
  14. Enhanced Random Encounter Tables
  15. Question on Rings of Protection LMoP
  16. More languages
  17. Resolving initiative ties
  18. IFT syntax question
  19. Nag: I'd really like to purchase FG modules of DDEX seasons 1-3.
  20. Some assistance with purchases
  21. Table Toppings Tutorial Videos
  22. Frog God Games' Book of Lost Spells is now available
  23. 10th level Halfling Rogue with Mobile Feat Question
  24. help with half orc
  25. Thoughts on Mage Armor stacking with Robes and Rings
  26. 5e Campaign Effects Modules
  27. Odd player issues in my campaign I'm running
  28. warlocks are so confusing
  29. setting up channel divinity for pally in fantasy grounds
  30. Quick Question: Tables missing from official PHB module?
  31. Magical ammunition
  32. [Feature Request] Encounter component to account for Encounter Multiplier
  33. damage resistance issue?
  34. Spell/Ability Requiring a NPC Saving Throw
  35. Show diaogue or pictures to only one party member at a time?
  36. Combat tracker
  37. Looking for a one shot adventure for 1 player
  38. Parseing NPCs with Tokens
  39. Primeval Thule 5E from Sasquatch Game Studio is now available!
  40. PAR5E Formatted XML <-> MS Word .docx
  41. Permanent Effect
  42. Par5e - NPC DMG Question
  43. 5E's newest splatbook pulls from Zendikar
  44. Curse of Strahd Tarokka Deck
  45. Character Sheet Import
  46. More maps for Castle Ravenloft and Curse of Strahd
  47. Failing to roll Saves
  48. Looking for a means to add a critical range modifier effect to a character or weapon?
  49. Initiative and Effects for Players in Combat Tracker
  50. Leveling Up Hit Points
  51. Fun class in 5e
  52. Looking to join a new group
  53. How to create Module adding new archetypes/specializations to core classes?
  54. Hero Lab -> Fantasy Grounds Converter
  55. Green Ronin's Book of the Righteous coming to Fantasy Grounds for the 5E ruleset!
  56. Effect Code for custom rage feature
  57. Guidance applies to INIT -- how to add 1d4 to INIT?
  58. Gaining proficiency in artisan tools and kits..
  59. First Level Cleric / Life / Dragonborn only has one spell slot
  60. Background Features in Curse of Strahd
  61. Incorrect cone size and shape
  62. Save DCs for spell casting NPCs
  63. Drag-enabled text inside user created reference entry?
  64. Fighting Style options
  65. Advice on scaling lost mine of Phandelver
  66. Spell Points and Psi Points
  67. Opinions on Primeval Thule
  68. Amethyst Quintessence for 5e?
  69. Easy Do It Yourself – All free 5E Monsters for PAR5E (from WoTC website)
  70. Monk, Flurry of Blows, What's the deal?
  71. Srd 5.1
  72. Is the Core Monster Pack still worth buying now that the SRD Bestiary exists?
  73. Module Erratas
  74. Sale for 5/16 through 5/22 on the MM and Legacy of the Crystal Shard (20% off)
  75. Will the Modules on Fantasy Grounds update whenever other official books do?
  76. Confirm Critical in 5E
  77. Let's Play 5E Scales of War
  78. Is there a way to change the effect icon?
  79. FG feature idea/suggestion - Automated items
  80. 5e pregen characters
  81. Trap Examples
  82. Spell casting in FG
  83. Question about PCs
  84. NPC Flavors Extension
  85. Question about ring bell on turn and asynchronous map view.
  86. How necessary is. . .
  87. Does anyone know of any good DM and 1-2 player adventures
  88. On Going Saving Throws
  89. Exotic Trap File
  90. NPC Health
  91. Goblin nimble escape (New GM question)
  92. DM guide value?
  93. Web Links Inside FG
  94. Calculating hit points per level
  95. unearthed arcana Ranger
  96. Adding Finesse property to Quarterstaff
  97. Changing Proficiency Bonus not possible?
  98. PAR5E imagegrid issue
  99. PC XML export
  100. Adding names to these icons, like within bought modules?
  101. Masking question
  102. How to find spells by school (e.g. Necromancy spells for Evil High Priest)?
  103. Random encounters
  104. Future PAR5E-like application discussions
  105. Fifth Edition Foes vs Complete Core Monster Pack?
  106. Hoard of the Dragon Queen on sale!
  107. Second set of eyes
  108. Is there any way to add a blanket +1 proficiency bonus?
  109. Question about published campaign lengths - how long do they take?
  110. 5E Effects with limited use (SR/LR)
  111. One page dungeon FG conversions - how to distribute?
  112. Not sure this is a bug or just me !
  113. Rolling multiple times on a table... ?
  114. Can you put links in a text table?
  115. First time DM - Module advice
  116. Altering proficienct bonus
  117. Harried in Hillsfar questions for DMs or players who have completed it *****SPOILERS*
  118. Intellectual Property and Fair Use Advice
  119. Harried in Hillsfar & Shackles of Blood - Sale?
  120. My Take on The next victim map from harried in Hillsfar
  121. Buying 5E content piece by piece
  122. Princes of the Apocalypse DM aid?
  123. plenty of warning in the console (GM) while i edit Lost Mines of Phandelver
  124. Adding weapons and skills to npc
  125. Sales
  126. Custom races???
  127. Look for Feedback on 5E Adventure, C01 (5E): Alagoran's Gem
  128. New 5E Compatible Releases for 6/9/2016
  129. x2 Castle Amber
  130. Secret doors/passages in published modules (Crypt of the Sun Lord)
  131. Stuck on an effect...
  132. Request: Adventure Advice
  133. Home brew and the D&D Complete Core Class Pack
  134. Forge Potential
  135. Sale on D&D Princes of the Apocalypse and Scourge of the Sword Coast this week
  136. Monster manual
  137. As a DM how would you handle this?
  138. Custom Ability Resource? (Like spell slots)
  139. Dead in Thay incl. w/ Scourge of Sword Coast? Is Murder in Baldur's Gate available?
  140. D&D 5e Unofficial NPC & Creature Workshop
  141. How do you handle Magic Resistance in Fantasy Grounds 5E
  142. Pcgen or better way to make characters?
  143. Primeval Thule Cleric Domains
  144. Poisons as damage effect?
  145. WOTC Storm King
  146. Magic item damage
  147. Looking for inspiration
  148. DM help to spice things up *spoilers for Harried in Hillsfar
  149. CR and XP?
  150. Here we go... How to?
  151. FGDaze The Incomplete Lunch
  152. Map Overwrite???
  153. Hidden Effects
  154. Anybody want to DM a 5E original mod to playtest it for me?
  155. Dealing with Min Maxed charaters as a DM
  156. DM question for out of the Abyss
  157. Bug in monster manual desktop decal.
  158. re: v. 3.2
  159. D&D 5e Cleric of Tempest - auto effects for domain spells
  160. Is there is a list/chart for this
  161. 5e community-based support
  162. any printed adventures for D&D 5e?
  163. What to buy: Didgital/hardback
  164. Where is the "Par5e User Guide"?
  165. combat tracker
  166. Using the maps in the official Adventures for other Rule Sets
  167. Steam Group for FG D&D 5e
  168. Can par5e npcs have a spell section like monsters from the srd?
  169. Par5e executable vanishing
  170. Poisoned effect from monster does no damage to target?
  171. Death Domain Cleric - Effect for Inescapable Destruction
  172. DM question for out of the Abyss *SPOILERS ABOUND***
  173. What do I need to play 5e?
  174. For fun I made a 12th level Everything (multi one of each class)
  175. Ammo used not tracking when using hotkeys to attack?
  176. Armor Damage
  177. Adding a custom cleric domain
  178. Par5e question: linking spells in a class description
  179. Par5e question: Are race names restricted to one word?
  180. Any one-shots in the store?
  181. 5E Random Monster Tables
  182. Primeval Thule Maps
  183. Poll: What should be included in the D&D Bundle
  184. Equipment packs, encumbrance and the PHB DD
  185. Devil of Dark Wood - AAW Adventure (correction and SPOILERS!)
  186. DMG Magic item prices
  187. Hand Crossbow Thought & Suggestion
  188. Converted one-shot module: Into the Awaroth Woods
  189. ETA on Nord Games Ultimate NPCs / Kobold Press Tome of Beasts?
  190. Par5e tokens
  191. Ship/boat tokens?
  192. Rule Question - Does FG do this automatically?
  193. 5e Cone
  194. Magic Weapon Damages
  195. POTA - Tavern/Red Larch Questions (Possible Spoilers)
  196. Looking for one more player
  197. Poisoning a Weapon Help
  198. barbarian: Rage ability
  199. third party modules in FG
  200. Why won't some spell lists that par5e correctly appear in FG?
  201. New level zero to 3 adventure... Unknow Whom
  202. DMG Module Question
  203. Forgotten Realms Libraries in 5e
  204. DM's Guild and D&D Adventurers League Modules now available for Fantasy Grounds
  205. How to track item charges?
  206. Monster Advancement in FG?
  207. About score
  208. 5E Typos, and fixes.
  209. Fifth edition?
  210. Death Burst trait
  211. Creating NPC Trait/Power
  212. Con Saves vs Attack (Save auto calc?)
  213. Shield Master effect
  214. Quick question on Spell DC calculation ?
  215. Using the Basic Rules/SRD on Fantasy Grounds
  216. End of Turn NPC Effect help please?
  217. A discussion on the merits of an ID function for NPC's
  218. Guidance Effect
  219. Remove effect
  220. Adding images to items
  221. Fighter Manuever + Sharpshooter
  222. Syrinscape: Awesome but Need Help Fine-Tuning
  223. Need help to create an effect
  224. Middle Earth 5E
  225. THP & Effects disappearing
  226. roll20 gets official 5e license
  227. Free starter module "Cryptic Entry"
  228. Campaign Question
  229. So... What do I need
  230. Setting a Target DC
  231. Missing Paladin spells?
  232. Effect to add max health damage?
  233. What did I do?
  234. Kobold Press' Tome of Beasts for 5E is now available
  235. Tome of Beasts - Creature not assigned Tokens
  236. Question about which Modules I need to activate in Campaign.
  237. Ultimate NPCs: Skulduggery for 5e, Pathfinder and S&W has been shipped.
  238. Primeval Thule question
  239. Sin wants to try DMing
  240. Giant slaying sword setup?
  241. Advanced Apologies for Basic Question...(Newbie to FG)
  242. Changing weapon icon ?
  243. Some question about interaction with spell
  244. Improved critical effect/trait
  245. Area of Effect Spells - Beginning of Turn Save
  246. Saving Throw Bonus from Ring of Protection and the like
  247. Abiltiy Score Increases from Magical Items
  248. Parsing dragonborn breathe weapon
  249. Legendary resistance/saves and open rolls
  250. Critical Role: Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting