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  1. Suggestions: LMoP - what's next ?
  2. A prime example
  3. The faded ampersand ...
  4. Dungeon Master's Guide & Players
  5. WOTC adventure module editing
  6. Extension to change GM portrait
  7. Tables with X rows?
  8. Ranges
  9. Setting up "Powers"on the Attacks tab
  10. Effect durations
  11. Baldur's Gate Item Pack available now in the store.
  12. Issues arising from tonight's game
  13. Best way to reuse effects
  14. Guides, videos and other helpful information
  15. 5e Parsers
  16. Extensions, Modules, Pregens and other 5E resources
  17. 5E Bug Reports
  18. Forum Clean up
  19. The holy hand grenade
  20. The Hall Of The Flesh Eaters (5E) One Shot. Friday 18th December. 19.00 GMT.
  21. Effects - The Complete Barbarian Package
  22. Today Only! DTRPG "Deal of the Day" - $1.50 for 12 short 5E adventures & VTT maps.
  23. Effects - The Complete Cleric Package
  24. Map and Mask performance
  25. Effect Creation Tool
  26. Question on parse
  27. Effects The Complete Bard Package
  28. Effects The Complete Rogue Package
  29. Paladin Aura?
  30. Effects The Complete Fighter Package
  31. Effects the Complete Monk Package
  32. Effects - The complete packages for each class - Thread organization suggestion
  33. Lost Mine of Phandelver Pre-Generated Characters
  34. Moving characters to a new campaign
  35. Effects the Complete Paladin Package
  36. Effects the Complete Ranger Package
  37. Effects the Complete Wizard's Package
  38. Effects the Complete Sorcerer's Package
  39. Effects the Complete Druid Package
  40. Monster Lair Rules
  41. Subclass Par5e
  42. Effects the Complete Warlock Package
  43. Chat window tabs?
  44. Wizard of the Coast D&D 5e Errata: Monster Manual & DMG
  45. New Language command
  46. Looking to sit in on a session?!
  47. Granting a Ranger his pet
  48. Ranger's Favorite Terrain Question
  49. Question about purchasing something like Hoard of the Dragon Queen....
  50. Just bought princes of the apocolypse - getting error
  51. I want to use a PC template for an NPC.
  52. cursed condition
  53. Damage Reduction Effect in 5e
  54. Can you increase the default hp of Monsters?
  55. Table-Initiated Automatic Die Rolls
  56. Locking Token movement
  57. dungeons masters guide on the store
  58. Can a DM play a player character if a group is short a player?
  59. Who uses Pathfinder setting?
  60. Character Sheet Action tab help
  61. Negate critical damage
  62. Not getting Intelligence Modifier with cantrips.
  63. Thinking about the drow and Rage of Demons
  64. Advantage on Saving Through based on Damage Type
  65. 5e Homebrew Starting in January 2016
  66. Characters being mixed together
  67. WotC Adventures
  68. Giving your character a horse
  69. Manage Characters option
  70. DMG tables
  71. Saving minimized windows?
  72. French community FG - 5E
  73. Monster Packs vs. MM.
  74. Monsters are here there and everywhere?!?
  75. Class abilities as Training Rewards (How to Implement)
  76. Random Name Generator
  77. FG on Android
  78. Creating / Forging magic scrolls
  79. Help with implementing Underdark options
  80. Golden Nugget
  81. Starting Equipment
  82. Input a player roll
  83. effect how to code efects
  84. 5E OGL Released
  85. dnd 5e adventures requirements
  86. New to FG, LFG for 5e any night around 9:00 PM CST
  87. Using the calender
  88. SRD magic items
  89. The forging of items within your campaign or story
  90. Deities and the SRD
  91. 5e Pre-gens
  92. Legacy of the Crystal Shard
  93. Creating Danger Sense Effect and Logical NOT condition in IF/IFT statements
  94. Differentiate Rulesets? or not load SRD?
  95. NPC "forge"
  96. Half-Elf Variant
  97. Does 5th ed. fix some of the problems of Pathfinder in FG?
  98. NPC Advantage and Disadvantage effects
  99. hello.. trying to make a 5E player toon...
  100. Players viewing other players character sheets
  101. Tokens in PHB?
  102. No price on Gems/Art?
  103. Use of item forge to create passive spell effects on magic items.
  104. Question about 5e DMG module
  105. Question about Prices of the Apocalypse & caster levels on NPCs
  106. Rage of Demons: Out of the Abyss question
  107. Cast Spells at Higher Level
  108. 5e Strarter Set?
  109. Question about Spell Casting
  110. How do you play Alchemy in 5E
  111. Gnome Cunning
  112. LFP Saturday nights Horde of the Dragon Queen
  113. Core Class Pack & Core Monster Pack
  114. Princes of the Apocalypse Thoughts?
  115. Herolab now has 5E
  116. Dragonborn subraces
  117. Bought all the books now have FG Ultimate! HELP!!
  118. Spreadsheet for Encounter XP Threshold
  119. Token Rotation Woes...
  120. 5E Compatible Ultimate NPCs: Skulduggery Kickstarter with FG Support
  121. New 5E Sample Campaign / Tutorial Available
  122. Treasure Value / Magical Item Properties
  123. Druid NPC (DD5E SRD Bestiary))
  124. New player looking for a good group
  125. Spell points variant rule
  126. Legendary Planet Questions
  127. Pregenerated NPC (PC class based)?
  128. Now I've gona and done it... a d100 CRIT and d100 FUMBLE table... I need help!
  129. Creating a custom class question (pistoleer)
  130. A few questions regarding manuals.
  131. Effect
  132. Here's my new d100 Critical Hit/Fumble tables...
  133. Frozen Castle Expanded Chapter
  134. Adventure Modules, why Spellcasters npcs are incomplete?
  135. Buying 5E Modules
  136. Starting character variations?
  137. Exporting 5E chars to print them within HL or PCGen
  138. Newbie Help: Targeting has stopped working? Maybe I'm just confused.
  139. Question about new character creation from a newbie
  140. "Graveyard" for dead characters
  141. DD MM Monster Manual and Images..
  142. Forgotten Realms Atlas?
  143. Include NPC source on "other" tab
  144. Official Campagins and editing of them in regards to future updates.
  145. Monster effects in montster manual
  146. Help with an effect?
  147. The quest for TOTAL automation...
  148. Moving All Dice
  149. Equipping Items/Armor reflected on character sheets?
  150. Question about Barbarian rage
  151. Forcing A Critical Damage Roll
  152. Ongoing spells and unconsciousness
  153. Is there a way to create shops where items aren't visible until marked as visible?
  154. Forcing a die roll outcome for PC's
  155. Criticals and NPCs
  156. Spells cast as a higher level?
  157. Fg dd5e books & mods
  158. Requesting tips on how to handle dead creatures.
  159. DND 5e weapon conditional effects
  160. Barkskin
  161. CURSE OF STRAHD Preview Adventure and FG
  162. Never Winter Background
  163. dm help with out of the abyss CONTAINS SPOILERS
  164. Non-standard player Races
  165. Par5e interface change?
  166. Question about Air Elemental Whirlwind Action parsed in the combat tracker
  167. Hero Lab 5e SRD
  168. 3.1.6 Automatic Spell lookup for Spellcaster NPCs
  169. Any advice on specs / Tools / etc for FG development (community or otherwise)?
  170. How to create a simple trap
  171. Make Fantasy Grounds a WPN Store!
  172. Parsing Monster Manual but want to avoid dupes from SRD Bestiary
  173. When i set ADVSAV:poison it makes all saves have advantage
  174. Am I a dunce...
  175. Finally played my first FG game!
  176. Coding for Exhaustion
  177. Turn Undead or other mass saving throw situations
  178. SKill checks as encounters?
  179. Tarokka cards, what to do?
  180. Gothic Fonts
  181. help requested
  182. Stealth rules
  183. New to FG - Wanting to DM a 5e campaign - What all do I/my players NEED?
  184. Adding weapon to BOX dragged on from MM?
  185. DMGuild PDFs of old modules
  186. CURSE OF STRAHD Coming?
  187. Wonder why CON and DEX are switched on the party sheet?
  188. Comprehend languages query
  189. What happens with the release of new 5e features and errata?
  190. Quick question on spell parsing for NPCs
  191. question on linking item in equipment packs
  192. Manually updating hit dice on character sheet D&D 5E
  193. Help with a DC Table
  194. Damage dice that don't reroll on a critical hit
  195. Old D&D Material for 5th Edition?
  196. D&D 5e "Space Marine Chaplain" build HELP
  197. Lost Mine of Phandelver Questions
  198. Turning undead
  199. DM's Guild, OGL, and Fantasy Grounds
  200. Fifth Edition Feats by TPK Games
  201. D&D comes to Middle Earth
  202. Curse of Strand release party
  203. Playing with myself... Questions about solo play using FG...
  204. I thought the Player's Handbook, DM Guide, and Monster Manual were included. Wrong?
  205. New Discounted Bundles for The Complete D&D Experience
  206. D&D Curse of Strahd now Available
  207. Curse of Strahd.
  208. If I want to buy DDNext PDFs and convert to FG
  209. Cannot Update/Edit Treasure Parcels
  210. Module creation
  211. Spiritual Weapon - is it affected by effects affecting the caster?
  212. Oops Accidentally overwrote the Acolyte Bond Table
  213. Character sheet updating issue
  214. Barovian Calendar
  215. Empowered Spell and Metamagic tracking
  216. This type of solo play possible?
  217. Background Problem
  218. D&D SRD, Hero Lab and FG
  219. Any way to get the pregen PCs WOC has on their website?
  220. Murder at Baulders Gate
  221. Sleep and "current hit points"
  222. Food Drink Items List
  223. Here's my new d100 Wild Magic Surge Table...
  224. Potions of Healing
  225. Acid Pits of Karaq the New YouTube D&D Adventure by Esper
  226. questions regarding re rolls from feat in 5e
  227. new homebrew magic items and random table to select item
  228. Princes of the Apocalypse Question for DMs that have run this - Spoilers
  229. Traps gives experience?
  230. Help w/ an Overview of the System
  231. Forging Items in the Forge
  232. Rule Question: Grapple from Giant Crocodiles or T-Rex
  233. What happens when a character is blessed and gets knocked out in combat?
  234. Auto Resolve Custom Spell
  235. Posting Dogmas from D&D 3.5 DMG?
  236. Can demo players access host's 5E modules?
  237. Fantasy Grounds 5E Parser
  238. Castle Ravenloft battlemaps
  239. Large battles possible in current system?
  240. Blanket bonuses to spell casting DCs and Attack rolls?
  241. TIme in Calendar
  242. Help! How do I apply the Paladin Aura of Protection?
  243. Is this effect possible, or is there another solution?
  244. proficiency dice option
  245. Princes of the Apocalypse Portraits
  246. Automation question
  247. Greek Language
  248. Ravenloft Battlemaps revised
  249. Ochre Jelly...
  250. Are there actions other than Dodge that should have an associated effect?