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  1. Name of Effects in the CT
  2. need help creating a npc
  3. Npc traits and effects on ct
  6. Ready Check?
  7. Warlocks Sheet
  8. Ranger Playtest
  9. Warlock spell slots
  10. Recreating a mod
  11. Trying to put tables into spell blocks and Parse them out. Need some help.
  12. Including thumbnails with my export modules from PAR5E.
  13. Are spells 'Magical'?
  14. Spell Preparation
  15. What is actually needed to be purchased to run a homebrew game
  16. how to assign an owner to notes in notes tab
  17. One shot ideas
  18. Bug with map?
  19. Weapon damage and base
  20. Purchase Question : D&D Complete Core Class Pack
  21. Question about tokens not loading to players.
  22. D&D Adventure League Scenario - Free with $1 Donation to the Save the Children Fund
  23. D&D Rage of Demons: Out of the Abyss is now available
  24. Setting up NPC's
  25. Am I missing something?
  26. PAR5E: No Mod or XML data in the Output Folder
  27. Looking for Two More Players
  28. Having Trouble with #zl; Links
  29. 5E DMG Did I Miss It
  30. A Quick Thanks and Question
  31. Party Treasury
  32. Best way to improvise encounters
  33. Out of the Abyss - [requesting reviews]
  34. Effects? Bear's Endurance and Elemental Affinity
  35. Question on the XML declaration for 5E spells
  36. Looking for a few bits of help
  37. Half Orc Savage Attacks and Brutal Critical
  38. DDEX3-1 Harried In Hillsfar
  39. Player messed up character sheet, can't fix it
  40. 5E - Stuff We Need
  41. Adv & dsv rolls
  42. 5E Basic Rules - Add token without creating NPC record?
  43. Out of the Abyss Stream
  44. Is there a way the DM can modify the players roll, from the DM side?
  45. Question about pregenerated characters for Harried in Hillsfar
  46. Overlapping Effects
  47. Ranger: Defensive Tactics
  48. AC proficiency check
  49. Rest Variants
  50. Thunderous Smite
  51. Quick NPCs
  52. Item Sheet
  53. Unearthed Arcana stuff, is it available anywhere?
  54. Im a newbie and they smarter monkey i use to prgram is off to africa until summer ...
  55. 5E pre-gen player characters
  56. Dragonlance Modules
  57. 5e DMG Content
  58. how do i load purchased module.
  59. Out of the Abyss Chapter 1 Question
  60. Let's Create - A character
  61. Multi-class Spell Slots
  62. Help - my spells don't parse
  63. Few issues with Core Class PHB, and Hoard of the Dragon Queen.
  64. NPC Stats
  65. pack horses and other encumbrance carrying animals
  66. Encounter/story
  67. Monster Hunting in DnD 5E
  68. Reveal NPCs to specific players?
  69. Help - Purchased monsters
  70. Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
  71. Druid wildshape attacks and effects
  72. How to complete/use the 'health sheet calc'?
  73. 5e Wiki update project
  74. Fey Presence Language
  75. Question about 5th edition with regard to the ultimate license
  76. Anyway to lock certain fields on CS like HPs?
  77. Caster Level Multiplier is for...?
  78. 5e spell casters phb
  79. Kobold Press Tome of Beasts Kickstarter
  80. Tavern Style/Gambling Minigames?
  81. Is anyone making new backgrounds? Or perhaps a template for doing so?
  82. Opinions on character creation steps...
  83. What's in a TYPE?
  84. SIZEing things up
  85. PC Links and other ideas?
  86. To the Fantasy Grounds Team:
  87. Delete Race and Background
  88. 5E One Shots
  89. Encounter Builder
  90. Why does my char creation deviate from the tutorial? have to have the Class Packs?
  91. Demo Vs Full Version
  92. Fantasy Grounds Hosting Failure Connecting...
  93. Thoughts on a one night gaming event
  94. Considering Purchasing
  95. Oh gosh please help!
  96. 5e Monster Manual Images
  97. Combine Campaigns
  98. Trouble with Par5e
  99. Arms and Equipment Guide for 5e
  100. Question: Organization for first time FG DM (possible PotA spoilers)
  101. Actions from a Table
  102. Dragonlance Draconians
  103. Combat statistic
  104. FG Con 7 game live now... Come watch on video...
  105. Advantage & Sneak Attack
  106. Noob question: Archery Fighting Style to automagically add +2 to ranged attacks
  107. Conversion document up!
  108. Complete character advancement
  109. Learning to play FG.
  110. Effects Syntax list
  111. Light Weapons - Extra Attack
  112. Crit/Fumble tables availability?
  113. View Bar Colours
  114. Play Vin Diesel's Witch Hunter from Critical Roll!
  115. Building out spell effects for NPCs
  116. FG Ultimate
  117. AC Calculations?
  118. Port Forwarding on Wireless Laptops issues
  119. Linked Classes Across Modules
  120. D&D Steel and Steed 0.80
  121. What do you use?
  122. Mr Schley's MASSIVE Map of Faern
  123. New official language fonts for 5E
  124. MM Sidebars
  125. Hail of Thorns: weird automatic save on failed attack
  126. Why are spell saves showing negatives?
  127. Gemstone Items Module
  128. Criticals & Fumbles on Spells?
  129. Rage
  130. Unearthed Arcana - Can we Share?
  131. Combat Tracker quirks
  132. Druids!!!!
  133. Poisoning a weapon
  134. Gods of Faerun, Drag and Drop
  135. Implementing and Tracking Portent Use
  136. Is there a way to add to the Official Modules?
  137. Published adventures - # of PCs?
  138. Fantasy Grounds Version 3.1.3 (2015-10) Release Notes
  139. Not quite getting the result that I want
  140. NPC Forge/Creator
  141. Combined lists?
  142. initiative broken?
  143. Sanity Check...
  144. PC gains an action if failing a DC save. How to add this to character actions?
  145. Odd effect wanted
  146. Long and Short Rest, what am I missing?
  147. Problem with script
  148. Fudging damage roll results
  149. Syntax for Ability / Skill checks
  150. Looking For XMLT for 5E Character Sheet
  151. Missing skill text in LMoP
  152. Identification: What's your method?
  153. How do you handle, "after roll but before the outcome is determinated"
  154. PC Stat Block
  155. Chactersheet spell views
  156. Out of the Abyss GM Discussion - SPOILERS!
  157. Missing story text in LMoP ?
  158. Looking for Another Player on Friday Nights
  159. Printing?
  160. Shortcut pin
  161. ANNOUNCING ALO CON!! Adventurers League Online Convention
  162. Undo adding a class level
  163. DND5E character portraits not selectable by players ?!?
  164. New to FG, I have a few questions!
  165. in need of some help
  166. Calendar Log examples?
  167. New player to Fantasy Grounds
  168. Creating a NPC that has PC abilities
  169. Creation of a new module
  170. parse problems i cant figure it out please help
  171. Question on parse
  172. Creature Intelligence and Combat Tactics Question
  173. Any way to do spatial instead of planar?
  174. Underwater Combat and Spell Casting
  175. Question about.Critical Role Stream
  176. Par5e Problem
  177. PotA module bug *POSSIBLE SPOILERS*
  178. D&D Shackles of Blood Adventure now available for free with donation or other purchas
  179. question
  180. NPCs with Reroll Effect (Great Weapon Fighting)
  181. Dead in Thay for FG
  182. New 5E Compatible adventures in store
  183. Creating new monsters / NPCs in FG
  184. Lost Mine of Phandelvar player map problems
  185. Which character upgrade first? (not about FG)
  186. Running Giants
  187. Looking For players
  188. problem pleae assist
  189. A few question in module building in 5E
  190. DM option to force books to be loaded.
  191. fantasy offline question
  192. Rise of Tiamat - a more climatic end battle
  193. how do i get started
  194. Clearing Party sheet
  195. Gargoyle Resistance and Fantasy Grounds
  196. Unarmed Attack
  197. A learned tidbit about sharing tables from a mod file.
  198. Proficiency Variant
  199. Song of Rest d6 application short rest
  200. I am having an issue with attack bonus for Sorcerer direct attack spells
  201. Improved Crit - Not working
  202. Instant Death Effect?
  203. RuntimeError
  204. Bladesong Effect
  205. 5E Race Ability Modifier Table and Key Class Stats
  206. Adventure Reviews and Recommendations
  207. idea how to improve fantasy ground
  208. Joining Chat Boxes?
  209. You are running out of time...
  210. Casting spells before battle?
  211. Barbarian Rage effect
  212. Deluxe PHB Ability Score Table not displaying properly
  213. Fey Ancestry: How do I code this?
  214. Ultimate License and creating the PCs
  215. How does one make many minotaurs?
  216. 5e custom effects
  217. I need an inn, pub, or store please
  218. What's the better way to handle this. (Minor spoiler HoTDQ)
  219. Druid Wild Shape NPC Module
  220. 1 Opening in Hoad of the Dragon Queen for Friday Night D&D Game
  221. Princes of the Apocalypse starting mid Jan.
  222. Warlock base not using charisma modifier?
  223. Pathfinder single session scenarios converted to 5e interest check.
  224. 5E Questions about conflicting Effects
  225. Effects: -1 to all ability checks
  226. Vanity Desktop?
  227. Prone not working ?
  228. Cantrips
  229. LMoP P3-08.12 # of monsters wrong ?
  230. FG Daze - THe incomplete breakfast - one shot
  231. NPC Spells in the CT
  232. Effect Advantage on Spell Saving Throws?
  233. DMG Dec 8th.
  234. Quick Character Build (15 minutes) for Fanasty Grounds 5E
  235. Today I learned that FG "Daily" = 5e "Long Rest" and FG "Rest" = Short or Long Rest
  236. DMG features
  237. Quick Reference Decal
  238. Force Player Load
  239. combat tracker npc names
  240. How can you create custom spells?
  241. New DMG Comment/Question/Issue?
  242. Effects, the DMG and the Wiki
  243. New DMG Cool! I did this...
  244. Unofficial Character Generator
  245. Questions to begin
  246. Giving monsters goodies from the forge
  247. Chat text.
  248. Module idea
  249. Map changes
  250. Behold 'er the MAP!