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  1. Encumbrance and Coins
  2. 5E combat questions
  3. New Fantasy Ground user - What do I need to pay D&D 5e?
  4. How do I get my Fantasy Grounds to look as cool as yours?
  5. Newbie DM question RE: XP
  6. Horde of the Dragon Queen errors
  7. Armor Class Bonus
  8. Question on creating 5E NPCs
  9. Allowing Players to Use PHB Tokens
  10. Advice on some things, only a little FG
  11. Heavy Armor Master effect
  12. npc posting
  13. Artifacts how to write them on fantasy ground
  14. 1d12+1d8 instead of 1d20 ?
  15. Thank you so much for Spell slots on NPCS
  16. Effects that modify critical hits
  17. Missing NPCs after update
  18. Newb Q: Spellcaster ability mod not being used?
  19. Sword & Sorcery
  20. Spells Prepared
  21. CT Actions tab not expanding automatically for NPCs
  22. Request of Reach Area for Hexagonal grids
  23. Bonus for Spell Attacks?
  24. Feature Request: Full Spell List
  25. Princes of the Apocalypse Players Companion Module
  26. Player Tool Request
  27. The Hex and You!
  28. Rise of Tiamat in the store
  29. Effect Targeting Enhancement (Extension)
  30. Grid Scale
  31. Possible to use local PCs in campaign?
  32. Alternate 5e Leather Look
  33. Windows 10 :)
  34. 5E DMG loot tables
  35. Hunter's Mark IFT Problems
  36. Hazards & Traps
  37. Modifying Hoard of the Dragon Queen
  38. 5e Wraiths
  39. Monster portraits
  40. D&D 5th Edition character sheet
  41. Absorb Elements Effect
  42. Elemental Adept in FG
  43. Optional rule:Vitality
  44. Advanced Fantasy Grounds Usage - 5E Ruleset Edition
  45. Rogue - Cunning Action, Sneak Attack, Move Stealthily Help
  46. Making some Tokens for maps
  47. Official PHB Errata Released
  48. Vitality Extension
  49. Evasion
  50. I am understanding this correctly
  51. Portraits and importing
  52. This might be a really naive question... But Spell save Dc
  53. offhand weapon
  54. Change CR XP vaule
  55. Modifiers Window
  56. Magic Item Creation
  57. Another question on items (Magic)
  58. Par5e new races into PHB?
  59. Versatile weapons please help
  60. New NPC Spell data coming to DD Basic - DM?
  61. Bard Healing Word
  62. Removing Spell Slots
  63. Best Adventure/Module as an Example/Template
  64. Druid Wild Shape
  65. PC damage resistance?
  66. Can 1 player control two PC's during a game?
  67. Options tab
  68. Newbie Questions from running Lost Mine of Phandelver
  69. Quick question about client side character generation...
  70. Character Sheet Question
  71. 5e modules
  72. How to open newly purchased adventures
  73. Where do I find the Stitched Leather Theme
  74. Need adventure Module
  75. Bard "Jack Of All Trades" ?
  76. number of uses before rest
  77. Creating a cleric Domain
  78. FG accounts and downloads
  79. Saving Throw Bug?
  80. FGDaze - GMs needed
  81. Saving Throw Oddness
  82. Adding breath weapons to dragonborn characters...
  83. Item: Identification
  84. Is there a way to gift a GM a copy of one of the modules for 5e? HotDQ
  85. You can lead a horse to water, but...
  86. In the PHB would it be possible
  87. Targeting effects
  88. New D&D/FG Player Intro Game as part of FGDaze
  89. Building custom magic Items 5e, help please
  90. Character Sheet Qestions
  91. Adventures from the store.
  92. Campaign building question
  93. Coding for Savage Attacker?
  94. Par5e new Cleric Domain
  95. What is Par5e?
  96. Copying campaign info from one campaign to another
  97. Tiamat and Takhisis
  98. I'm running a test of HoDQ- Help
  99. NPC Trait Magic Resistance - How do I code this effect manually?
  100. Scrolls
  101. Keeping track of game time
  102. How does a DM authorise use of a book in a game
  103. 5E Errata
  104. What do I tell my players at the onset of the HotDQ campaign? - *Spoilers*
  105. Save for no damage
  106. Updated effects wiki page
  107. Just in case you don't notice
  108. Protection from Evil and Good
  109. NPC/Monster Saving throws
  110. No hit dice in LmoP pre generated characters
  111. My house rules for resting. Fun!
  112. Inspiration rules updated in LMoP?
  113. New Survey out for D&D 5e. What campaign setting do you want?
  114. NPC applied effects?
  115. Ongoing damage to target?
  116. PotA and the EEEC Players Companion Separate ?
  117. What's the difference
  118. New PotA Campaign?
  119. Is Adventure League Encounters / Expeditions a thing?
  120. Anyone else having problems opening about 50% of the new Prince Of Apocalypse images?
  121. Anyway to sort content for PotA?
  122. Are You Looking to Try D&D Adventurers League?
  123. Importing a character into 5th ed ruleset.
  124. New patches released for Elemental Evil Player's Comp. and Princes of the Apocalypse
  125. Hoard of the Dragon Queen Problem
  126. Shooting am Arrow in line of sight
  127. Colossus Slayer Effects
  128. How do I get Feature to show up.
  129. Sub Forums
  130. Question I was converting the Ice Caves of Azithin from the Adventures 1 collection
  131. How do you create a new Treasure Parcel?
  132. Warlock Hex spell
  133. PotA Maps
  134. Targetting Enemies on Combat Map
  135. Is it possible to swap modifier and ability field placement?
  136. 5E ruleset N/A?
  137. How do you represent thief's tools
  138. Adding to Official Content
  139. Duration: Start of Next Turn
  140. Question On Effects.
  141. Combat Tracker Turn Tracking reset
  142. IF & IFT how do these guys work?
  143. Minimum Damage
  144. Sorcerer, Font of Magic, Sorcery Points?
  145. Calendar Importing
  146. 2 quick questions.. Mockery and disadvantage and party sheet xp
  147. Combat Tracker Actions
  148. Drag and Drop Quests?
  149. Attacks on combat tracker?
  150. Primeval Thule for 5e
  151. Effects "Singles"
  152. Questions related to the Combat tracker and the calendar.
  153. Published Modules,
  154. Targeting Problems even though it is targeted.
  155. Prevent players from taking actions when it is not their turn.
  156. How to show the 'extra dice' from Advantage / Disadvantage in chat
  157. Ajusting Passive Perception
  158. Restoring removed WotC module content?
  159. Magic Item Rarity????
  160. Help with creating a usable (action) item with charges/uses
  161. External tools to help play in FG
  162. Images and Maps not showing up for MM Core
  163. Rolling ability scores while connected to a DM?
  164. Expand Categories in modules
  165. DIS vs ADV on Attack bug?
  166. 5e DMG status update?
  167. Newbie issue, I guess!
  168. multiple token selection and "ghost images"
  169. IFT with IMMUNE on conditions
  170. battlemaster features ????
  171. New user, suggestion/request, please bump as needed
  172. Hardcover & Digital Bundles
  173. [FGDaze] Gemina Maleficus
  174. Par5e Question
  175. Importing/Exporting Character issues
  176. Effect for resistance
  177. Tracking the Arcane Ward
  178. [Par5e] Having trouble with images
  179. [Par5e] Linking Monster Manual NPCs
  180. Off hand attack
  181. How do you check distance between tokens with line tool and how do you approve moves?
  182. Temporary HP Effect?
  183. Maximum/Minimum damage.
  184. Damage reduction.
  185. cloak of displacement 5e any help on how to set it up so that the effect stays
  186. incorporeal creature discusion
  187. Character Proficiency Training
  188. [Effect] Max damage on next roll
  189. Buy another expansions
  190. Question about the Princes of the Apocalypse module.
  191. 5E Ruleset not appearing
  192. Need One Player
  193. Spell attack
  194. Barbarian's Rage
  195. Are Steam licenses transferable?
  196. Primeval Thule - Episodic Gaming
  197. Finding Items in 5E
  198. Quick question on traps and damage
  199. New old ideas for DnD, FG could make that happen, I hope
  200. Sanctuary Spell
  201. Converting old adventures into 5e
  202. Out of the Abyss / Rage of Demons
  203. Does anyone know how to make IFT work with Wounded?????
  204. how do you apply the effects of faerie fire
  205. The Raven's Call, new adventure
  206. Sharpshooter Feat
  207. Need clarification on Modules/Packs and Licenses.
  208. .5 sign near the enemy tokens
  209. D&D Scourge of the Sword Coast now available
  210. items in campaign maps
  211. creating extra weapon dmg and effects
  212. New beginner to FG but lifelong gamer.
  213. token movement
  214. Warlock Double Saber Mechanic
  215. Save Ends effects
  216. How do you create quest?
  217. Reputation / Infamy rules
  218. Backgrounds and Feats
  219. How do you swap stats for Druids using Wildshape?
  220. granting cover effect?
  221. Tiny size monsters
  222. Not able to drag and drop item parcels anymore?
  223. magic and silver weapons
  224. Have a question between buying a core pack and the individual ones.
  225. Casting at higher level and other misc. modifiers
  226. PoTA module setup question
  227. Mounts, etc
  228. Importing a character from a character gen?
  229. Help recovering module in FG database
  230. Help with the Action Tab
  231. Sorcery Points on the Character Sheet
  232. NPC type
  233. How does one create an Index?
  234. DM Screen / Quick Reference Info
  235. Creating an AoE
  236. What are these icons on the FG desktop?
  237. Additional Racial Ability Mods
  238. Apply damage amount/type to combat tracker
  239. class threads?
  240. Encounter tokens and masking
  241. How to turn on length of distance from PC icon?
  242. Lay on Hands
  243. DND5E portraits not showing up for players
  244. Spells
  245. Combat health on icons not updating help.
  246. Create an Effect that ends at "the end of your next turn"
  247. Possible to make a Monster Manual ingame?
  248. New players looking for tips!
  249. Adding Extensions to Current Game.
  250. End of Turn and Beginning of Turn Durations for 5E Effects