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  1. Can anyone help me with a "#zl;npc;Larva" problem?
  2. 3.5 to 5e ??? I wish I knew even a little about programming ... meh
  3. Combat Tracker Oval icons
  4. WotC Releases Elemental Evil Player's Companion (5e)
  5. Par5e Issue- Magic items.
  6. What is the point of a helmet?
  7. New Elemental Evil Spells Wont Parse Properly
  8. New campaign starting: Morningstar at Midnight- Skype
  9. Versatile weapons?
  10. Effect notation for granting advantage to a skill?
  11. Help with Adjudicating the Darkness Spell
  12. Players rolling their own initiative?
  13. Interesting 5e news from ENWorld
  14. Scary Parse stuff
  15. Default Encumbrance Extension
  16. Problem with resistance
  17. In game time?
  18. Observant Feat Passive Perception Modifier
  19. Goblin Boss reaction ability
  20. how do you parse information that doesnt fall into a set catagory
  21. Looking for assistance with 5e projects
  22. 5e Effect help?
  23. What does a guy have to do to get a game going?
  24. AC Proficiency on PC's
  25. New Skill tags
  26. Spell question
  27. Tyranny of Dragons Live Stream!
  28. Can I host a FG server on a Linux box?
  29. 5E Player Effect Removal Extension
  30. Help: Rolling against DC
  31. Kickstarter for 5E Adventures
  32. Monster Helper for PAR5E
  33. IMMUNE: critical
  34. 1st Session Tyranny of Dragons
  35. Where in the world can we get this 5e PH module??
  36. Handling Animate Objects
  37. Turn Undead and applying other effects from the CT
  38. Where to place things on the character sheet
  39. Hoard of the Dragon Queen Session #2 Live at 5pm MST!
  40. Are you looking for a 5e Game to run, or join???
  41. Transfering Actions/Spells to other PC's
  42. PC races in official 5E modules?
  43. Question about official 5E
  44. Official D&D 5E Modules are now Available
  45. DMG/Magic Item Module
  46. FG and 5E
  47. New Mac User Purchased from Steam - Can't find my 5e content
  48. PC Win 8.1 User- Purchased from Steam - Can't find my 5e content
  49. Official 5E reviews?
  50. 5E Basic Module not on Steam?
  51. D&D Theme
  52. Can one modify the official 5e rulesets?
  53. Online streaming play now legal for Adventurers League Expeditions
  54. DDEX2-1 City of Danger
  55. Gauging interest for Lost mine of Phandelver game
  56. Distorted Fonts in official 5e theme
  57. Disciple of Life - Missing from Official 5E Module
  58. 5E DM Mod - Harpy
  59. Missing Story content in Official Lost Mine of Phandelver module
  60. Adventurers League in FG interest
  61. Can you edit the new theme Basic Rules 5e theme?
  62. Compare 5e to 3.5e & Pathfinder
  63. Help with Point Buy system
  64. (Bug) 5E Module - Monsters - Kobold
  65. Ritual Spells in Official 5E Modules
  66. 5E Bug Reports and Notices of Fixes Rolled Out
  67. twitch profile banner for 5e AL
  68. New User Help (Effects)
  69. Story banner icons/colors/names
  70. Critical hits not auto rolling?
  71. 5E Conditions module
  72. 5E Community Modules
  73. Way out of Pratice
  74. Error in D&D Basic Set Researcher Background 2nd line Information MS
  75. DM assisted character creation?
  76. parse help please
  77. Transferring characters rom character management to GM
  78. Does the Complete Core Class Pack support multiclassing?
  79. A few questions about effects:
  80. Abilities & Effects
  81. Thank You All
  82. Saw this and wanted to add to it. Art in posted Modules.
  83. Making an NPC using Basic D&D Rules Set from store
  84. Player looking for group
  85. is module exporting broken?
  86. anouther brain teaser asking for assistance
  87. Spells with higher level slots?
  88. Converting PF / 3.5e FG modules to 5e
  89. D&D Complete Core Monsters - Data Patch #1
  90. D&D Complete Core Classes - Data Patch #1
  91. Creating Actions for my Character. I dont know how...
  92. Any easy way to handle druid Battle Wild Shape (circle of the moon)?
  93. Parsing/Importing Tip
  94. Battle Master seems to be missing something
  95. Making sure I read it right on Spell Attacks Ranged
  96. New to 5E
  97. Automating fighter abilities
  98. Night Below project
  99. New 5e stuff
  100. Elemental Evil Player's Guide races/classes
  101. Encumbrance and the Goliath
  102. Sell only selected items in Party Sheet / Inventory
  103. Sacred Flames Spell
  104. Core Monster Pack have Spell Links?
  105. LMoP parcels and item values
  106. 1 spot for 5e FG Convention one shot
  107. Princess of the Apocalypse
  108. Official PHB module
  109. D&D Next Playtest Modules _ has anyone tried converting
  110. Armor Class listing in Core class pack
  111. How do you remove character pogs from the character sheet so it uses the portrait
  112. How to set the spell?
  113. New to Fantasy Grounds
  114. Criticlal on 19 or 20
  115. Some questions
  116. How do I select a spell multiple times
  117. NPC/Monster Spell Tracking
  118. Official Module Confusion
  119. FG Noob Question: How do I add temporary AC buff to spell?
  120. Do the 5e Complete Packs Include Tokens?
  121. 5E - Adventurer's League character log
  122. Par5e question about FGII setup....or something.
  123. GM'ing Mines of Phandelver + Extra FG noob advice
  124. Flat-Footed
  125. 5E map grid
  126. Show Rolls but not Modifiers to clients?
  127. Arrows(20) in Inventory & relationshio to ammo value on Actions tab
  128. Effects help - Protection from Evil and Hunter's Mark
  129. ERROR loading pre-gen'd PCs for Lost Mine of Phandelver
  130. Module Book Usage
  131. Death Saving Throws not calculating correctly.
  132. Merging Modules to Mitigate the Muddled Mess
  133. Copy then Edit NPC?
  134. Magical Armor
  135. How would I create this custom trap in FG?
  136. Considering getting FG and the 5E packs to DM a game, and I have questions
  137. "Lost Mines of Phandelver" - Map Problem
  138. Deck of Cards
  139. Game Option, Chat: Show results to client
  140. Adventurer's League Log
  141. Stealthy tank
  142. Know I am missing it, but still can not find it :)
  143. Auto level up?
  144. Can anyone hep out a poor Monk?
  145. Manage characters + accessing Monster Manual
  146. How do you remove an AC Modifier?
  147. Story Entry Headers
  148. Hide Wound Categories Completely?
  149. A few questions about spells, AC, and the such.
  150. Rule Interpretation: Ready Action with Two Attacks
  151. Effects Video Questions
  152. Regarding Warlock Class Features
  153. Concentration
  154. 5e Magic Items
  155. 5e Theme Dice Tower
  156. To use 5e or not use 5e?
  157. Loot Roll Luck
  158. Interesting Ability Score Method
  159. Bullywug?
  160. How do you add a feat?
  161. Saving Throws when mutliclasssing
  162. 5e Fantasy Grounds Training Class
  163. Module Question
  164. Tokens sizing
  165. Custom classes?
  166. How do I Make Custom Tokens that look like 5E MM Tokens?
  167. Death Domain
  168. Is it possible to add effects to items?
  169. CR of encounters
  170. Saving throw question
  171. DM - Combat Tracker - track NPC Dying/Death
  172. Is it possible to code proximity powers?
  173. Storing Battlemaps and Area Maps
  174. Level up, Drop down hit point menu.
  175. Linked Tables in FG lesson
  176. Unearthed Arcana and Elemental Evil Player Companion
  178. Newbie - Where Are Monster Manual/PC Custom Pack Tokens Stored?
  179. What would the syntax be for Immune to Sleep ?
  180. XP Budget Generator for Encounter Building
  181. Clerical Spell List
  182. Rage of Demons - Coming to D&D 5e this Fall
  183. Is it possible to code these effects?
  184. New to FG! Need help with effects please!
  185. DD PHB Deluxe - Tiefling - Infernal Legacy
  186. DD PHB Deluxe - Equipment - Mess Kit
  187. Question on readying an action.
  188. Effects - idea
  189. Movement in 5e
  190. Magic Item "Charges"
  191. Progress With Fantasy Grounds so Far
  192. Maximum Hit Points
  193. Magic weapon with Multiple Damage Types?
  194. Another live stream of some 5e - Hoard of the dragon queen, session #4!
  195. critical hit/fumble tables not working
  196. Converting from Pathfinder to 5E
  197. PAR5E problem - Couldnt open sheet data from unloaded module
  198. LMoP: Tokens removed after each update
  199. Summoning Xorn: How do you set up your stream?
  200. Adding spells to a fighter
  201. How are people handling Exhaustion
  202. Any campaign/adventure/DMG release announcements lurking around here?
  203. Goodman Games 5E Adventures Kickstarter
  204. Personality Traits
  205. Extra Inspiration Slots ext
  206. Importing Maps
  207. Help Creating Magical Weapons and Armor
  208. Convert 1e adventure module G1-3 to 5e
  209. Passive Perception
  210. Adjudicating Surprise
  211. AC keeps increasing by 10
  212. Coding Great Weapon Fighting
  213. Mega dungeon maps and mapping
  214. What are the usable values for "opportunity" descriptor in effects coding?
  215. Problems with parse 5e
  216. Character Generator (sort of) with Tables
  217. Par5e Issue
  218. Looking for practice players
  219. 5E Dungeon Master Guide Release Date?
  220. Need help modding up a custom race, class, background, etc to use in 5e?
  221. Questions involving text strings
  222. Can Drow Elves see in magic darkness?
  223. Magic points pool
  224. HotDQ Now Out.
  225. How to track KI points, Sorcery points, superiority die etc.?
  226. newbie question re: targetting
  227. Princes of the Apocalypse
  228. magic item aint parsing right
  229. Auto hide npc tokens?
  230. Logging a Session
  231. Help with menacing attack
  232. What is Best Way to Set Up Monk's Deflect Missiles
  233. Roll inside Power that is not an Attack, Heal, Etc.
  234. Fight Club 2 Par5e
  235. How do I set up a Duration til End of Next Round
  236. saving throws misc modifiers on the character sheet
  237. Effects list is now very BIG
  238. Target tags for actions in the combat tracker
  239. Multiclassing in FG
  240. Scenes or Whole Map with Mask
  241. Vicious Mockery
  242. Newbie question. - Hit Dice
  243. Armor
  244. HotDQ Encounters
  245. Hidden GM rolling and the Combat Tracker
  246. Bardic Inspiration
  247. Enhance Ability bug on players handbook
  248. HOTDQ Maps not linked to encounters?
  249. Newbie Question: HOTDQ and big map of Greenest
  250. Looking for guid to creat custom spells or powers