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  1. 5e IFT Effect Issue
  2. I want to limit races and classes available, How?
  3. Character Wizard Issue for Eberron Changeling stats
  4. Using Dice Expressions for character actions(attacks)
  5. Multiclass spell slots
  6. Character support
  7. Changing Max hp in dnd 5e
  8. Super Noob Questions
  9. Extension for custom damage types
  10. is calculating sneak attack damage dice base on player rogue level possible?
  11. Rebuke the violent channel divinity
  12. Ift: Custom()
  13. Problem editing spells
  14. Optional Rule: Vitality
  15. Question about spiritual weapon spell
  16. Sleep and Charm...can we code this?
  17. Disadvantage on all ranged attacks
  18. Load extension for subset of players
  19. Making Environmental NPC with Spells
  20. Is it possible to code a NPC barbarian with Rage in their Stat Block...
  21. Effect for Unable to recover HP
  22. Portrait Questions
  23. Ultra Modern 5e redux issue
  24. Enhanced Arcane Focus
  25. Question about character & monster packs from the Store
  26. getting error, don't know which extension
  27. Price Check for Yawning Portal Campaign
  28. Is "Road to Phandelin" map missing from Lost Mines module?
  29. Eldritch Claw Tattoo, Eldritch Maul effect.
  30. Rob Twohy's Critically Awesome Essentials & One Click Druid - can I change the token
  31. Adding Traits to NPCs
  32. Question about word parsing for 5e
  33. Offhand as Hexblade
  34. Building NPC Characters and encounters
  35. GIMP to FGU, and back again?
  36. alonlinetools.net FGCharacterSheet no longer working with recent update?
  37. Option for multiplier using static number for damage in 5e spells
  38. Pressed to reselct token with partly moving in combat
  39. Automation of a weird healing roll
  40. IFT for custom checks for Hex and such
  41. Spring clear modules: which are not needed for 5E
  42. How do I make campaigns pay to play
  43. Perception Bonus displaying incorrectly
  44. Cannot remove POWERS group in from Standard View in Actions tab on Character Sheet 5e
  45. How to get paid for pay to play
  46. Module grouping and empty module entries
  47. Class/Sub-Class Creation Synergy
  48. Help with creating a custom 5e character background
  49. Steel Defender
  50. Spell attack modifiers
  51. 5E Class Specialization Details
  52. Minimum Weapon Damage
  53. How to split and distribute item stack to multiple people in Party sheet?
  54. NPC Initiative
  55. I created an SRD Monster Builder for Fantasy Grounds.
  56. Character options. Unified view
  57. Is there a way to use Character Wizard after character creation (level ups)?
  58. NPC Creation - Equivalent 8th Level Dhampir Shadow Monk
  59. 5E Unable to get Spellcasting to reparse
  60. Effects in the combat tracker
  61. Mummy Rot? Looking for feedback.
  62. equipped weapons not showing on action tab
  63. Subclass Issues
  64. Line of Sight missing from Dungeon of Mad Mage Module (Warning)
  65. Automatic Reward
  66. Can't edit Story Template Group Name
  67. Multiplying Parcels
  68. Weapon Property Parsing
  69. Differences between DM and Player versions of D&D5E supplement modules.
  70. Re-Organised Chaos (New Campaign Setting)
  71. Problem With REGEN effect in 5e
  72. Adding a new damage type to apply vulnerability ?
  73. Coding +1 Ranged Spell Attack
  74. Flaming Sphere question
  75. Level up and XP usage
  76. unearthed arcana update?
  77. Creating Effects for NPC's
  78. Coding effects Staff of Elemental Might
  79. Looking for Theros resources
  80. Adding new ability. Madness?
  81. Clarification of the use of the Feats for character cujstomization
  82. Error on load up.. just wondering what it is and how to fix it.
  83. Awaken Animals
  84. E5 campaign but want to use a Advanced D&D e2 module
  85. Adding new Weapon Properites
  86. Giving items images
  87. Money For Nothing
  88. Creating an Effect to mimic the Bladesinging ability
  89. Suggestion: Search field in the Options
  90. Disengage
  91. Automated character race traits and abilities
  92. Question about installing Critically Awesome Extension
  93. Help finding thread that had sample level 20 characters
  94. How to quick roll initiative for newly added combatant or one without initiative?
  95. Chop And Change
  96. Is there an Extension to minimize headers in Actions Tab?
  97. Grim Press is Recruiting Converters!
  98. Suggestions for how to deal Long Rest slow healing
  99. Need help with: Effect for ongoing damage
  100. Player and NPC tokens vanishing
  101. Building characters but the Save and skill modifiers are not adding to die rolls
  102. Players' Shadow Dice
  103. Middle Earth Maps And Resources
  104. Upate requested: Tome of Beast and Creature Codex Kobold Press
  105. Weapons Using Effects
  106. Automatic condition checking?
  107. Magic Item Forge - Issue, Suggested Improvement (not entirely sure if its a bug)
  108. Post Tasha's: Are you embracing the optional Character rules? Stats and skills
  109. Extensions not loading
  110. Accessibility Functions for Fantasy Grounds
  111. Token title/name font size?
  112. im looking for a way to do specific effects
  113. Artificer pets a pain for DM or too overpowered?
  114. Fantasy Grounds Conversion for Affinity 5E
  115. FGU Token Z-Axis ordering?
  116. Automated spell slot check after cast spell
  117. Integration with a mod manager, such as CurseForge
  118. Hoard of the Dragon Queen Module (Tyranny of Dragons Update?)
  119. Ring of protection syntax?
  120. Artificer Homonculous Servant Question
  121. PC or NPC for pets?
  122. Need advice on creating a magical item