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  1. Familiar Issue
  2. activating hidden NPCs
  3. Fantasy Module Parser
  4. How do folks handle regular NPCs, like townspeople?
  5. 5e 2020 psionics revision?
  6. Waterdeep Dragon Heist Chase
  7. Creating custom Effects
  8. Combat Tracker with too many creatures - looking for tips
  9. Confusion About Prepared Spells in 5e
  10. Spellcasting NPCs: Spell/Spell Level Organization
  11. how do I choose Circle of the moon for my druid in regular Fantasy Grounds
  12. UA Ghost Step Tattoo effects coding?
  13. Wizards Spellbook as Treasure for PCs
  14. Question About the Dragon of Icespire Peak Module
  15. Po-Man's Version of MASS Combat in 5e on FG
  16. AC effect not workig anymore on characters
  17. ToA Hexcrawl map - tokens or stamps to "reveal" terrain? (FGU)
  18. Commission HELP WANTED
  19. db.backup and db.ession files
  20. Sharing Features between Archetypes
  21. Ignore Armo(u)r for NPC (5th Edition)
  22. Shared Notes and Party Loot
  23. Looking for advice for a really good 5E D&D campaign for FGU
  24. Tasha's cauldron of everything
  25. D&D Celebration 2020 - Getting Involved!
  26. Racial Ability Score Increase not working for custom races
  27. Adding penalties and bonuses for traits and flaws
  28. Maddening Hex Effect
  29. Heavy Armor Mastery stopped working.
  30. Tomb of Moving Stones: Princes of the Apocalypse
  31. multiclassing issues
  32. Dumb Question Trying to Remove Effects
  33. Does a GM need anything extra for a physical session using published adventure?
  34. Adventure recommendation for Lvl 4
  35. Custom Spell Effect on NPC
  36. Unearthed Arcana player & DM modules inconsistently named
  37. Cook or Chef background?
  38. 5E Ultramodern Redux - Bug
  39. Archery Target Automation
  40. How to force a save throw on being hit?
  41. 5e Effect - Add Int bonus to attack roll?
  42. Monk - multiple attacks
  43. Custom Class question about multiple choice options!
  44. How do you handle reactions in Fantasy Grounds unity?
  45. Classic Modules Converted to 5e...
  46. Exisiting game moving to Fantasy Grounds
  47. Power Description Verbiage to Force Attack and Save "Base" to be Parsed as "Fixed"
  48. Need some help with an effect...
  49. Merging Class modules
  50. Spell token and current unity build
  51. Custom AC system
  52. Are the 5E rules supposed to be incomplete? [ANGRY RANT]
  53. LOS on Rime of the Frostmaiden
  54. Targeting issues with CTRL key
  55. How to make a game more immersive?
  56. Items identified and not identified
  57. Language in chat - not showing characters that understand other languages
  58. Anyone make an extension or something for Theurgy?
  59. Good adventures to buy
  60. Automating Vedalken Tireless Precision
  61. Forever GM looking to play as a player... for once...?
  62. 5E Ultra Modern 5 Redux
  63. Help Needed: Turn Undead
  64. Barbarian Fast Movement
  65. Ultra Modern 5e redux issue
  66. Learn to Gm/DM using Fantasy Grounds Unity! Friday 7:00 PM ET 9/25/2020
  67. how do you access class specializations
  68. Porting over FGC (solo) adventures to FoudryVTT
  69. 5E Sorcerer background issue
  70. Changing Archetype
  71. From 3.5e to 5e
  72. Encounter Set up Question on DD 5e
  73. Question about effects from spells
  74. Custom Class Spellcasting Problem
  75. Weapon coding for the Battle Axe "Hew" from LMoP
  76. Active Effects tracking on a character sheet?
  77. Effect to block or negate Long or Short rest?
  78. Grave Cleric Max Healing
  79. Help! Creating NPC need hepl with empowered Fireball spell
  80. Palidin Oath: how add new/custom Oaths?
  81. Drow Poison effect creation
  82. 5e Magic initiate feat doesn't work for me.
  83. Important NPC's in CT
  84. Will Curse of Strahd be Revamped?
  85. Custom Race: Skill
  86. Class Extensions
  87. Merger of Player books with GM books for GM?
  88. How to forge a weapon that deals damage to its wielder?
  89. Way of Astral Self automation
  90. Backgrounds Table?
  91. Placing reach on an NPC before the combat tracker
  92. Option Chat: Show results to client - not working
  93. Heavy Armor Master AND Barbarian Rage
  94. Does anyone know where I can find better maps for Primeval Thule?
  95. 5E City Adventure
  96. Most used/needed extensions?
  97. Darkness and LOS
  98. FGU levelling PCs. Does the wizard pop up ?
  99. Encounter Pins Not Saving on Map Images
  100. Ultramodern5 REDUX - Ladders
  101. Refreshing HD without long rest - how?
  102. Pirate Adventures (5E) - Flintlock Expert Feat
  103. tomb of annihilation guides
  104. Fantasy Grounds Conversion Tool for D&D Beyond
  105. FGU auto centering when starting
  106. Spell Base Stat of "War" (Warlock) adds +1
  107. Icewind Dale: RotFM (No spoilers)
  108. Dump Stat Archipelago Adventures
  109. Long One shot adventure suggestions?
  110. Looking for Matt Mercer's 5e Blood Hunter Class 2020 module
  111. Dumb newbie DM question
  112. World Atlas Entries
  113. Coding Insignia of Claws
  114. Life Stealing weapon FGU
  115. Deconstructing extensions (themes)
  116. Editing Resistance Calculation
  117. Character sheet Action Tab
  118. Exploding Damage Rolls
  119. Beginner help | initial setup
  120. FGC not showing who I attacked in chat window
  121. How do I set up Summoned creatures for my friends Druid?
  122. WotC Maps with FGU layers vs. two different Player & DM Maps?
  123. FG5ETools - Character Converter - Convert DnD Beyond JSON to Fantasy Grounds XML
  124. Creating my first Effect, for Fighting Style
  125. Has anyone bought the Rise of the Drow: Collector's Edition?
  126. Eberron: Rising from the Last War Errata
  127. Extensions etc. for Unity
  128. Version of 5E Player's Handbook in FG?
  129. NPC Action Coding for AC and Advantage
  130. Videos for Tasha
  131. Tables
  132. LOS in official adventures maps
  133. Map movement for players
  134. How add effect for bonus ability score
  135. Questions about images in Unity
  136. How to test for Challenge Rating in effect for e.g. destroy undead?
  137. tears for no decals with Tasha's
  138. Reliable Concentration saving throw extension?
  139. Mising Feats from Thasa
  140. Hexblades curse
  141. Modules for Other versions
  142. Estimate from people with xp?
  143. FGU - Is there a way to assign an NPC to a PC's control without them seeing the Notes
  144. How do I add IFT characteristics to a weapon (ex: Lightbringer or Holy Avenger)
  145. QUESTION: I want to add a large amount of content
  146. D&D 5E Monster Manual question
  147. Effect coding for Lesser Magic Resistance
  148. [Extension] Targetable CRIT
  149. How do I create a new power group in the actions tab
  150. Beginner One Shot
  151. [PH ERROR] Mounts And Other Animals Table Link Text
  152. Creating Sidekicks based on Tasha's CoE
  153. I want a Commission extensioner on FG Unity for hire
  154. Map of Theros?
  155. IFT Usage
  156. I want to get into D&D 5e, what do I need to buy to start playing and DMing?
  157. Will 5e abilities and items that currently do not work be implemented in FG Unity?
  158. Multiclassing in Unity
  159. Should player be able to change what stat influence their skills?
  160. How does one add additional coin tabs?
  161. Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide - Player Module Parts Missing
  162. Ice Wind Dale Rime of the Frost Maiden
  163. Import XML Monster
  164. Ice Wind Dale information
  165. Single attack with multiple targets?
  166. New DM (FG Classic)
  167. Dragonborn breath recharge
  168. Team Twohy is looking for people to join the team...
  169. Vehicles In DND 5e? Question?
  170. How remove Spell Slot?
  171. Is there a .mod or .ext for "inanimate objects" a party may come across during play?
  172. Primary hand action
  173. New Support for Versatile Weapons with 12/08 Patch Question
  174. Spelljammer Ship Combat Advice Request
  175. Durability/Wear and Tear mod?
  176. Tasha, add optional class features to existing characters
  177. Filtering NPCs by terrain
  178. Blade Bane Automation
  179. Beginners Guide to Mods
  180. Have I got the 5e Spell action economy right?
  181. Rise of the Frostmaiden Secrets
  182. Ruleset error? manager_char_weapon.lua
  183. Printable character sheets?
  184. Can't change Bardic College
  185. Can I create a custom die roll as effect?
  186. How do I add a Dragonborn's breath weapon?
  187. Necromancer Zombies
  188. To automize custom clerics domain
  189. The Rob Twohy Fantasy Grounds INSANITY! [BUNDLE] Everything 75% off...
  190. Hamund's Harvesting Handbook Volume 3 Release
  191. How To Make Arrows with Poison Damage
  192. Rime of the Frostmaiden
  193. Problems with innate spells
  194. Odyssey of the Dragonlords: Invalid characters in the text in FGU
  195. Detect magic spell
  196. FG 5E View Character level history
  197. 5e Bug Reports (2021)
  198. One Click Druid
  199. Fantasy Grounds College is looking for volunteers!~
  200. Give a character an extra feat?
  201. Added damage to target effect
  202. Possible to code NPC ability: make target grant advantage on attacks?
  203. Monk extra attack
  204. Selection Menus in Custom Races and Classes
  205. Shapeshifter Homebrew
  206. NPC Ready Actions
  207. dnd5e damage type and resistances
  208. Saving Throw Token Graphics - Tick and Cross - How to turn them off?
  209. Custom Module Not Linking to Copied Tables
  210. Artificer Infusions
  211. Effect instantly making damage on target but with custom colored die?
  212. Artificer
  213. Items in FGU
  214. Sanity Check on a "card" based inspiration system.
  215. Icewind Dale - Rime of the Frostmaiden
  216. Character Wizard equipment.
  217. Fighting style choose.
  218. Things that need a long rest to recover in 5E
  219. Vicious Mockery (5e spell)
  220. Effect that gives resistance for a set number of attacks before wearing off?
  221. The party split up!
  222. How to set up an effect for bonus to saving throws?
  223. Does it matter from which source book you drag your level when you level up?
  224. Hide Dying Condition Status 5E
  225. Alternet Starting array. Is it so bad? what would you set for starting characters?
  226. FGU: "Improved critical" management/automation?
  227. Soul Knife Issues
  228. Best 5E Campaign in the FG store?
  229. Need a good asset pack for common items
  230. Review (kind of) - Rise of the Drow (5e)
  231. Elemental Adept feat for 5e
  232. Learning (Stealing) from other rule sets.....
  233. Maximize Damage Dice
  234. Cleric Domain abilities ?
  235. Acquisitions Incorporated Company Positions
  236. Any sailing Ship organization EXT ?
  237. Can LOS be set to follow?
  238. Hywel's reviews: Best 5E Extensions/Utility Modules
  239. Question: Mixing NPC and spell data in a module?
  240. Noob questions...
  241. Effect for NPC same as for PC
  242. How to Import a NPC that has been Exported
  243. Insight into a Witcher Esq Homebrew
  244. Cleric/fighter question
  245. New to Fantasy Grounds
  246. Cursed Condition
  247. Is it possible to change speed ?
  248. Add Proficiency Modifier to damage in a Spell
  249. Sneak Attack
  250. Faerun mods