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  1. Players Making Saving Throws 2: Electric Boogaloo
  2. Pathfinder 2E actions in dnd 5e
  3. Help with Dice rolling automation - Classic
  4. Pack items not showing up
  5. Pricing on Pipyap's Guide?
  6. Empire of Ghouls product requirements - why?
  7. Extra attacks in one roll?
  8. 5e Unity Encounters
  9. SCAG and missing player content from the "main" book
  10. NPC Effect coding: can't quite get there (or got as far as I can?)
  11. Guardian of Faith
  12. Potion vs Potion of Healing
  13. Which modules to load?
  14. Ready Actions
  15. Descriptions in New Encounters?
  16. A way to add a bonus to concentration?
  17. Encumberance issue found
  18. Hotkey Font Color
  19. Looking for advice on Adventures in Middle Earth import.
  20. Effect coding IFT: to hit + 5 or greater, DMG 1d4
  21. Having a mental blank re -2 and -5 modifier buttons
  22. conditions and the combat tracker
  23. Handling surprize as GM
  24. Clear all Filters (NPCS Window)
  25. Creating a new Wood Elf Range
  26. Maximum Map Size Woes
  27. Apply effect to all [x] (x = enemies, allies, etc)
  28. Curse of Strahd Generated Tarokka Reading Not Saving
  29. 5E Character Wizard Beta
  30. Effects and NPCs
  31. Descent Into Avernus Theme for 5E
  32. Noob Mistake - Running Lost Mine of Phandelver
  33. Demon Armor Effect
  34. Looking to start running/streaming weekly one shots again...
  35. Can Library Objects be Renamed in an Extension?
  36. Races as classes
  37. Dragon Armor Effect
  38. Is it possible to move an in-progress 5e campaign from FGU to FGC
  39. Melee Sorcerer. Is this even workable?
  40. Bless spell
  41. New 5E PLAYER and DM Starter Kits on DMs Guild
  42. Treasure, loot and economy
  43. Alternative to a 1D20 such as 2d10 or 3d6 extension?
  44. Record Link
  45. Saving Throw for sacred Flame
  46. NPC Effects that go Unparsed in the Combat Tracker
  47. Monster Manual - no stat blocks ?
  48. Toggle grid snap
  49. WHen trying to make a Cutting Words action for my player...
  50. Dragons of Inspire Peak vs Essential Kit
  51. Sharpshooter?
  52. next level XP at 0 on party sheet
  53. Weapon Options
  54. Looking for Scenery Tokens
  55. Creating a New Character on FGC
  56. Damage in Tables
  57. Party Sheet Help on FGC
  58. Quick question on stat modifying items within FGU
  59. How can I mechanically make an EFFECT for a player to Coprehend Languages?
  60. Bladesong effects
  61. Core Sidebar for 5e
  62. Brave
  63. Gooey Cube - Red Star Rising
  64. Tomb of Annihilation - DM Guild addon: Is it worth it?
  65. How to customize effects?
  66. 'Effects' and the character sheet
  67. Amazing Adventures
  68. CR which is used to calculate XP
  69. Extension for comparing things that aren't size?
  70. Visibility options
  71. Horizon Walker: Planar Warrior
  72. Leveling up characters
  73. "Share Sheet" for custom Feats/Features/etc
  74. Complete Toril Map
  75. Removing a Map from a story page on FGC
  76. Implement an Effect for Halfling Luck
  77. Minimum Damage
  78. Elminster's Candlekeep Companion?
  79. Is there any way I can force a player to roll a set number?
  80. Moving a Character with FGC
  81. Locating or creating new tokens for Humanoid NPC's
  82. Fantasy Grounds Classic DnD5e (Character Creation 101) EU Friendly
  83. Turn Undead Question
  84. How to best run a druid in FG?
  85. Curse of Stradh Death House Map
  86. Tomb of Annihilation - low res maps
  87. Monster Manuel Expanded 1&2 Print On Demand
  88. Show PC's the Target NPC's AC
  89. Will Artificer be added to class list for effcts?
  90. NPC played as a PC
  91. Looking for Suggestions on a good into module
  92. How to apply Wildhunt Shifter (Eberron) trait to character?
  93. What up with Forge of Fury and Sunless Citadel in my library?
  94. spells lasting for 1 round
  95. Dexterity or Strength based fighting? Why not both together?
  96. Effects videos for 5e platform
  97. Removing XP
  98. Busy Weekend.....Removing PC's from Combat Tracker
  99. +2WIS Helm Creation
  100. Magic weapon property
  101. Xanathar's Lost Notes to Everything Else (DMsGuild)
  102. Change 5e into Yggdrasill Critical Mechanics?
  103. Round or Square?
  104. Struggling Balancing Encounters
  105. Has Lost Mines of Phandelver been LoS upgraded for FGU?. Or not?
  106. Falling rocks effect
  107. Magic Missile
  108. Kobold Press Deep Magic
  109. Crondale Clock Tower [DMS Guild]
  110. Creating or uploading characters without purchasing any source modules
  111. Lost enemies on players combat tracker
  112. Blessing of the Forge mechanic
  113. Copy a table
  114. effect help for Insightfull Fighting
  115. award XP to single character
  116. Question on weapon coding
  117. Charger Feat Fixed 5e
  118. SmiteWorks Art Pack 2019
  119. Put information in the char window
  120. Coding a weapon effect triggered by a critical hit
  121. How do you Track Renown?
  122. Supported Fantasy Grounds Parser for 5e
  123. Ability score increases
  124. Is there a way to "rest" only select players
  125. FGC vs FGU extensions
  126. Effects for Hide in Plain Sight (rob2e) 5e conditions & effects table
  127. Effects and Tables
  128. PSA: [D] in spell name messed up half damage on save.
  129. feature request please upvote - Display subclasses on character sheet
  130. 5E Add-on price confusion
  131. Question about translating a WotC Module.
  132. Question in regards to CoS and ToA changes
  133. Legends of Runeterra: Dark Tides of Bilgewater
  134. Q: lance unmounted and spellcasting
  135. Weapon Effects
  136. Warlock Accursed Specter coding
  137. Basic newbie question: If a Hexblade takes a Level of Fighter,
  138. How to Install bought Tokens?
  139. What is the range your group uses for how far Darkvision works?
  140. Feature Request: Player targeting controls
  141. Encounter Pins Not Saving on Map Images
  142. PC creation in FG Unity
  143. making maps
  144. Effect Coding: can you code a "remove" effect?
  145. Adding an effect, "invisibly" to CT
  146. adding homebrewed content
  147. Sword of Sharpness and Improved Critical help
  148. Token size for small characters
  149. Names shortened to single letter?
  150. Clock/Countdown Timer
  151. PC to NPC sheet
  152. Permanent effect?
  153. equipment packs additions
  154. Does this 2 Hexblabe features work this way?
  155. Code for a character's token
  156. Wizard abilities disappeared
  157. Adding a Power assistance
  158. Measuring distance on the Map
  159. Which extensions/mods for a series of automatic events in combat?
  160. D&D Beyond Integration
  161. Encumberance GM notification
  162. Characters Known languages
  163. FGC: Effects coding possibly breaking due to old extension? Unrelated script error?
  164. Copy Paste from items
  165. Tomb of Annihilation / Storm King's Thunder Modules in the FG Store
  166. Adding Spell Save DC/ bonus to ATK to custom NPCs/creatures
  167. lycanthropy
  168. Vehicle System
  169. Grim Press Fantasy Grounds Products
  170. Fantasy Grounds College 3rd Annual Founder's Day
  171. How to quickly prep multiple maps
  172. Sorting spells on NPC cards
  173. Channel divinity(oath of vengeance) automatization
  174. [extension] Advanced Weapon Damage Extension
  175. Combat Tracker 5e
  176. Group Initiative Roll for all Enemy NPCs in Combat Tracker Request
  177. setting up a monk
  178. How to learn powers/spells/items/effects?
  179. Lost Mines Module
  180. 5e Modules were on Sale!!
  181. Rolling on tables automatically
  182. Out of Date?
  183. Indication of used Reaction on PC side?
  184. Custom Race Ability Score Issues
  185. PDF to Module converter
  186. DMing rolling initative for all in Combat Tracker with advinit effects
  187. 5e Prestige classes
  188. Effects to previous roll?
  189. Aaw games is looking for dms to run games!
  190. Increasing a PCs Spell save by Effect
  191. Missing 5e Trap items in FG Classic
  192. Help with effects/coding please
  193. How can I group minion attacks and damage?
  194. Error with Eladrin Ability Score Increase
  195. Magic items showing as normal items in party inventory..?
  196. Rage Effect not showing Uses toggle
  197. Issue with D&D Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
  198. Help with LMoP
  199. Spell questions
  200. What happened to the Faction field?
  201. Unity line of sight question
  202. Tortle Package does not do half the stuff it should
  203. Grim Press FG Content Giveaway
  204. In Game Chat
  205. Streaming Overlay by GMWintermute
  206. How to add poison damage to a NPC weapon?
  207. CoS radiant damage prevents regeneration
  208. Kobold Press - Deep Magic 5e?
  209. New GM question about using feats
  210. 5E NPC Combat Groups as in Savage Worlds Rulesets
  211. Question regarding created Powers and transfering them to other characters
  212. Question about recording the Artificer class
  213. New to FGU
  214. Cure Wounds
  215. Which book can I find the Paladin Oath of Heroism
  216. Monster / NPC Tokens
  217. How do I delete a module?
  218. New 5e GM User Questions
  219. How do people manage time effects that last longer than a few combat rounds?
  220. Standard Mode Vs Combat Mode on Character Sheets....
  221. Token Rings for Monsters by CR
  222. Gen Con Online D&D 5E Seminars - Official SmiteWorks Seminars
  223. 5E Character Wizard Bug Reports (2020)
  224. Secondary Functional sheet on FG 5E Campaing
  225. FGU Line of Sight question
  226. Best Practices - Editing official modules/campaign organization
  227. Dealing with Followers (5e)
  228. Uses for Party Sheet rolls
  229. 5e Character Wizard
  230. Token Rings for Monsters by CR
  231. Ability scores > 20
  232. reimporting an export file
  233. Can party see active quests?
  234. Finally a decent Charger feat
  235. Question on Random Encounter tables
  236. Lair Assault: Forge of the Dawn Titan - Fire Resist?
  237. Is it possible for a player to force skill checks on an NPC? for spells like Web. 5e
  238. Linking to a webpage
  239. General Navigation Question
  240. FGU Map Effects
  241. Interesting boss mechanics in FGU
  242. Could someone explain Library set side bar options
  243. Divine Contention, Essentials Kit, Sleeping Dragon's Wake
  244. Reactive damage effect for 5e FG combat tracker
  245. Using Modifier box to adjust saving throw rolls
  246. Have Shield Guardian Auto take damage
  247. Recommendations Regarding Duplicate Entries from Modules
  248. Darkvision added to character, not just text (FGU 4.0.0)
  249. New user seeking some Advice on Ranger Setup
  250. Coding Effects for Dragon Marks