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  1. Stirge Drain effect
  2. NPC Spellcaster Save DCs
  3. Effects on chance
  4. How do I add icons from my computer to the fantasy portraits or character sheet?
  5. Spell Scrolls for spells not in the DMG
  6. 5e SRD Working Shop
  7. Old Theme Available?
  8. Alternate Critical Rolls
  9. DMs. In the Forgotten Realms where is your favorite area to start a campaign?
  10. Need pregenerated PCs? Here's 261 of them for FREE!
  11. Plot Line Problems
  12. Access level for pins
  13. A BArd Idea
  14. Setting up relentless endurance
  15. Making a Wondrous item
  16. Purchasing my first module question(s)
  17. Keep on the Borderlands
  18. New User: Attempting to load purchased Adventure not showing as loadable
  19. Why is the conjuror gimped? Why can't he summon creatures?
  20. Isometric Maps
  21. Encounters and Random Encounters
  22. Cool Interactive Map ...
  23. Of ships and seas?
  24. looking for 5e group to join 02/02/09
  25. Effects on Homebrewed Monsters
  26. Party funds
  27. Hook for Curse of Strahd/ Lords' Alliance question
  28. 5E Starting from Scratch Guidance
  29. Is there a SPELL keyword for effects?
  30. Does the Unearthed Arcana module on the store contain the Mystic class?
  31. Automatic damage upon hit effect
  32. Your adventurer is Level 14, You are ready to retire, where would you go?
  33. Creating a Custom Extension
  34. Custom languages
  35. Help with coding for Potion of Giant Size
  36. bard spells slot not showing (bard lv 3)
  37. Is there an extension or code for large creature Encumbrance?
  38. I noticed an issue on combat tracker
  39. Curse of Strahd questions
  40. New Starter Set ADventure
  41. Pregen search alphabetical?
  42. Help With Cover Effects, Please, I'm Going Insane!
  43. Issues modifying 5e Actions tab
  44. Categorizing Inventory
  45. Expanded Curse of Strahd Tarroka Card Reading
  46. Need some help with Dinosaurs and a Dino PC
  47. Creature Speeds
  48. DnD5e Fantasy Grounds Quiz for Character Creation: Test your skills!?
  49. Help with Monster Slayer Effect coding
  50. help with adding a subclass or 3rd level Archetype
  51. Question about life cleric
  52. What DLC to start with?
  53. D&D 5e Pay to Play Games Looking For Players
  54. Tokens aren't showed to players...sometimes.
  55. Backgrounds with standard license
  56. Checking for 'User Error' (pebkac) before I post in Bug Thread : )
  57. Oops... can I retract a map? Sent the wrong map to the players. :(
  58. Has anyone used the Univ.Mod.ext for RotRl > 5e yet?
  59. GM multiple games
  60. Familiar in FG
  61. How to track ritual spells (vs prepared)?
  62. warforged reduced incoming healing: syntax help required...
  63. Help with Backpack filled with Tons of Gear and Gold
  64. Undead races
  65. stat block changes
  66. Ghost's of Saltmarsh
  67. UA Revised Artificer
  68. Adding spell slots per level for a custom class
  69. Magic?
  70. HP keyword?
  71. Health Status Terms and Percentages
  72. Unearthed Arcana - Sidekicks
  73. Warlock Pact of the Blade with Improved Pact Weapon Invocation - Weapon Handling
  74. Dice will not add to Weapons.
  75. Change Link Pin Color
  76. Adventures without core rules?
  77. LF adventure(module) to introduce players new to D&D
  78. Purchasing Packs
  79. Condition immunities coding
  80. Window half off screen
  81. Exporting Module
  82. Dungeon Masters, bring your non-player characters to life with Adaptable NPCs!
  83. How can I modify a weapon to roll 3x on a crit instead of 2x?
  84. Anybody completely bummed a quest so much that it might as well be something else?
  85. HEAL effect
  86. I want to play
  87. how to force re-parsing of spells on npc
  88. 5e items from lookup l link via class or item side button
  89. Strongholds & Followers Videos
  90. Quickest way to import an NPC
  91. Showing Roll Effects (resulting only)
  92. Acquisitions incorporated book?
  93. Random Table Question
  94. 5e Class, Background, Race, Feat interpreted strings
  95. Curse of Strahd Maps.
  96. 5E effect wording for NPCs
  97. Spell list doesn't compress for Paladins or Bards.
  98. Random gear on NPCs?
  99. advice for class build
  100. Ranged Touch Attack
  101. Level 1 to Level 2 One Shot, Pacing Check
  102. What do I need to start a new game?
  103. Module Location
  104. Changing Text Identification
  105. Warlock "Physical Avatar in combat" Patron\Pact?
  106. DMs Guild - Amazing 5e Community Content!
  107. Help with an effect syntax
  108. Getting Started
  109. Actions from outside combat tracker
  110. DnD Beyond to Fantasy Grounds XML conversion tool.
  111. Warforged integrated protection
  112. Creating Custom Skills (Not spells)
  113. NPC With Special Effect
  114. 5e Character to PDF Converter
  115. Quest Awards per SC
  116. Midgard Heroes Issues
  117. Turned effect
  118. Effect
  119. How do I manually add my physical books
  120. Trying to make this effect work
  121. Effect Help - IFT Hex
  122. Creating Equipment List Links
  123. looking for homebrew Artificer Module
  124. How to best run a druid in FG?
  125. 5e Bug Reports (Part 5)
  126. Help - OOTA Duergar Resilience
  127. Warlock Hex Guide!
  128. NPC Concentration checks
  129. desktop setup not saving on exit
  130. Midgard Handboook
  131. Seing the concentration check
  132. Map-A-Week Archive from WotC still active
  133. 5e Online Resource Links
  134. Where to start -- homebrew
  135. Question about custom effects and IF: and ! functions
  136. Got some questions regarding a few mechanics
  137. Elemental Adept Feat Coding
  138. How are NPC Saving Throws handled?
  139. Aerial / 3D combat
  140. Resistance to magic weapons
  141. Effect wording
  142. Module with premade villians
  143. Ghost of Saltmarsh buying issue
  144. Psionics and Invisibility
  145. Last 4 days for 5E/S&W Frog God Games' "The Sea King's Malice" Kickstarter
  146. Warlock Otherwordly Patron
  147. How do I apply cover modifiers?
  148. Sword of Vengeance
  149. Effect Coding Help
  150. Changing up baba yaga horseman
  151. Damage effect on target (help)
  152. Starter Set in Completionist Bundle - not wanted
  153. Linking Initiatives?
  154. Error when opening NPC's for first time
  155. Effect coding help for unique shield
  156. Par5e Mod files & Legal usage
  157. Saltmarsh
  158. Steam gifting
  159. Barovian Calendar
  160. June 25th, 2019 Modules update not reflecting
  161. Izzy's Slightly Used Airships (5E Ruleset)
  162. Ranger Natural Explorer Skill Bonus coding
  163. Elminster's Guide to Magic now available
  164. Sailor_Lovins 5E Modules
  165. Ejemlpo de Crear un Personaje de Dungeons and Dragons en Fantasy Grounds
  166. Combat Tracker Videos
  167. Can't get home made magic item to function
  168. Attunement - how to?
  169. Applying rest not working
  170. Tyranny of Dragons rerelease
  171. Issue with The Alchemist and Harbingers of Life and Death packages
  172. [Extension] 5E Next Level XP Automated and DM Edit Only XP
  173. Essential Assets and Resources?
  174. Odd conditional effect for Monster types and special effect for a sword
  175. The most frustrating thing I have ever spent money on ...
  176. add handler for xp awarding
  177. Issue getting the TYPE effect to work
  178. Apply an Effect IF my character was critically hit?
  179. DMing: real and theoretical problems in my case.
  180. Need help grabbing a token
  181. Midgard Worldbook
  182. Spell Attack or Spell Save DC Effects?
  183. Wrong name shown when active speaker
  184. !magic in NPC resistances dropping the "!" when added to Combat Tracker
  185. Color codes for damage dice...
  186. Spell Saves not working
  187. Ranger Two Weapon Fighting Style
  188. Script Error while trying to add spells to NPC Innate Spells list
  189. Few questions I didn't find answers to
  190. 5E trap automation question
  191. Invisible player effect
  192. Question about Custom Effects
  193. Sword of Sharpness - Errata for DMG
  194. Creating a Half-elf Rogue
  195. D&D Character Customization Pack
  196. [BUG] Ghost Parcels
  197. New Eberron Book coming...
  198. Alternating Damage Types
  199. Can't get custom effects to work
  200. pirates of the caribbean add-ons??
  201. Bows Versus Crossbows?
  202. Grappling And the Giant Scorpion
  203. Descent Into Avernus
  204. Dragons of icespire peak "deluxe edition"
  205. Effect with duration ending on a save?
  206. Champion Imroved Criticals
  207. Rob2e Module Loader Extension
  208. Link icons on PC fields in Combat Tracker
  209. "Raise my hand" function.
  210. Do you have a easy way to handle mutiple monster in combat?
  211. NPC Spell Flaming Sphere not fully coded?
  212. Query
  213. I'm in Avernus!
  214. Thanks for the Avernus! (i mean like the module... not the actual avernus...)
  215. Desktop Override
  216. Tiny tokens scaling up to medium
  217. Lantern of Revealing
  218. [Avernus] Damage Threshold on vehicles
  219. Varying INIT bonus?
  220. Unseen Servant Question
  221. Cant cast spells, missing magnifying class and buttons
  222. Gambling
  223. CR and how does it work?
  224. One PC has Opporunity Attack constantly on, and we can't figure out why...
  225. Ultimate license + additional shop modules (D&D5E)
  226. "Link for NPC is not working, make sure..."
  227. Storytelling Theme?
  228. Bonus Action Timing
  229. Effects - IFT: TYPE
  230. Xanathars Guide: Bug with random Encounter when sending to Encounters
  231. Advantage to purchasing Player's Handbook?
  232. Release Update 15th October - The Blight
  233. Multiplicative Damage on a Crit
  234. NPC Gen Engine