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  1. What does a new DM need ?
  2. Running face-to-face, how do I just apply damage during an encounter
  3. [PROBLEM] 5E Forge Issue
  4. Order Tab, Marching Order...
  5. Which WotC Adventure/Module would be best for new players & a new gm?
  6. Spell Engineer - now with full parsing
  7. Newbie Questions
  8. How many magic missiles do you have at 4th level?
  9. Observations and Interactions in 5E
  10. New (and Frustrated)
  11. Stupid Question (the first of what I'm sure will be many...)
  12. Dungeon Tiles Reincarnated
  13. NPC Effects - Hiding from players
  14. Dex Bonus for Heavy Armor?
  15. Random Encounters in Out of the Abyss
  16. AoE grid page reference?
  17. Effect for deflect missile
  18. Multi Attacks with Attack Bonus
  19. Custom Race: Roedorians, Swarming Trait, need ideas
  20. Out of the Abyss
  21. General Magic Weapon Mechanics
  22. half-orc
  23. Action tab appearance question
  24. Question about Instrument of the Bards (Doss Lute)
  25. Crafting Custom Magic Items
  26. Weapon Properties for 5e?
  27. Custom Class with added skills
  28. Help me figure out what I'm trying to ask for
  29. Adding Custom Class to PHB Spells
  30. Sorcerer casting question
  31. Looking For
  32. Changing the name of a field in the character sheet
  33. Belt of Giant Strength
  34. Restricting Access
  35. Module Activation
  36. Treasure Generator?
  37. Armor Ineffective vs Creature Type
  38. "At the end of its next turn" and similar effects timing
  39. Barbarian Zealot Divine Fury Effect
  40. Raw "preinterfaced" magic? What is it called?
  41. Vehicles and vessels; Land, Sea and Air.
  42. Fantasy Plant Compendium
  43. Individual XP Awards
  44. Waterborne Vehicles extended?
  45. Custom Archetypes
  46. New "Pay What You Want" module uploaded to the DMs Guild
  47. 5E Automation Questions
  48. Wandering Monster table
  49. Map Woas?
  50. Cleric with Priest cating Contagion spell
  51. Free Map Thieve's Highway
  52. Tracking Items
  53. Best Practices for Lair Actions and Legendary Actions?
  54. Curse Of Strahd
  55. Is there any easy way to make an NPC immune to all damage types?
  56. Encounter Balance
  57. NPC Damage Threshold?
  58. How to make a Token Module
  59. Fixing Wizard: War Caster: Power Surge
  60. Is there a way to let players end their turn - effectively initiating the next actor?
  61. Skybound Module Bakcgorund discussion...The "Sky Jumper"
  62. Sherwood: The Legend of Robin Hood (5E)
  63. Monsters Without Borders FREE PDF & FG module
  64. Warlock Hexblades Curse Effect
  65. Skybound Module Background Discussion: Sky Jumper Ideals
  66. Random Quantities in a Parcel
  67. Combat Tracker monster names
  68. Circle of the Moon Druid... Really?! Am I reading something wrong?
  69. NPC spell casting syntax
  70. Action for Unarmed Strike?
  71. Weapon with 2 possible uses?
  72. Hide token names from players only
  73. Adding and removing maximum recovery dice?
  74. Bug Report: Ok, I mean insects as monsters... :)
  75. Reference Manual
  76. Xanathar's Lost Notes to everything else for FG
  77. Automatically calculating max hit points
  78. Possible Image Bug?
  79. Having trouble with wordin on custom feat for Natural AC
  80. Resistance to ranged melee attacks
  81. I am missing something in character creation
  82. Fighter Superiority Dice - How to add it to the Character Card
  83. Players accessing new races (and maybe other things?)
  84. weekly 5e sales
  85. Structures and combat
  86. How to set up the visual sense on map
  87. BUG - Disvantage all the time
  88. 5e Temple of Elemental Evil for Fantasy Grounds?
  89. LFP - 5E Curse of Strahd - Alternating Fridays EST
  90. Mounted Combat... any value?
  91. LF full list of all core class effects
  92. Organizing Campaigns and Modules
  93. Dwarven Resilience Effect Coding
  94. Dr. Character, Best Class?
  95. Notepad++ .Mod extension help?
  96. Thanks for another great campaign! (Completion of SKT)
  97. Adding racial abilities to character sheet
  98. Saving a POWER as a Spell?
  99. The Great Thread of Homebrewed Fun and Fantastical (low level) Magic Items
  100. Fighting Style: Archery
  101. HotDQ
  102. Module of Effects (terminology)?
  103. Tribality pirate and steampunk modules
  104. Question: About the Language
  105. Spells slots that should not be there - Ranger 7th
  106. Critical Damage
  107. Question on the 5E effects Wiki
  108. How to create magical weapons
  109. Encounter Auto-Scaling Extension
  110. NPC active perception?
  111. Out of the abyss weapons do not show up as items
  112. Opposed Rolls. how to do it? 5e
  113. parcels not pre configured on HOTDQ
  114. Multi-attack + Dual wield.
  115. Video - Giving player control of an NPC
  116. Last update messed the UA module
  117. advice on one shot or short campaigns
  118. D&D Beyond users
  119. Attacker name in chat window
  120. Variant AC extension?
  121. Simplifying foraging with a macro
  122. Looking for a road map?
  123. Is there is a way to shortcut the increase of time from Calendar?
  124. Thieves' Tools ext
  125. NPC proficiency bonus
  126. Power option on actions tab undeletable
  127. Point Buy Video
  128. Doing Bardic Inspiration Graphic Explaination
  129. Differences between the included 5e content and the FG-converted 5e manuals?
  130. 'Behind the scenes of the making of Dungeons & Dragons' (Seattle Times)
  131. Fudging the Rolls as a GM... How do I?
  132. Map Tokens
  133. Rrakkma: Free adventure with Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes?
  134. Matt Mercer's Blood Hunter Class - Fantasy Grounds module
  135. Unidentified Magic Items
  136. DM's Guild Platinum Flash Sale 5/10-5/13
  137. 5E Battle Royale Extension
  138. Commoner Class (Dragonlance)
  139. One player can't see target icons on map
  140. D&D 5e Background PC choices
  141. Class feedback
  142. Image on image vs. token on image vs. "other" for illusory wall on a map?
  143. Advice Request
  144. Domain Filters for Forge and Grave Domains
  145. Lost ALL damage and healing dice rolls!
  146. Player Log Tab
  147. Modules loaded while playing?
  148. Demo where are character sheets/how to make a character?
  149. Stone's Endurance
  150. Unearthed Arcana: Hybrid Nature
  151. Murder at Baldur's Gate
  152. Need advice on this product
  153. How do you set Xanathar Story/Table Templates Player-facing so they generate?
  154. Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes is available now
  155. Character Creation Issues (Manage Characters vs. Campaign)
  156. Needing to Unload DMG and SCAG to use MToF Elf Subraces
  157. Clock Extension?
  158. Character Classes/Races Zacchaeus
  159. Rob Twohy Effect Coding
  160. 5e Campaign
  161. MOUNTED CHARGE ATTACK (5E homebrew rules - your thoughts?)
  162. Item Identification Setting
  163. Double Damage Effect
  164. Warlock Eldritch Blast rules check...(help)
  165. 5E Homebrew Dark Sun -ish campaign
  166. How do I plan my encounters? - making sense of the DMG's recommendations
  167. How do I plan my encounters? - making sense of the DMG's recommendations
  168. Changing Int based casters to preparation
  169. Ultimate Undermountain
  170. Quick Delve - Random Dungeons (Free mini-modules)
  171. Targeting Problem
  172. 1d6 Adventurers Monster Compendium
  173. The not logic conditional.
  174. Lost Mines Of Phandelver Sword Coast Map (Possible Bug)
  175. Terrain Specific Random Encounter Generator
  176. editing text from a shared page?
  177. sentinel vs freedom of movement
  178. The Stream of Many Eyes
  179. Advantage/Disadvantage on Table rolls possible?
  180. Summary of NPC passive Perception
  181. Help with spell attack bonus effect
  182. Characters disappearing
  183. D&D Complete Class Pack = PHB?
  184. Current HP Extension for 5E Ruleset - FGC
  185. Rogue Archetypes
  186. Using the Macro Bar
  187. Zoom Out on Maps
  188. Show Tokens on Map but not on Combat Tracker
  189. Tokens and Sound
  190. Death Indicator?
  191. New and in trouble
  192. Advantage & Disadvantage hotkey extension
  193. Consolidating Modules
  194. Unearthed Arcana
  195. Duplicates and Useless Things
  196. Would anyone be interested in a one-shot adventure tonight?
  197. Custom Images for Links
  198. Adding Effects and Spells as a DM
  199. 5e Homebrew Class: Saurian Rider
  200. Module Request
  201. Unearthed Arcana - Mystic
  202. Three new 5e Classes for Fantasy Grounds
  203. Is there a tutorial on adding another attribute to the character sheet?
  204. Troll Lords Humble Bundle
  205. Spells Window
  206. Question on Effects
  207. A better beast master
  208. Help me role play my Centaur getting over ladders.
  209. Spell progressions (spells per day, etc) for Homebrew Classes?
  210. Combat Tracker Questions
  211. 5e - Entering NPC
  212. [Extension] Advanced Kombat (5E)
  213. No decal for Mordekainen module?
  214. Coding specific attack values
  215. Simple questions about combat management
  216. A bit of help
  217. FG Theme
  218. Official and Unofficial Advetures
  219. Legit sources of 5E PDF's
  220. Effect for Uncanny Dodge?
  221. Coding Devastating Critical
  222. Getting started, looking for advice.
  223. Move All feature / Extension?
  224. NPC Temporary Resistance
  225. Critical Role Classes.
  226. 5e Heroes handbook from Kobold press
  227. DM having a players modules load into session
  228. Looking for advice for running Tomb of Annhil. in FG
  229. Pass without a trace effect?
  230. One shots EXP and Treasure rules
  231. Carry modifications done to modules.
  232. Here's some Homebrew, Roguish Archetype: Pirate
  233. NPC Factions
  234. Cannot see Wood or Dungeon theme in 5e
  235. Princes of the Apocalypse Maps? High Quality?
  236. question about effect conditions
  237. Organizing Images and Maps
  238. Changing tokens in an WOTC adventure purchased from FG store
  239. Maps and Content
  240. Creating effect on PC damage vulnerabilities
  241. How to make Video Conference with FG? (Question)
  242. Maximize healing results?
  243. NPC joins the party
  244. Omitting core rule classes, items and races
  245. FG doesnt calculate distance for attacks? noob question
  246. [Extension] 5E Attunement Tracker
  247. Solved
  248. /die damage type?
  249. Running the Talon of Umberlee
  250. Ultramodern5 Class Specialization not set up properly