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  1. Possible additions to the GURPS ruleset
  2. what skills could i learn to contribute to the FG GURPS toolset
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  27. Problems with GURPS_4Enhanced_Installer-V1.09 in FGII - 2.6.3
  28. Where to put GURPS character files?
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  31. Measurements in GURPS
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  35. Gurps
  36. Combat Tracker Sharing
  37. Great Axe skill/damage = not draggable?
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  39. Gurps 4enhanced 1.11 released
  40. Changes in Tabletop
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  42. Problem with tab modifiers for players when they leave the game.
  43. Errors in the GURPS ruleset.
  44. Change in extensions language
  45. How to correct?
  46. Advance Frame and Overlay
  47. Module Creation
  48. Curiosity
  49. From Savage Worlds to GURPS
  50. New Version
  51. Problem with NPC attacks.
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  53. I just wanted to know
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  56. Modern or Sci-Fi GURPS Ruleset?
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  59. Looking for all the Info I can gather.
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  66. Is there a parser for library modules for GURPS 4e?
  67. PARSER for GURPS?
  68. how to install community ruleset
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  70. Icon Modifier
  71. Sooo, attack formatting in the present GURPS ruleset??
  72. Interested in GURPS Old West
  73. Interested in the Ultimate License
  74. GURPS Take on Heinlein's classic Starship Troopers
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  87. GURPS 4E Core Ruleset
  88. How do you do 2-hex (or more) tokens? And how do you scale the things?
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  92. Rules about automation
  93. Gurps DMs: How are YOU using the new GURPS ruleset (with CoreRPG)
  94. Exporting modifiers from Old Gurps Ruleset - problem
  95. Gurps rules question. Shotguns RoF / Pellets
  96. Hit Location
  97. Map scales
  98. Characters for download?
  99. Language Font
  100. How to create Effects?
  101. Shields and Cloaks
  102. Community Extensions
  103. Could I create and share a module with items?
  104. Chat message
  105. Resizing and translation
  106. A Little help, please
  107. GURPS Theme for download?
  108. Export from GCA to FG?
  109. Change count of effects?
  110. Ranged Attacks
  111. GURPS Translation Package (Files for FG and GCA)
  112. Do you guys think the new Dungeon Fantasy RPG will be compatuble?
  113. How do you import into or create weapons and armor as items in this GURPS rule set?
  114. Updating PCs - In Fantasy Grounds or GURPS Character Assistant?
  115. Hex Grid and Token Facing
  116. Easiest Way of Duplicating Trait Descriptions
  117. [Actual Play] "Hell to Pay," an Old West/Horror One-shot
  118. anything from WW2 here ?
  119. What GURPs would you run/play with official support?
  120. What are GURPS rules best optimized for?
  121. Is there a way to import character sheets from GCS?
  122. Hexagon movimentation problem?
  123. GURPS compatible Parser? Would like to easily add NPCs from websites & pdfs
  124. DOE and DORCore questions regarding GURPS ruleset
  125. Map move and weight loaded
  126. GURPS Rules Question: Using a human as a weapon.
  127. Stream Layout
  128. GURPS ruleset question
  129. GURPS ruleset automation and module and extension sharing questions
  130. Auto-calculating and applying GURPS status effects
  131. GURPS ruleset - Evolving encounters.
  132. Shield Hit Points
  133. Dragging skill rolls to hotkeys
  134. Image to use as condition, effect, posture, where find?
  135. Effects don't work on last actor on combat tracker
  136. Looking for players - Age of Myth
  137. How to deal with guns with more than one type of damage?
  138. Creating/Importing Items & Weapons
  139. Creating GURPS Modules
  140. HP Status
  141. Anyone up for a GURPS CYBERPUNK style campaign?
  142. Version 3.3.6
  143. Changes made in ruleset ...
  144. GURPS - Arial Fonts Extension
  145. Chat Message File?
  146. Extensions created and adapted
  147. Watching the Stream from Olympus, some doubts have
  148. 1 NEW player looking to connect with groups for GURPS - broad interest in settings
  149. Experiments in Fantasy Grounds
  150. Unidentified items and how to avoid them
  151. GURPS Neophyte Looking for Online Gaming Community
  152. New to GURPS LFG, any setting
  153. Screenshots
  154. Modifier of Size and Measurements in Hexagons
  155. et nigrum schola (The Black School) (campaign players stay out please)
  156. LFP: One shot GURPS Shadowrun (cyberpunk) game.
  157. Help please!
  158. Gurps Kickstarters
  159. LFG - GURPS - Open schedule PST. Contact me even if post is old
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  161. Using Excel for mass import of data into db.xml
  162. Is it between item and character possible?
  163. I am building GCS export support
  164. LFP: GURPS Shadowrun one shot adventure.
  165. Ammunition Counter
  166. Installing GURPS Ruleset on Windows 10
  167. Also LFG - GURPS - PDT [UTC-7]
  168. Question in regard to how functional it is.
  169. Default values
  170. Full functionality
  171. Join us in a GURPS Cyberpunk game!
  172. Join us in a GURPS Cyberpunk game!
  173. Dingo's Tactical Extensions
  174. Looking for a game
  175. Dragondrop aka Drag-n-Drop functionality
  176. 3rd Edition?
  177. FG GURPS Mod Maker - for drag-n-drop items