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  11. Weapon stats in Action Tab, Probably a dumb question...
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  13. Missing Racial Traits after character import from hero labs! Any ideas?
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  17. Give control of the summons to PC
  18. [Bug] Critical confirmation does not always take ATK effects take into account
  19. Channel Energy Question
  20. This error begun to pop in my conscole every single time i open Fantasy Grounds
  21. Error while using the IF conditional.
  22. An Effect for Loosing the Dex Bonus
  23. Bug related to today's hotfix about custom DC
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  25. Prot Good/evil effect
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  27. Spells and spell effects
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  29. Modifiers to Auto-Stabilization rolls?
  30. Alcohols of Golarion
  31. Lightning Bolt AoE
  32. Maps - Siege of Durgams Folly
  33. Vital Strike
  34. Effect Question
  35. Rapid Shot, Many Shot and multiple attacks
  36. Asking about an extension for ignoring armor class bonuses
  37. Player's Handbook / DM Guide for 3.5 Ruleset
  38. What is supposed to be automated?
  39. Splitting of the 3.5e and PF1 forums
  40. [BUG 3.5e/PF1] ATK effects on next roll and full attack
  41. Anyone in need of a player?
  42. How do to multi-attacks with a PC sheet
  43. Remove Effect not working.
  44. weapon boxes
  45. Unity Documentation issue for 3.5E
  46. How does the DR on the character sheet for 3.5e actually work?
  47. [BUG] REGEN, FHEAL etc. are causing effect removal error when used with fixed mod
  48. Channel Energy Question?
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  52. Effect Question
  53. Rapid Shot, Many Shot and multiple attacks??
  54. Special Attacks
  55. 3.5 Parser
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  57. Extension: Prepopulate Coins