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  1. Monster traits not adding immune precision
  2. Magical items and the item menu
  3. Options item identification and exported campaign
  4. Need new player for ongoing Carion Crown game
  5. Reach Weapons and PC Size
  6. 35PF Alt Wound Colors
  7. Order of the Mage
  8. Channel Energy Question!
  9. Effects and PC specific notes
  10. Half damage and Evasion
  11. Sunday evening (EST) Curse of the Crimson Throne
  12. Multiple Weapon Damage on Campaign Items
  13. Character Spellbooks...
  14. Adding Magical functions to Weapons and such...
  15. Wanting to play 3.5 what do i purchase
  16. Bonded mount questions
  17. Adventure "Wrath of the Orc God"
  18. Questions about PC Specific Notes in 3.5E Effects
  19. Lance Charges
  20. Interest in late night games?
  21. Script Error Help
  22. Portrait Tokens look bad
  23. Looking to form a group of 5-6 rotating GMs
  24. Making magic items to show as not identified.
  25. Adding spell resistance to an NPC?
  26. library sharing
  27. the Last Runelord
  28. 3.5 Ed / OGL Mythannor High-Fantasy
  29. Pirates wanted! (PF Skull and Shackles)
  30. Sorcerer/Wizard Ray Spells
  31. Laying Waste Crit Table?
  32. Removing the Static 10 for AC
  33. Arms and Armour
  34. Newbie Players - GM looking for excellent module recommendation
  35. Your Favorite Archetypes
  36. bloodrager bloodline ability
  37. Stat block import
  38. Map Pieces
  39. 3.5 Racial Ability Modifiers
  40. updated spell library?
  41. Updated Complete Paizo Spells Module (2036 spells)
  42. Ammo Decrement
  43. Character Management
  44. currency encumbrance + moving multiple items
  45. So I'm attempting to work on a Kineticist and am having a problem adding a blast
  46. Strain-Injury HP Variant Extension
  47. Emerald Spire (Super Dungeon) - LF prebuilt module for FG
  48. Help with Conditions
  49. Alchemist Actions
  50. New character
  51. Tracking usage countdowns on Combat Tracker?
  52. Need some organizational Advice
  53. PF: Query for Adventure Listing
  54. Question about -5 to second attack?
  55. How do you guys handle Magic Item Effects?
  56. Mundane Equipment Library
  57. Ruleset verbosity
  58. Creating Gems
  59. Question on Opposed Skill Checks functionality
  60. New to FG Question.
  61. string error
  62. New player in need of help.
  63. Grapple and Trips and Bull Rush - Oh My!!
  64. Concentration check module/extension
  65. Incorporeal Monsters
  66. Prebuilt campaigns...
  67. Denizens and Devices, Dungeon Crawl 3.5
  68. 3.5e Critical, Fumble, and Random Encounter Charts
  69. arcanist bloodline development
  70. How to use touch AC?
  71. In Hell's Bright Shadow (Hell's Rebels adventure path)
  72. Item Identification Issue
  73. Iron Gods AP (Sunday Mornings GMT +8/Hong Kong)
  74. 3.5 Character Generation
  75. No drag and drop (ok), but cannot edit "HP", "Speed" ...
  76. 3.5e Game Starting January 10th, 8pm, LFG 1-2 more players. (GMT+8)
  77. Server Characters Not Saving
  78. Item creation for masterwork
  79. Let's Play Fortress of the Stone Giants
  80. Question about Oracle!
  81. Dumb Question
  82. 1 on 1 Adventures.
  83. having problems with a module i brought.
  84. Spells
  85. Is there a way to add specialty classes for wizards?
  86. Want to run an Adventure Path. What do I need?
  87. Need thoughts on a new character who's literally going to hell.
  88. Way of the Wicked
  89. A few questions
  90. Identify Feature Request
  91. Race & Class Links?
  92. Calendar won't let me set time?
  93. 3.5e Guide to Turning
  94. Combat Issues...damage rolls...and an NPC question
  95. Hide a GM Roll? Roll vs. DC?
  96. Marching Order Image?
  97. Smite Evil
  98. Chat Frames and private messaging?
  99. Cleric Channel
  100. Scripting Spell Resistance ?
  101. Scripting Critical threat
  102. Newbie in need of assistance!
  103. Last Call for PFS GMs for FGCON8!
  104. Magic Bow + Magic Arrow (effects question)
  105. 3.5e Item Parser?
  106. Looking for DM in fantasy grounds 3.5E ruleset
  107. Effects and NPCs
  108. Looking for Players! Rise of the Runelords Casual
  109. Using 5e leather Theme in PF?
  110. Pit trap with XdX spikes giving XdX damage each?
  111. New to Fantasy Grounds Looking for 3.5 Modules
  112. What program do most of you use for voice chat while playing FG?
  113. Keen/Improved Critical Extension
  114. How do I convert an Adventure Path to FG?
  115. Looking for few more players for long term campaign
  116. Question about Effects
  117. Effect: SKILL. Can I add ABILITY bonus?
  118. Playing a summoner in fantasy grounds--how annoying is it?
  119. Ochre Jelly Immunities
  120. Incorrect weapon damage types.
  121. Player looking for group to join
  122. Starting "Norhtlands Saga" (Frog God Games) weekly evenings
  123. Intimidate--Demoralize Opponent
  124. Thanks for helping make a great campaign!
  125. Probably a Silly Question about CORE
  126. How to add a skill check clicky in story mode?
  127. Can an IF effect be applied to incoming attacks?
  128. Enemies Skipped Initiative
  129. Zombie template with Advanced Bestiary
  130. How to add a second attack?
  131. How do you track points in your Heroic pool (Grit/Panache/Luck)?
  132. How to account for Armor Max Dex Bonus and Armor Check Penalty?
  133. Level 4 fighter - two weapon fighting
  134. How to set modified dmg on save rolls
  135. Novice requesting assistance with pcgen import
  136. Poison effect doing constitution damage
  137. Combat Maneuver Module - is there one?
  138. 3.5 Effects and AURA
  139. List of Types for Item Creation.
  140. Effects Syntax
  141. Homebrew multiple campaign concepts, looking for input from players
  142. Speed Factor and Casting Times
  143. Applying Hardness DR to contruct as an effect
  144. How to model stealth on a rogue?
  145. DOE Base and Advanced Bestiary are not compatible
  146. How do I use multiple damage type attacks that aren't separate values?
  147. Selectively un/hide actions on the PC mini sheet
  148. Does Card Game Exist
  149. An Easier Way to do Power Attack
  150. Setting up Alchemist Abilities
  151. Initiative control
  152. Psionics
  153. extensions needed.
  154. Regex for parsing out spells?
  155. Traps that Do Ability Damage
  156. 3.5e character sheets - place for "skill"?
  157. Character Creation Problem
  158. Problem with the AC
  159. Am I in over my head?
  160. Can this idea be built as an extension?
  161. Creature
  162. A0: Crow's Rest Island Install Problem
  163. Please delete
  164. Help with Character Creation
  165. Let's Play Sins of the Saviors
  166. ...Why don't people like the gestalt rules?
  167. Waht is the Adv. field on the NPC sheet
  168. Attacking vs Touch or Flatfoot AC
  169. How to Assign A 1d3 Damage Die to an Attack?
  170. Additional functionality for the Tokens interface
  171. Effects auto populating
  172. Looking for players
  173. Looking for Party
  174. Effects
  175. Armor check penalty check box
  176. Differences between 5e and 3.5
  177. How would I set up +4 dodge bonus to AC against monsters of the giant subtype?
  178. how would I set up an effect...+2 racial bonus on saving throws against poison, spell
  179. Improved Spell Library
  180. CreatureGen Extension: Import Stat-blocks on the fly with populated spells
  181. How would a Thundering weapon be created?
  182. Has anyone seen this bug woth IFT condition?
  183. How are folks handling Arcainist spell casting
  184. 3.5E Parser
  185. is there a way to grant +4 dodge bonus to Armor Class against attacks of opportunity
  186. Is there an effect to change the modifier a skill is based on
  187. LFG- Gestalt Monk-Caster Is looking for Adventure!
  188. Expanded Core Rules Modules??
  189. Please help with questions about FG and high level D&D 3.5 Campaign
  190. Adding Spells
  191. Modifications to a module are not showing up when reopened in campaign using it
  192. "Templates?"
  193. Looking For....
  194. How to add Hexes in spell tab of NPC?
  195. Bestiary 5 Module
  196. Auto creating NPC groups for bestiary 2, 3, 4 etc
  197. Cannot drag and drop
  198. Considering Fantasy Grounds
  199. /export of module lost its identifiers - desperately trying to fix
  200. What if a Player have a Frost Main Hand and Fire Off Hand?
  201. Miss chance effect
  202. Question on new NPC view/interface
  203. Random picks: Bestiary 1-5 and Basic Familiars random encounter modules
  204. Tips on playing spellcasters
  205. applying effects????
  206. holy damage
  207. Treasure Table that Creates Parcels?
  208. Finally! Curse of the Crimson Throne Hardcover all entered.
  209. Two Problems with Effects for STR and DEX
  210. Can't get ATK effects to work with IFT.
  211. Giantslayer resources
  212. Necromancer direction
  213. Trying to understand 3.5 ruleset
  214. 3.5 Character Creation
  215. Red Dragon Adventures: A Professional Storytelling Service
  216. NO Perception DC info in 3.5
  217. Does FG automatically add the bonus for an equipped Magical or Wondrous Item?
  218. New Player
  219. Hero Lab Encounters to Fantasy Grounds
  220. Building a random encounter table, suggestions?
  221. Spell Effects and Die Rolls
  222. Rogue Flanking and Backstab Damage
  223. Immune
  224. Questions about effects
  225. Movement in Locked-Down Mode
  226. Exporting Character custom Character action/effects
  227. Mighty Swing (Ex)
  228. How to Handle Mounts
  229. Adding images to items
  230. Effects: Combining dodge and ranged in AC?
  231. 3.5e and adding races and classes
  232. Effect for Extra Damage from Attacks?
  233. Copying Effects From One Character To Another
  234. Creating This Effect For Ring of Maniacal Devices?
  235. Problems (Bug?) With Regeneration
  236. Attacks that reduce abilities
  237. Compass Points from Studio WyldFurr
  238. Soulknife
  239. Best class for a Denizen of Leng underling?
  240. Combat Tracker is not Showing attacks for Characters
  241. Trap mode NPC
  242. Ruleset and interface changes new in 3.3.0
  243. BUG IN 3.5E ruleset v3.3.0 for Fantasy Grounds!!!!!!!!!!
  244. Underdark creatures
  245. Unearthed Arcana
  246. Issues with adding spells.
  247. Changing Bestiary mods to pre gen within NPC Groups
  248. Will there be a video on the youtube channel for 3.3.0 features?
  249. Effects Question
  250. Pummeling Strike