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  1. D100 rolls are broken (10 should be 0)
  2. Hero Lab export to CoC 7E
  3. Link Skill to Weapon Attack in Main
  4. Blackwater Creek Handouts
  5. Pulp Cthulhu
  6. S. Peterson's Field Guide Theme
  7. Curiosity about split modules
  8. Base value for new skill
  9. Occupations and skill selection.
  10. Secrets of Tibet, Occupations and Skills
  11. Bugs
  12. Extension
  13. Enhancements for the next versionof the 7e ruleset
  14. Importing a Custom Table
  15. CoC7E - Investigator's Handbook
  16. Adding Items to Investigators
  17. CoC7e Fantasy Grounds help needed.
  18. MIssing section - 7e rulebook
  19. New version in FG Test channel
  20. FG CoC 7E for beginner GM
  21. Change Graphics
  22. NPC Stats Incorrect Until Unlocking Record
  23. Extension and Module Conversion
  24. Example Language Extension
  25. Creating Occupation Modules
  26. CoC 7th Ed. - Horror on the Orient Express
  27. Custom Occupations (7e)
  28. Custom Weapons 7e
  29. Generating a table in lua
  30. Occupations in Lua
  31. You Cthulhu people are doing it wrong
  32. Would love to try out this game
  33. Cthulhu?
  34. Skill display names
  35. Script Error
  36. Pulp Cthulhu Hit Points
  37. LFP: Pulp Cthulhu Down Darker Trails Campaign (Unexperienced Players Welcome)
  38. Down Darker Trails
  39. Pulp Cthulhu Equipment
  40. Suggestion: Item Picture
  41. Script Error when closing windows
  42. Pushing info to clients
  43. Desktop Extension issue
  44. Spell usein Cthulhu
  45. CoC sale length of time
  46. FG Con 12 CoC
  47. Archetype Record
  48. Syrinscape and Call of Cthulhu License
  49. Reference Manual
  50. Unable to load ruleset file (base.xml)
  51. The Two-Headed Serpent on FG?
  52. DIE Hard Gaming?
  53. How can I turn a pdf into a reference?
  54. 7E rules and 6E Adventure?
  55. Masks of Nyarlathotep Released
  56. Exportable/ printable Character sheets?
  57. CoC modules under development?
  58. Era Mismatch
  59. What Do I Need To Buy?
  60. Call of Cthulhu players looking for group
  61. Skills list missing names when editing (Possibly since 3.3.6)
  62. error in Athlete Occupation
  63. Some noob issues...
  64. Green Leather Theme
  65. S. Peterson's Field Guide
  66. 6e still supported?
  67. Pulp Cthulhu Missing Pages
  68. Masks of Nyarlathotep 7e - I'm considering porting to FGII
  69. Which are the two adventures in the CoC 7th edition Ruleset?
  70. Pairing Modules and rulesets
  71. Extreme Damage and impales bugged ?
  72. Problem with library
  73. Information wrongly visible to Players on startup in some modules
  74. No more access to Pulp Cthulhu Reference Manual
  75. Jugadores Cthulu en ESPAŅOL
  76. Call of Cthulhu bundles?
  77. Usage of Modifiers in CoC 7e ruleset
  78. Investigators Handbook artwork in TOKENS FOLDER!!
  79. Skill adding problem in CallOfCthulhu7E for skill specializations
  80. melee and ranged weapons for NPC
  81. Bug: Can't add occupation
  82. Making new occupations
  83. CoC 7th ED Bundles
  84. Extension for custom desktop and/or decal
  85. Future campaigns/modules
  86. Missed Dues - Incomplete
  87. Issue with 6th Edition Modules
  88. Automating skills mark as used for the investigator improvement phase
  89. Weapon Mode doens't work on CoC6E
  90. Armour in 7th edition
  91. Spelling Mistakes in CoC7e Ruleset
  92. Characters gaining indefinite insanity
  93. Ruleset documentation for CoC 7e
  94. Source code for the "1-100" desktop element
  95. NPCs Build and Dodge
  96. New to the community
  97. Skill increases. Question and suggestion.
  98. Call Of Cthulhu 7C & Syrinscape
  99. NPC Statistic Rolls
  100. Pulp Cthulhu Character Creation
  101. Character Creation Tutorial
  102. New Masks of Nyarlathotep
  103. Achtung! Cthulhu for 7th Ed
  104. Greetings from the Abyss!
  105. Some help needed with 6ed ruleset, any use with FG?
  106. Alone against the Flames
  107. COC 7th ed. Ruleset Bug first "Mythos Tomes" reference incorrect