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  1. Problem with effects and [EXPIRES]
  2. Problem with the ability scores modifiers
  3. What to do with the 4e Parser files after the program runs
  4. 4e Parser: Getting data one book at a time
  5. just read 33 pages of parser woes!!!
  6. D&D 4e + Ultimate License = ?
  7. Dark sun 4e
  8. Anyway to Parse pdf rulebooks?
  9. End of July Dark Sun.
  10. New 4E campaign starting up, looking for a couple more players!
  11. The old 4e parser
  12. any type of image parser?
  13. Saturday evening Dark Sun group seeks tank
  14. Auto letter-tokens
  15. Chainsaw Sword
  16. FG Con 4th edition game open for players!
  17. A few 4e questions
  18. looking for a game
  19. Character converter question
  20. Making new powers and feats
  21. NPC Traits Falling Under Standard Actions
  22. [TRGT: xxxxx]; effect not working.
  23. Free 4th Edition Adventure Module. Zeitgesit Adventure One
  24. How do I get Modules for 4E?
  25. 4e Demo Ruleset error
  26. Red Dragon Adventures: A Professional Storytelling Service
  27. Effects not working.
  28. 4E Hit Points BUG
  29. 4E Player Effect Removal Extension
  30. .monster files from Adventure Tools
  31. Potential new player question: How difficult is it to find a FG D&D 4e group?
  32. Chat-result Hit/Miss doesnt show what def it targets
  33. Setting up powers automatically, issue with Weapon Damage Die
  34. Attacking areas, several enemies, how to apply different bonuses?
  35. 4E Ruleset NPC Recharge string?
  36. We have any 4e Dark Sun Lovers here?
  37. No drag/drop support for character sheets?
  38. Urgent: How to turn off Automatic sharing?
  39. Map tools
  40. Ran my first 4E session in FG today, ran into some questions...
  41. Fumble and Crit Effect tables
  42. 4e monster from DDI Token Assignment
  43. Trouble importing 4e DND character from DDI
  44. 4E Player Effect Removal Extension
  45. Weapon proficiency
  46. DMGW: x critical not working
  47. Naming effects on combat tracker
  48. Combat Advantage Button Next to Modifier Box?
  49. Searching for an old PDF file
  50. DMGO and REGEN effects stacking
  51. Setting up a 4E campaign
  52. Problem importing DDI character
  53. SAVE modifer in the effects system
  54. Monster imports from Adventure tools?
  55. Monster record issues
  56. Custom Monster Converter 4E (DDI / Adventure Tools)
  57. export not working for 4e campaighn
  58. BUG: Vuln applying as resist
  59. LFP UTC+1 7pm
  60. Choose Class
  61. Issues with Creating a Player's Handbook Library Module
  62. Is CUSTOM () supported in the 4e ruleset?
  63. Add skills to Skill Challenge Tracker?
  64. How do I add 1[W] to a power's damage without modifiers?
  65. Class and Races
  66. Powershell to download Dungeon, Dragon, and ArtGallery from D&D Insider
  67. Bugs: Issues around effects
  68. Unity and 4E
  69. New Game
  70. Kobold Hall (4e)
  71. Keep on the Shadowfell (4e)
  72. Question about Character Sheet
  73. Need some guidance - extension to change encounter window
  74. Issues with sort NPCs
  75. Issues with maximizing dice on a crit
  76. SWARM effect tag not applying any modification to damage
  77. Regeneration Parse Error when added to Combat tracker
  78. Effect modifiers on attack rolls
  79. Parsing Auto Phrases into Power Actions
  80. Some questions after a test session
  81. New to FG trying to figure out how to get started
  82. Themes?
  83. 4e Core Rules
  84. Damage Type extension
  85. Magic Item Creation in FGU
  86. Unity missing language selection in drop down chat.
  87. Ammo counter
  88. Add image to Items
  89. Encounters creator panel auto calculate XP and Level extension request
  90. Equipping item to change Will, Fortitude, Reflex.
  91. Daggers (and possibly other weapons) as implements
  92. Map Indicator for Death extension
  93. Extension - Add buttons to modifier
  94. Someone have this theme?
  95. Character sheet and combat tab help needed
  96. Encumbrance
  97. Mask sensitive visibility query?
  98. Mini Character Sheet
  99. No idea what I'm doing, need help setting up 4e game
  100. 4e Death Indicator extension for Unity
  101. 4e Condition Effect icons for Unity
  102. 4e Advantage, Disadvantage and Inspiration extension
  103. LFG Experienced 4e player
  104. High Crit
  105. Automate Fear effects possible?
  106. 4E Module Generator - Offline compendium > Fantasy Grounds
  107. 4E Module Generator - Portable compendium > Fantasy Grounds
  108. How to change weapon number?
  109. Interest check
  110. Belt of Sacrifice automation
  111. Stacking the same bonus/effect according to the definition of a power
  112. Smiteworks has posted a poll for official WOTC 4e product line for Fantasy Grounds
  113. Anybody Running 4e Games?
  114. Effect text parsing question
  115. Is the FG CharacterConverter lost in Unity
  116. Update broke powers
  117. Effects based on Keywords
  118. To the devs
  119. KJs Unity 4E Extension Emporium
  120. Portable Compendium help/request
  121. A few questions from a beginner
  122. Select Text, Cut & Paste in 4E Unity?
  123. Combat Tracker graphic bug
  124. Question about ease of use.
  125. 4E Skill Success / Failure Margins
  126. 4E Paragraph Types: Headings
  127. Are D&D 4e entries incorrect now?