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  1. Main Tab Resistances broken in 2.9?
  2. .monster file conversion?
  3. Questions on 4e tags and effects
  4. Treasure Parcels
  5. Quick Question about Essentials. (Some newbie questions)
  6. Combat Tracker & Targeting
  7. Action Points with 2.9 update?
  8. Function key short cuts for character sheets?
  9. 4E assassin's Shroud
  10. Gauging interest: Bi-Weekly Scales Of War Adventure Path
  11. FG Con 2012
  12. 4E Power Window Hover Bug?
  13. Encounter Lvl Adj Field?
  14. Any way to transfer NPC control to a player?
  15. Random damage in an Effect?
  16. 4E Sheet character and AC value
  17. Add effect on monster sheet?
  18. 4E Alternative Wound Color text extension
  19. 4E D&D - Community Extensions
  20. Dice Tower Hotkey
  21. What is your most used Monster Token
  22. Missing Local Character Images
  23. 4e Forgotten Realms
  24. 4E 2.9a - Marked condition doesn't work?
  25. 4e Modules?
  26. Guide: Using the 4E Parser to create a Module
  27. Looking for Sunday group to join (GMT+10)
  28. Looking for 4e game for my first FG game
  29. Ran first game, have a question
  30. Newbie question about Party Sheet
  31. Looking for a Game
  32. Brutal and High Crit not working?
  33. Newbie D&D default ruleset??
  34. Extra damage dice on crits
  35. DND4E files not converting properly.
  36. Getting into the files?
  37. Duplicating entries...
  38. Revenge of the Giants
  39. Text formatting with custom powers
  40. Resist Ongoing damage
  41. Where is the "action type" in the NPC stats?
  42. Situational power tickbox question
  43. Newb to D&D and FG. Looking for a 4E Game
  44. Experienced 4e player new to FG Looking for a game (Eng. or French)
  45. Looking to Join a Game
  46. Parser code Wiz needed for a debug plz...
  47. Can't share custom Modules in Library on LocalHost game ??
  48. Questions(s) about Creating Powers in 4E
  49. Novice 4e player new to FG looking for a game
  50. Magic Items and Resist
  51. Looking for Co-DM/Player for a 4E Paragon Game on Sundays 10AM - 2PM Pacific(UTC -8 )
  52. Map format and file type
  53. Sunday 4E Paragon Game, 3-8 PM Pacific (UTC -8 )
  54. 4e Player Looking For Group
  55. How to start
  56. Channel Divinity
  57. D&D 4e player looking for a party. (English/Francais)
  58. 4E Item Parser
  59. 4E Compendium web page without 20/50/100 item limit
  60. can someone help me
  61. New roleplayer looking for 4E group with a bit of an explanation when asked
  62. Looking for 4e game
  63. 4e Player looking for group!
  64. wanting to play
  65. hey i got a little problem with 4eparser
  66. Eberron: Scales of War - Looking for Players
  67. Is there a converter for Monsters from the old Adventure Tools?
  68. Created .monster File Converter (Adventure Tools)
  69. /importchar command
  70. All NPC powers are showing up as traits
  71. looking for group
  72. Stable, reliable husband & wife looking for a stable, reliable 4e game
  73. Mark Dmg Mitigation
  74. Entering NPC data
  75. Monsters with multiply damage types on a critical
  76. Where is passive perception and passive insight on character sheet?
  77. Looking for 1 or 2 more players
  78. Parser Questions and Tips
  79. Thinking about buying Fantasy Grounds
  80. 4EParser: Referencing creatures from other modules in encounter blocks
  81. Looking for a game
  82. Power Points in 4E system
  83. Bug: High Crits and Maximizing Dice
  84. Half or reduced healing
  85. WOTBS Campaign
  86. How do I create a Ritual Reward?
  87. How do players turn off effects?
  88. WotC make 4E PDFs available again
  89. EnWorld is looking for copies of War of the Burning Sky files
  90. Any 4E games running tonight (Wed 1/30/13)
  91. Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution (Online)
  92. Sunday 4E Paragon Game, 10-2 PM Pacific (UTC -8 )
  93. New to 4E New to Fantasy Grounds want to play.
  94. Looking for a game
  95. Help with parser
  96. If I were to buy Fantasy Grounds today, what would I need to set up until I can play?
  97. 4E Fortune Card parser (requires 4E Fortune Cards extension)
  98. Looking for a game/dm
  99. Established Group Looking for Player
  100. Creating NPCs
  101. I made my own tutorial videos
  102. clear combat tracker?
  103. Any games available? Friday/weekend Gmt
  104. Warlocks Curse and Sneak Attack
  105. How do you create condition with a save penalty
  106. Player resists
  107. Managing Players that want to manually roll
  108. Add bonus to Healing Surge Value?
  109. Adding dudes to the combat tracker during combat
  110. Cannot create magic items
  111. Items in the Party Sheet
  112. Help with weapons
  113. Aiming an attack.
  114. Creature powers
  115. FGII with kids
  116. Warloed's Tactical Presence
  117. Renaming token bags?
  118. Should I re-scrape the manuals?
  119. What do the buttons in the modifiers window do?
  120. Looking for Players
  121. Can I add tokens to the Monsters in the Library?
  122. New Player Looking for Quick Game
  123. Second Wind is checked off as if already used in Char Sheets
  124. Where can I find Dungeon Tile Tokens to use in FG2?
  125. Looking for 1 or 2 players to join our campaign!
  126. Using Item: ID Option..How do I or the players identify items?
  127. 4e Parser - Items not Scraping
  128. Aussie looking to join 4e campaign
  129. Rally call to fill these games for the FGcon!!!
  130. LF1M Player details inside
  131. 4e game
  132. Need 2 dedicated players for 4e campaign
  133. Shamans in FG
  134. LFG - New to FG and 4e
  135. Burst and Blast tokens
  136. Classless Sci-Fi Horror 4E Homebrew Conversion Campaign
  137. Newish player LFG
  138. When modified roll exceeds table maximum
  139. Text Only DnD 4e Campaign
  140. Death saving throws
  141. As a GM how do I activate a character?
  142. How to give players control of NPCs
  143. Drag and drop powers?
  144. Dragonslayer Critical
  145. Looking for several more 4e players
  146. Getting the MARKED effect to work
  147. Is there a way to select all the tokens in a shape?
  148. New Player looking for a group
  149. Converting WotC Maps
  150. Problem with damage dices.
  151. XML file question.
  152. Shield Bonus
  153. 4E Rulset question plz
  154. New player, with lots of interest
  155. What does the TRGT tag actually do?
  156. 4E Dungeon Tiles Question
  157. Marked condition penalty changes
  158. chat commands to create simple draggable damage that can be applied or other hotkeys
  159. Eberron game - Looking for players
  160. Looking for Psionic Power module
  161. Parsing 3rd party sourcebooks
  162. Interested in purchasing this, but I need a demo, help pls
  163. War of the Burning Sky
  164. New User Questions
  165. [QUESTION] Hot to give control of a monster to a player
  166. in the 4E Ruleset the DM can target players by holding SHIFT key and clicking
  167. list of effects you can type in that are automatically recognized
  168. [QUESTIONS] Effect exportation and 1 result max for a table entry
  169. Effect expiration - brain fart
  170. WOTBS modules?
  171. Help- Where do I put the XML files et al generated by 4e Parser
  172. How do I make tokens and where do I put them?
  173. Is there a list of language/text or else instructions on how to create effects.
  174. Grid and token size issues
  175. Quarry & Curse
  176. FG Modules for 4e (and other systems)- is there a list, or else places to go?
  177. Alternative Wood Theme Skins for 4E and Core
  178. I can't find a few Combat Tracker features that used to be there
  179. 4e v3.0.1 Ruleset - Setting Calendar Time
  180. How many Modules can I open in a campaign?
  181. Increasing critical hit range of weapon
  182. New health bars and effect icons on tokens....
  183. 13th Age Tweaks for 4E
  184. PDF to MOD ?
  185. Is there an extension for zones
  186. Character build help
  187. Manual Brutal Dice
  188. Newcomer Needing a little help!
  189. User Guides and Videos
  190. Defence score adjustments
  191. I would like some help with parsing DDI content
  192. Unable to drag and drop power onto item Powers tab
  193. A way to create store templates?
  194. Unable to see character sheets when using localhost and multiple characters
  195. A few noobish questions
  196. Half damage
  197. Hey guys, quick question
  198. Is 4E unpopular with FG-ers?
  199. Story management
  200. Reporting hits and misses
  201. [Bug&Fix] DMG effect's range tag not working
  202. Effects
  203. Friday 4E High Heroic to Paragon Game, 7:30 PM - 12:30 AM Pacific (UTC -8 )
  204. Question about Animal Companions
  205. Defenders and Marking
  206. Something wrong in NPC stats
  207. Skill and Damage modifier effect
  208. Character conversion
  209. Easiest way to scrape a pdf (4E)?
  210. Conditional effects
  211. Question about NPC damage adjustment in ruleset...
  212. Scales of War
  213. 4e materials integrated with Herolab updater now
  214. Husband and Wife LFG!
  215. How to use actions "Delay" and "ready an action"
  216. 4E automation extension
  217. Customising healing surge value (HSV)
  218. GM's having PCs as well
  219. Where is the character converter?
  220. FPGEMUtility
  221. New FG User on Steam looking to join an existing 4E Group
  222. Modifiers just not working right?
  223. 4e PvP Arena
  224. Thieve´s Tools
  225. Parsing question
  226. New to using Fantasy Grounds
  227. How do I hide magic properties of weapons from the PC's receiving them?
  228. Drag and Drop from parsed 4E books?
  229. How do you folks keep track of rituals in the 4e plugin?
  230. How do you make and add a custom 4E module?
  231. Prince of Undeath Campaign
  232. Character Converter error
  233. Importing custom PCs, NPCs, and Monsters
  234. Parsed info from DDI: Where to find features?
  235. IFT: Bloodied not working for me
  236. Creating Magic Items
  237. 4E Encounter Building - Auto-calculate XP totals?
  238. 4e PHB pdf now available
  239. Request: XP autocalculates in Encounters pane
  240. Cheat Sheet for NPC Effect Shortcuts
  241. Character Creation Question
  242. Any 4e one-shots?
  243. Two questions before buying
  244. 4E player possibly looking for group
  245. any type of 4E ruleset
  246. Groups
  247. Where do I get the actual 4e modules for powers and such?
  248. Adding feat bonuses to hit
  249. Problems with Monsters and encounters
  250. What material would you consider Essentials?