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  1. Dim light overriding Darkvision
  2. Very high GPU load 03-16
  3. Export to Metadata?
  4. Beta Release v4.1 - Character selection for lighting effects difficult
  5. Map Jumping when placing Encounter Tokens
  6. Character List
  7. Latency between host and client
  8. FOW darkness levels are not the same on mirrored 2nd screen.
  9. Test Channel - Source Light sharing bug
  10. Gamma Correction on macOS computers using a free app named Handy Gamma
  11. Marching order graphical glitch V4.1
  12. Will FGU ever be updated to use Lua 5.4?
  13. Player Vision bug with Dynamic Line of Sight
  14. Dynamic Lighting Bug
  15. Token Lighting question/request.
  16. unreliable combattracker.list.*.status updates in TEST server?
  17. All my TEST server campaign lights just went to solid circles of light with update
  18. blindsight vs darkness lighting
  19. Poor Performance After Yesterday's Update
  20. D&D 2E: Tokens are invisible in darkness, even with Infravision.
  21. lighting doesn't work with the control Z undo queue
  22. Tokens not visible unless in light source
  23. Latest test game in TEST server - that was painful
  24. Massive Performance Drop With Multiple Light Sources
  25. Dynamic Lighting Lag 4/3/21
  26. Can't pick up and drop tokens even when unlocked.
  27. TEST - player health bars
  28. Additional layers not working with Lighting. Possible Mac issue
  29. Light radius confusion
  30. Window mode fixes TEST vs. LIVE
  31. Exporting Module with lights doesn't add the lights
  32. About performance and occlusion culling
  33. Error in DnD5E damage
  34. Migrating campaign from Test to Live
  35. LOS - Quick question
  36. Focus lost with map in background
  37. Heavy GPU load (Build 04-13)
  38. Token Lighting and FoW
  39. FoW not respecting darkvision
  40. Token Lights (New dialog)
  41. Questions about toggle darkness
  42. Question about interaction between LoS and Lighting
  43. Light washout with ambient light and preset torch
  44. macOS FGU 4-13 TEST Build Drawing Pointers using mouse activation fails.
  45. Token light and other token visibility.
  46. Darkvision not seeing tokens with both lighting and LOS on
  47. LOS - Shadow Caster
  48. Light falloff with LOS
  49. Visual Artifacts with Token Light
  50. Testing Update: Lighting still causing performance issues
  51. 1 out of 5 players couldn't connect on the Test channel
  52. Confused on what is going on in TEST
  53. Light Sources showing when no token selected.
  54. Collapse All
  55. Game report. 4 hour session. Performed well.
  56. Low Light VIsion (Starfinder)
  57. Moving tokens thru walls (V4.1)
  58. Anyone seeing weird targeting results in TEST
  59. Module loading error
  60. Has Truesight been removed from the Starfinder ruleset?
  61. Trying to understand lighting effects syntax
  62. Fog of War and Token visibility issue when adding new lights
  63. Bizarre behavior when there's a "darkness" source
  64. Handler error
  65. Fog of War bug
  66. Magical Darkness and Special Vision Issue
  67. For several weeks now a token in darkness is not visible to a token with darkvision
  68. Light edge falloff additive to other lights
  69. Add /vsync and /imagequality to Chat SLASH COMMANDS print out
  70. Light Layers remain after deleting light
  71. Player vision not updating if the GM opens a door
  72. Light not showing when logged in as player
  73. Lighting modifications not working? [Fixed]
  74. "Enabling/Disabling Lighting" ruins maps!
  75. Using Lighting and LOS in Test FGU 4.1 Strange behaviour
  76. Wall Occluder Issue
  77. No Colored Lights
  78. Couple of issues on test
  79. Should white light override other colors?
  80. [Bug] Dragging tokens as players not really possible and buggy ambient lighting
  81. Light sources don't load on reverting an image until you /reload
  82. Range of Vision
  83. Mace has no property (Player's Handbook)
  84. [TEST] The Drawing tools not available for clients
  85. Font support for bold and italic tags in Unity
  86. Token Change (Random Tokens)
  87. Smiteworks Forge
  88. Numerical order within strings
  89. FG Unity - Beta Release v4.1.5
  90. Problems to connect Test Version
  91. Map Grid Lines are not displayed correctly.
  92. CTR-Z undoes image edits in play mode
  93. Ambient lighting with shadows make Pits visible
  94. Image not updating after undo/redo
  95. Issue with Undo and token locking
  96. Pointers bug
  97. Fog of war LOS glicth?
  98. Beta Release - 2021-11 Ruleset Updates
  99. Developer Notes - 2021-11 Ruleset Updates
  100. Oct 2021 - Test Channel Bugs
  101. General 2021-11 Ruleset Updates Feedback
  102. 2021-11 Ruleset: 5E Reference Manual images are tiny on initial player view
  103. 2021-11 Ruleset: Small sidebar buttons no longer have tooltips
  104. Startfinder Sidebar Buttons incorrectly grouped.
  105. SWADE/SWD Errors
  106. Beta Test - How to change sidebar sub-item category?
  107. [Bug] Exporting pages of a reference manual
  108. Portrait & Decal selection
  109. GM and Player sidebar button order different in 5E
  110. How to retrieve characters from old HD
  111. 2021-11 Ruleset: Decal dialog doesn't show decal extensions
  112. 2021-11 Ruleset: Players can no longer see/set owned portraits
  113. [Bug] Cleared decal recovers after a reload of the campaign
  114. [Feature request] Global back button for portrait selection window
  115. A couple minor 5E theme and decal observations
  116. 2021-11 Ruleset: Remove all FGC checks?
  117. ChatManager Handler Registration
  118. Please add a name to an unnamed object in CoreRPG
  119. 2021-11 Ruleset Updates: Library/Modules view not displaying content
  120. SWD Error in Test
  121. Record View strings
  122. Question regarding modifiers in Data_Desktop_5E
  123. Deadlands Weird West Script Error in Test
  124. ModifierManager changes question
  125. Lost everything made in my campaign after "Check for Update"
  126. Campaign Setup Window needs to be updated
  127. 3.5E Theme
  128. Sidebar Cutoff in 3.5e
  129. Decals
  130. Savage Worlds ruleset, removing attacks from NPC in Combat Tracker via scripts
  131. UTF-8 encoding for accented characters in FGU?