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  1. font color on character sheets
  2. Need help formating dice rolls
  3. Lighting mood color schemas
  4. Get a random number?
  5. Hiding tokens from other players?
  6. Multiple Values for <hideonvalue>?
  7. Font-Frame Sampler extension
  8. Custom Die Model Issues
  9. Idenify/Unidentify Monsters
  10. A Different Way to Write Rulesets
  11. Vampire The Masquerade Ruleset allowed ?
  12. Quick Q: Which Framedef Does The Vote System Use?
  13. getDice() Unexpected Results
  14. Debug-mode in the settings
  15. Character Portrait problem
  16. Changing Database Schemas on published rulesets - discussion
  17. Looking for help: Creating a new WoD extension
  18. windowslist, subwindow and hasFocus.
  19. Redrawing pointers on an imagecontrol
  20. Two suggestions: Encounter and image names.
  21. Problem with a module
  22. Trouble with client-side database timings - is there a simpler solution ?
  23. Script modding and general help needed
  24. Player-side scripting questions
  25. Adding a frame / background color to the chatentry window
  26. User.ringBell on host side
  27. Coding Problem (Macro Substitution in C++)
  28. Coupla inventory item questions
  29. Automatically apply DR after attack roll
  30. Generating True Random Numbers
  31. Help On Windowlist Filtering (I Think)
  32. Simple IK Ruleset
  33. Quick Ruleset Questions
  34. Lua code and Closures - or, why aren't my widgets updating ?!
  35. Columns in windowlist not behaving as expected
  36. Small modifications to SW3 ruleset
  37. Item- Effects! (oops prob better place for it)
  38. [Ruleset] Immortal: The Invisible War
  39. How To: Get NPC Data From D20PFSRD
  40. Sizing
  41. Fallout: Pen & Paper
  42. different types of map pins?
  43. Including /mood in NPC and/or /id
  44. Help Pls Modifying String Parser
  45. Picking a ruleset to start modding from?
  46. Version compatibility issues with onDrag / onDragStart ?
  47. Error message with 2.8+: "Ruleset error: No vertical anchor defined"
  48. Crit roll modifier thing...
  49. Where in the 3.5 ruleset can I find the skill list?
  50. "C stack overflow" when setting a node value
  51. Temporary Bonuses in 3.5 Ruleset.
  52. Modifying Hex Grid
  53. Trying to get a text input field to dynamically size to contents
  54. Armor Check Multiplier
  55. Modifying skill variables
  56. setStatic with campaigns
  57. Custom Pointers Coding Toolkit - Over Several Posts
  58. Noobish question about windowclass, windowinstance, and making a list of skills
  59. Debug tools chat() ?
  60. What am I doing wrong?
  61. 13th Age
  62. Return result to a database field from a throwdice function
  63. I've Broken My ImageControl :-(
  64. Second column in windowlist not responsive; how to reference a field in two places?
  65. FG3 Community Rulesetes
  66. Easy way to do tables
  67. Dice Rolls in FG Core 3.0
  68. Can I set no GM portrait in chat?
  69. Token bag, tokenbagbar.png use?
  70. offset in framedef?
  71. Editing Dice Total Font Color?
  72. Some "anchored" questions
  73. Fantasy Craft Ruleset
  74. Effects Coding
  75. Drag & Drop Working But Not Showing While Dragging
  76. Adding additional bonus to ability rolls
  77. Resource Request
  78. Referencing a windowlist field in two places causes it to double on the list
  79. Font color modification
  80. Questions about a creation
  81. Having two fields reference one another with scripts
  82. Remove "Campaign Saved"
  83. Ruleset Warning: Could not find template font
  84. Fields not synched...
  85. Different graphics for Token Sets?
  86. Problem with player notes feature introduced with 2.4, node ownership
  87. Automatic Linking of Reference Links without Draginfo
  88. Submitting a ruleset?
  89. Adding a barbarian rage "button/spell/effect"
  90. New project: Ruleset wizard
  91. Rt click adding items to a list
  92. Data node pathing for ActorManager.getActor()
  93. Labyrinth Lord - Totals for die rolls
  94. Problem with toggle button and checkbox templates
  95. gegtWindowCount() AFTER applyFilter()
  96. action manager in the 4 e ruleset and right click die adding
  97. Dynamically creating and anchoring controls
  98. Drag and Drop tokenbags
  99. nWoD Ruleset updates - Demon: The Descent?
  100. Suggestion: Dynamic tokens
  101. Vampire the Masquerade Ruleset for FG3
  102. getting my head around drag and drop
  103. Work In Progress: OGL Modern
  104. Wiki thoughts?
  105. Creating an extension for Galaxy and Planet information.
  106. Foundation Core GM die rolls
  107. Changing the dragdata for a window reference control
  108. A stopwatch or clock addon
  109. Ruleset vs Extension
  110. Scope and syntax help
  111. Scripting problem
  112. Ingame Gregorian Calendar
  113. Creating an "alias" for a character sheet field / DB node?
  114. onValueChanged function and infinite loop
  115. Keyboard shortcut to roll in the dice tower
  116. Conversion of rulesets to use string resources in v3.0
  117. Making a new ruleset
  118. Syncing Player Initiative to Combat Tracker
  119. Trouble with button_stringcycler...
  120. Combat tracker subsections positioning and ordering
  121. How do I modify the 10 in the AC field
  122. Where is the AC.totals.general calulated
  123. GURPS Table.
  124. Treasure Parcel Generator in FG
  125. scrollboxfortabs Frame type to display & sort multiple fields
  126. Pathfinder: Random Magic Item Generation
  127. Question about finding Children...
  128. Trouble with nodeCreature
  129. Suggestion: Pen tool
  130. Fields of the Desktop, seen by host and client
  131. Referencing other controls on the same sheet from a windowlist item?
  132. Force Reload of Ruleset While Client Connected?
  133. Problem with modules
  134. Changing a Windowclass script in a FG3 extension
  135. Bug in copyNode-function or whats wrong with the code?
  136. Dynamic Decal Positioning..
  137. Skill list deletion error
  138. Including images in ruleset?
  139. invisible dice tower, and, something completly different
  140. How to: Add columns to a table created in FG
  141. Ruleset Warning: chat: Could not find icon ()
  142. Party Sheet diceroll script
  143. In-Game Calendar, non static holidays.
  144. Using Tables...
  145. Full module description - documentation?
  146. Including text in module?
  147. Need Help With Updating the APG for PFRPG
  148. Tweak Idea - "Character" on right click radial
  149. Adding Damage Dice...
  150. Making a module
  151. layering: change/overwrite an option of the included ruleset (core)
  152. Player Cap
  153. Linking Functions
  154. Including Pregen Characters with an Adventure
  155. Grouped Effects...
  156. Calendar modules documentation?
  157. Core Ruleset Alteration Help
  158. Combat Tracker adjustments for a Custom Ruleset using CoreRPG
  159. Tweaking results from the Modifiers Box.
  160. Strings in the wrong place
  161. Including module in ruleset, and controling default activation?
  162. Please optimize your images in your ruleset, tokens, battlemap and such!
  163. Eclipse Phase ruleset - Where to start?
  164. Problems getting events to work with an element of a windowlist
  165. Loading an unziped extension-module?
  166. T20 Traveller
  167. Vertical character list
  168. Overwriting lua scripts in CoreRPG?
  169. Facing Icon
  170. Positioning the UI inside the frame
  171. Layering graphics on the desktop
  172. Possible to remove dice in an extension?
  173. Rolling multiple dice types at once?
  174. 4E Zone Extension
  175. Throwing an extra die mid roll...
  176. Tutorials? Searched and found none
  177. Request For Advice - Best Way To Handle Modification In The Layered Ruleset Model
  178. Inline images in library modules
  179. [Tutorial] Creating a Basic Extension
  180. Better way to manage module data?
  181. What Ruleset to Use - TWD Style Game
  182. Negative DMG Effects...
  183. Image Module Example Required
  184. Item Sorting in the default referenceindex of corerpg
  185. Is it possible to know if a widget has been clicked?
  186. Can Players Share Images?
  187. Can I use some kind of merge extending scripts?
  188. numberfield synching problem
  189. Suggestion: Colored Pins
  190. Sheetgroup Frame (v2.9.x) -> ???
  191. Help With Code - Please
  192. Is there a way to enable fractional distance measurement?
  193. button.setIcons - trigger icon change immediately?
  194. Pathfinder: Attack roll under AC -> Lower damage
  195. Need help with a damage roll feature
  196. Debugging a Module
  197. New Call of Cthulhu Ruleset Skill-list & Modifications
  198. Pointer Templates for HEX Maps...
  199. Custom Dice?
  200. Modifying 'Powers' in BRP Ruleset
  201. Export Question
  202. Formattedtext table limitations
  203. Library Modules and Extensions
  204. 13th Age
  205. Adding Library entries from a ruleset?
  206. Shadowrun rulset and libraries
  207. Is it possible to merge library modules?
  208. Calendars with out of month-week days?
  209. What's the easiest way to implement a horizontal scrollbar?
  210. Icon aliases
  211. DragData.setDescription() Help Required
  212. Zipped home made ruleset in .pak format issue
  213. Subclassing WindowClass Objects
  214. What does self.update mean in number_crosslink.lua?
  215. Changing Background Image in Ruleset.
  216. Typecasting DB Nodes
  217. Font Name Please
  218. Copy / Paste text with formatting
  219. Mass Combat Extension
  220. Modifying 3.5 for Mass Effect
  221. Theme modification
  222. About new rule sets.
  223. Interesting Coding Issue - Or - What The Hell Am I Doing Wrong
  224. Help With button_stringcycler
  225. Changing a unit of measurment in a ruleset. (Dark Heresy)
  226. Changing Cone Angles in Pointers
  227. Coding Help Please - WindowReferenceControl Nodes In The DB
  228. Looking for Code - Str Bonus in Dark Heresy
  229. Some assistance
  230. Help With Accessing Controls On Other (Peer) Subwindows
  231. Max number of dices?
  232. Problem with use of diacritics in lua-generated text
  233. Modify ruleset. Which to choose...?
  234. Dynamically Resizing Windowlists
  235. Remodel D10 to 0-9 instead of 1-10
  236. 3.5E Basic (House) Rules?
  237. Pokemon Campaign possibility?
  238. Applying Damage to Tracker from Chat Window...
  239. Character sheet, Char Gen "do once" questions
  240. Making a Ruleset based on existing RPG's, Permissions from Publishers? Q&A
  241. New D100 based Ruleset extension for D00lite - Where to start?
  242. Exploding dice
  243. Stick for finished/available custom rulesets?
  244. Anyone done anything towards a ASOIAF Ruleset?
  245. Creating new ruleset based on CoreRPG
  246. Drop Highest / Drop Lowest
  247. Editing 3.5e to put Spells into "prepare" mode permanently
  248. Tick based initiative
  249. Mac editing tools?
  250. Imagebox