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  1. Creating the dragdata Object at Will, Revisited (for FGU)
  2. Accessing the Builtin Magics of the dragdata Object
  3. Are multiple localhost connections available in FGU?
  4. Function sharing
  5. Adding more HP 'pools/bars' for d20 modern.
  6. referencing local variables (or not) in CoreRPG
  7. How to attach Information to a roll in Chat
  8. A question about windowclasses
  9. unnamed tabs_charsheet in MoreCore record_char.xml
  10. Manual effect deletion (5e)
  11. Deadlands Original
  12. Modules with 7Zip Question
  13. How to window area around a token?
  14. Creating a wrapper around Token.onClickRelease...
  15. Roll handling
  16. Adding a checkbox counter
  17. Having trouble figuring out how to read a "WindowReference" node
  18. CombatTracker, Actors, Character/Monster nodes?
  19. CT - trying to understand how to link fields
  20. Widgets naturally blurry
  21. getActor(sActorType, varActor) - deprecation notice - what is it telling me?
  22. onDiceTotal - what is it used for? (ChatWindow)
  23. .setClipRegion Parameter 3 incorrect clipping
  24. How to add a new sidebar section?
  25. Table generated Parcels and custom money...
  26. MoreCore - scrollbarcontrol button warning
  27. Why is this still editable on NPC Sheet
  28. Map window on top precedence when processing double click
  29. Is there a way to limit string controls to single line?
  30. relative placement
  31. Frames started clipping for no discernible reason
  32. Recorded for Posterity - The secret tales of data_library.lua
  33. [MoreCore] CAS, etc - How to make P1 input <delaykeyupdate /> of sorts?
  34. Registering options - what is the effect of the second parameter "true/false"?
  35. Getting a node from node and string path
  36. Newby needs help "summarizing" multiple rolls (Battletech Missile Hits)
  37. French Republican calendar
  38. Can someone explain "contentanchor" to me?
  39. Unable to locate ruleset file.
  40. Advice - How to add something like a language slot
  41. My Bane - Merging and Anchoring (Please help with inserting a control)
  42. Help figuring out how to move an "ft_record" control on a tab
  43. Have things speeded up since the new release of FGU 5E?
  44. Updated developer guide after 21-02-18 changes?
  45. Merging confusion
  46. Window List Issue
  47. CT linking question
  48. New Programming Style? Programming Convention?
  49. Starting with Effects
  50. Ruleset Strings
  51. MoreCore: When rolling an attack on multiple targets
  52. Looking To Pay For a Custom FG 5E Theme
  53. Question using a DB handler
  54. xml for rolling multiple dice on a table?
  55. [4E] Create a draw button for power for MTG-like game
  56. Couple extension questions
  57. [CoreRPG] where is scripting to add dice to draginfo on right click?
  58. Add a button to the (new) Sidebar
  59. Fast Unity v Classic questions
  60. Get inventorylist entry from weaponlist entry
  61. Is there a way to query range in rulesets?
  62. Fortune Points/Tokens
  63. Theme Extension not overriding the Radial Background
  64. Function That Controlls The Dice Color
  65. Selectable languages in Chat menu
  66. Module using "Session.isHost" gets nil?
  67. Feature Request: Better localization possibilities
  68. Feature Request: Allow us to add notes to other Characters Portaits
  69. Module weapon with INT bonus damage
  70. Question About Token Mods
  71. Potential error in 3.5e ruleset
  72. Getting Distance Multiplier fomr Image Control
  73. ct_effect and FGC vs FGU
  74. Collapse Subwindow?
  75. FGU Custom Pointers
  76. Shadows of Esteren Ruleset
  77. warn about Fantasy Grounds Version too old
  78. Changing the onMeasurePointer Label Frame
  79. Writing a DMGX extension for 5E?
  80. Combobox add(blah,blah)
  81. Can the range calculation be overridden?
  82. Removing Radial Menu Options
  83. Adding new Weapon Properites to 5E
  84. Setting up a sentient weapon in 5e, advice needed please (Curse of Strahd spoiler)
  85. Script error weighted dice
  86. Dark Heresy?
  87. BIG BUG: FGC and Savage Worlds multiple script errors
  88. Problems with 5E ActionDamage.onDamage behavior
  89. Assistance updating graphic interface mods
  90. Debug examples
  91. getWoundPercent always returning the same?
  92. changing ther die font color
  93. Override background with a color?
  94. Cannot get Reference Module to load (Unity)
  95. dynamic setting of string cycler in a template
  96. accessing subwindow1 from subwindow2
  97. drag link onto subwindow fill out linkfield
  98. INTERFACE DESIGN and code updates.
  99. Allowing usage of customdie in effect
  100. Weighted die extension
  101. Module Category Guidelines
  102. Applying Modifier to Target Number Rather Than Dice Roll
  103. How to check "Raw Distance" programmatically
  104. Saving FOW values
  105. Ruleset Designer app
  106. Classic vs Unity
  107. Missing indirect referencing of contained function in CombatManager
  108. How to monitor quantity changes?
  109. You’ve stumbled on a restricted space
  110. Is there a way to reset Fog of War via API?
  111. A question on NPC powers in 5e
  112. Issue with getTokensWithinDistance
  113. maximizing a window and zoom extents in LUA (unity)
  114. Extension Dependency
  115. Odd DragNDrop problem
  116. 5e Ongoing damage oddity
  117. How to limit the <windowlist> to single item?
  118. ActionsManager.registerModHandler for Table Roll Script
  119. Checking the state of a button outside a windowlist
  120. Updating addEffect in manager_effect.lua of CoreRPG
  121. How would have an EXPERIENCED xml guy done this change to a MoreCore window
  122. Moving effect from Custom to Presets
  123. User.isHost() or Session.IsHost?
  124. Lua string.find() question
  125. Problem with TokenManager/ImageManager
  126. Functions from image.lua disappearing
  127. How do I move a frame in morecore
  128. referencetext / referencetextwide *acceptdrop" question
  129. Feasibility of Rich Text WYSIWYG Story Entries
  130. Toogle Lightning by API
  131. attempt to call global getDatabaseNode (a nil value)
  132. Is there a way to make a Roll (Action) ignore targetting?
  133. Return the result of a table roll inside script
  134. Core RPG Attribute/Skills text
  135. Enjoying working natively on Mac - anyway to export modules with FGU and edit
  136. Structure architecture document for nodePC and nodeNPC?
  137. Themes for Custom Rulesets
  138. Updating total wounds on click instead of on drop
  139. Spells, saves and damage .... oh my
  140. Creating a child node with autogenerated name
  141. Token IDs [5E, FGU]
  142. Smarter Desktop Background
  143. .dat file password protected
  144. Calendar Database Usage Question
  145. Updating information in tabs
  146. When A Client Connects ...
  147. Options Sheet Text Box
  148. How to add tables straight from the db.xml
  149. Function visiblity and data
  150. Check on languages
  151. Rederence manual - problem
  152. Dice Output In Chat
  153. Reference Manual - two columns text and image
  154. Dynamically Renaming A Template
  155. CoreRPG: The One Ring 2e
  156. Reference Manual - personal classes
  157. Block a extension loading from ruleset?
  158. Passing character name TO FG?
  159. Changed data structure & ruleset compatibility
  160. Want to build extension to make 5e death behave like 3e -10
  161. token, onMove,onAdd,onDelete, OnContainerChanged call order and issues.
  162. token, onDragStart, onDrag, onDragEnd
  163. Adding New HP/Stats to the npc sheets
  164. [Wishlist] Shiver RPG Ruleset
  165. Need help: Extension, Savage Worlds, Card_lib.lua, pointer
  166. formattedtextcontrol - get selected text
  167. Help needed bringing custom data from roll into the results handlers
  168. Need help with auto-populated text
  169. Is there a way to determine if a token can be seen in client?
  170. version and release attributes in the <root> element
  171. CoreRPG CombatManager.nextActor()
  172. Calling of function in a separate .lua script file
  173. How to change the size of the font for tooltips in a ruleset
  174. Does User.onLogin Actually Trigger on a User Logging Out?
  175. Can Waypoint/Token Ring assets be themed?
  176. can we have setHoverCursor("grab")
  177. Project organization
  178. Can you hot-switch between campaigns during creating an adventure?
  179. Synch Database between host and client
  180. Disable Dice Totals in FG Unity (Core RPG)
  181. Can't use getCTFromToken from inside onAdd
  182. Roll functionality in FGU
  183. An old extension I made is being resurrected
  184. Any way to force die roll graphics appear below the die roll text?
  185. Can Effects Expire at the End of a Turn Instead of the Beginning?
  186. Root image reference from a module ?
  187. Minimum width suggested (3) versus (2)
  188. module load performance between .mod and unpacked.
  189. How can i shorten this code?
  190. databasenode = { image.id-00002.image } from tokeninstance getContainerNode
  191. [5E] Critical Damage modification
  192. Charsheet Issue - I cant find the field...
  193. Need direction to add Roll Modifier in output
  194. How "crack open" extension file
  195. Back again with another question
  196. Changing charsheet frame from charsheet_main
  197. Combat Tracker Errors
  198. Adding an FGU Style Image to the Party Sheet
  199. How to DB.getChild() using a string value?
  200. CombatManager.getTokenFromCT unexpectedly returning nil
  201. Grid size requirement still needed?
  202. help with a custom versus roll
  203. Strange entries in db.xml
  204. Fantastic Tails - New RPG looking for developer
  205. Weapon Modification Extension (PF2) - Seeking Example/Inspiring Extensions
  206. Refresh my memory if you will....LUA question
  207. Got a weird CT one...
  208. Hellboy RPG
  209. Simple question about XML processing in rulesets
  210. Creating a Jigsaw puzzle for players to build
  211. Concerning <windowclass>, <sheetdata>, and Templates
  212. 5E Reading contents of local variable
  213. Hero Coins
  214. Calculating FG distance
  215. Is manifest.json a known format ?
  216. Get Value from PC Skill List in CT
  217. coding for morons
  218. Drag selection not working
  219. Can extensions send data OUT of FG?
  220. Frostgrave
  221. Wheel of Time 5th ed conversion
  222. 5E Extension - How To Query
  223. Place link to dynamic table in reference manual
  224. Is there a structure that is used when dragging damage from the chat window?
  225. DB.findNode() that searches module path?
  226. New Tab on Character sheets
  227. Adding New Campaign Data Record Types to the LibraryData Script
  228. Function Issue
  229. .getColor/.setColor
  230. Handling Return Values
  231. How to adjust text offset in reference manual custom frame
  232. Busted my extension
  233. Hiding Tabs
  234. Dropdown List not populating
  235. Dynamically filled lists
  236. Label Controls
  237. Thoughts on doing away with Story entries on new products?
  238. 5E - Issue adding a 2nd Background to the character sheet.
  239. How to influence new sidebar categories and icons
  240. Add Button Error
  241. String Cycler How to get rid of the empty value
  242. Drag and Drop not working
  243. Error only on creation of a new Character
  244. API Import
  245. URL API changes, disables functionality working since FGC?
  246. Grouped Lists
  247. Party inventory control only rendering for host
  248. Getting user name
  249. Adding modifier button to an existing category
  250. Can someone explain "super" and how it works in FGU?