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  1. NPC DB - CT correlation
  2. setSelectionPosition() can't get to select text
  3. How do I make sure I'm anchored to the right in a windowclass?
  4. 5e Damage absorption effect
  5. Token bags - labels?
  6. openWindow() returning nil in classic?
  7. Customizing a UA class
  8. Unity: getValue called by handler returns previous value
  9. Tricky pesky character sheets
  10. Can you change anchor points in onInit()?
  11. How to extract data from a dropped getShortcutData type of object?
  12. FG/FGU, Interface.dialogFileSave() is different ?
  13. MoreCore/CoreRPG - filling in list_text boxes programmatically
  14. Customizing Race and Class Options
  15. Unity: die.value compared with die.result
  16. My extension based on OldSchoolEssentials/MoreCore/CoreRPG question
  17. Surely there is something to covert "cr" (challenge rating) from text to number?
  18. Oddball dice - d2, d3, etc
  19. String patterns (find/replace dice string values)
  20. I'm stuck trying to understand why I'm locked up when I try to do something in LUA..
  21. Question about a choosing field from YOUTUBE tutorial
  22. In LUA, how do you bring up a shortcut?
  23. In LUA, how do I tell if a character sheet window is visible or not?
  24. combobox pulldown screen requires the subwindow its in to encompass that size?
  25. What does a self-referential "source=" imply?
  26. Anchoring chart missing from old doc page
  27. Oddly, this blows up
  28. help with FG module development
  29. In LUA, how do you find all nodes with a given matching value?
  30. Percentile Dice or D100
  31. Why does openCharacter() trigger old charsheet windows in onWindowOpen()?
  32. Creating a secondary character sheet
  33. Calendar also player editable?
  34. Is there a way to be notified of the amount of damage a CT node received?
  35. onInit and merge=join
  36. Is there a reason why holder/owner of NPC cannot end turn?
  37. Use of DataCommon Arrays
  38. MoreCore Extension tutorial part 1
  39. Expecting nil when first attempting to access node but it exists and has a default
  40. Looking for assistance in finding out why Low-Light vision is not added to my char.
  41. morecore dice rolls using parameters
  42. skipping a row with relation="current" ?
  43. I need help with a small amount of code
  44. Any reason when designing xml to pick one over the orders
  45. Portrait tooltip and clickable field not sizing as planned
  46. Stumped on calling Global I thought method in control <script> handler
  47. How do holders work in different types of nodes?
  48. Regular expression to match/extract "2d6" into 2,6,nil and "2d6+1" into 2,6,+1 ?
  49. Question about the 9 slices youtube video
  50. Pregens for Hoard of the Dragon Queen
  51. How do I add effect duration and units in <effects> in combat tracker nodes? (5E)
  52. Edit formatted text link tags in lua
  53. Changing string cycler
  54. CombatManager.setCustomDrop - event is executed twice
  55. Which Is Faster?
  56. Is there a way to locally test with your "player" not being your same name?
  57. HTTP request
  58. How do I get dumb text in a charsheet subwindow that can be turned off and on?
  59. Extension to Core that allows a text string to indicate rolling multiple dice
  60. Check boxes flicker.
  61. Simple Default Text Alignment?
  62. Question regarding what XML to copy into an extension
  63. Update merge
  64. Adding Extra Fonts to FGC
  65. In the core ruleset where is the drop over a player icon handled?
  66. Is there a trick to overriding CharacterListManager.onShortcutDrop?
  67. MoreCore: Just noticed I broke something big. Not sure when
  68. Character Name and Skill Value in extension
  69. Is there a way to perform a wisdom saving throw and return if it succeeded or failed?
  70. FGU /FGC issue
  71. Is there a way to "compose" scripts?
  72. Radial menu option 7 broken
  73. What do people do to prevent button bashing?
  74. Why is my trying to delete control triggering "No vertical anchor defined"
  75. Changing Default Font Color
  76. Overriding function
  77. Help with CT.lua
  78. Is An Extension Loaded?
  79. Sidebar button memory
  80. Can An Extension Be Stopped From Loading?
  81. What a drag ;)
  82. lua version
  83. Help with Bag of Holding Extension (development)
  84. What are the risk of senging off an OOB to process on host do something using it
  85. Help Custom Ruleset not showing up.
  86. Help with Death Flavor Extension
  87. Star Trek Adventure with Unity Fantasy Grounds?
  88. Hiding actors in the combat tracker
  89. DB and USER objects
  90. Learn how to Develop with me
  91. Coding a rule set for Wheel of Time
  92. Conflicts in getValue and setValue
  93. Resource name question
  94. Theme graphic question.
  95. Getting started making a simple ruleset
  96. FGU Roll Total Display
  97. Creating a ruleset to test a game
  98. A little help please!
  99. NPC character sheet stats
  100. Theme problem
  101. Can You Detect The Theme Being Loaded?
  102. Ruleset Warning Console Message
  103. Extension for inactive NPCs on combat tracker?
  104. Module activation issue
  105. Modify tabs in character sheet DnD 5e
  106. Disable/Hide Tabs
  107. Export Engine request
  108. Replacing scripts on desktop button
  109. Action to expend spell slot
  110. tabs_recordsheet question
  111. Table values sometimes a string
  112. Wanting to Create Two Rules Sets
  113. Document or tutorial explaining how Map interacts with <token> tags in DB?
  114. Simple Template
  115. root version
  116. Debugging
  117. Best way to have an "active" checkbox in a list.
  118. Why can players move assets?
  119. How to set user radial menu option on token in map?
  120. Potential Issue with Add Handler Documentation?
  121. Anyway around "recursive node event" error when actually looking for some recursion?
  122. Is there a way to apply User.getRulesetName() filter on a chunk of XML code?
  123. Overriding template breaks drag and drop
  124. Error in the lua Api Documentation
  125. Basic Extension Coding Tutorial 2018
  126. Client Side Event Handling
  127. create new list item from lua script
  128. Change position of entry tabs
  129. Extensions Merge
  130. FGU: Extension not working?
  131. node.delete
  132. Shared Function in Ext
  133. FGU Image panel issue
  134. Matching Sidebar Icon to Multiple Themes
  135. How to use <weight> property of a font in Unity
  136. FGU initialization sequence
  137. Contributing to the FGU wiki?
  138. Improving Extensions Compatability
  139. Porting older rulesets to FGUnity ... Exploding dice doesn't sum properly.
  140. Question : add a tab on the NPC template
  141. Setting Dice Roll Result for the next roll
  142. dice rolls with /die - What exactly happens
  143. CoreRPG OpenDyslexic2 Font Extension - Unity
  144. What fires on a Whisper?
  145. Trying to beef up Story Templates. Help needed
  146. What happens when "assinging" methods?
  147. Asynchronous processing on host - is it possible?
  148. Show portrait in a window?
  149. Simple example of wrapping text label with scroll bar?
  150. dialogMessage definition incorrect on wiki
  151. That special chat bubble text?
  152. Determine when <Enter> pressed in stringfield? Is there a better text entry field?
  153. Resize a window programmatically if it's not a <dynamic /> window?
  154. Modifing the Combat Tracker Frames
  155. Which Function to call for FGU complex dices rolls
  156. Any way to get position of a character portrait (in the top left screen list)?
  157. Dice color suggestion
  158. How to use Automatic Halfling Luck?
  159. (FGU) Problem with replacing characters in a stringfield
  160. Set formattedtextfield font programatically?
  161. User.getCurrentyIdentity() and User.getIdentityLabel() not working... sometimes.
  162. Fate Core Character Mods vs. Fantasy Grounds
  163. LUA Pattern matching issue...
  164. Merging tabs
  165. Do onUpdate and onChildUpdate work for formattedtext nodes?
  166. LOS range between tokens
  167. help with compatibility
  168. Request: 5E Houserule (HP on level) -- First ever FGU mod
  169. Amber Diceless RPG Theme
  170. Can you increase all field widths when a window is made wider
  171. Show more items in one line if the window is made wider
  172. getViewpoint() and setViewpointCenter()
  173. Create Tokens from Portraitfolder
  174. Detect holding down on a button?
  175. Rolling Dice without Graphics
  176. imageWindow and imageWindowToolbar relationship
  177. Can a PDF be added and/or shared?
  178. How to Adjust the position of window’s help/close buttons?
  179. Is is possible to have two(or more) different window titlebar images?
  180. Minimize Window programatically?
  181. Randomness and Analytics of Die Rolls
  182. Lock Tokens
  183. Anyway to trap keystrokes at any time?
  184. io.open ... is there a way to enable this?
  185. Help me locate and delete nodes...
  186. Detect which window is currently on top or just made the focus?
  187. onLogin - not firing
  188. Client window created on host - what am I doing wrong?
  189. Changing one thing
  190. Is there plan to open layer effects programming to develoeprs?
  191. Prevent extension from loading in Unity
  192. Delay in Lua?
  193. Group list box control in parcel/npc/etc. sheets
  194. Use Effects, or Roll My Own in my Ruleset?
  195. Green Links in Player Module Not There?
  196. How do I toggle a windowinstance between visible and invisible?
  197. Windowlist, creating a "window" on initialization?
  198. Add to a class' onInit() - replace / merge?
  199. Issue with contentframe
  200. addUnderlay
  201. Where is "Mask Sensitive Visibility" defined?
  202. FGU layers, API
  203. Twilight 2000 Theme for CoreRPG
  204. Adding More Dice to the Desktop
  205. Ruleset Wizard and Cyberpunk RED ruleset creation tutorial
  206. FGU, Recent changes related to tokenCT.addUnderlay() ?
  207. Line spacing in multiline stringfields
  208. Anchored static width ignored for control
  209. FGU Effects default to rounds in extensions
  210. Token vs Widget question
  211. Run script on character creation
  212. Handler Questions
  213. Is there a thread to post ruleset wizard queries?
  214. windowinstance and self closing causing "crash"
  215. Project: Hypertext links
  216. News trying to code a wild die
  217. XML organization and reusability
  218. Scrollbars, subwindows and windowlists
  219. Swords and Wizardry Module
  220. Anchor to doubts
  221. Move "back" button from the dice radial menu to different position
  222. IS there an example of use of pregens in a ruleset or module (CoreRPG/MoreCore/AD&D/5
  223. How do I add a button to the desktop that runs a script when clicked?
  224. Total XP and Parcel value of a campaign
  225. requesting help with first mod
  226. Where is "insertbefore=" described
  227. General questions pertaining to creating a custom ruleset
  228. "Decorating" or extending functionality in CoreRPG
  229. Round effects perssistance
  230. Custom dices
  231. Anyone ever use the "action_icon" param in MoreCore add_roll_type?
  232. Remove a die before rolling? [Ruleset Wizard]
  233. Difference in some CT Client/host Fields - onInit()/update() [MoreCore]
  234. What lua/xml code in 5E determines the logged in user portraits at top left of app?
  235. Register for event
  236. [MoreCore] Setting up icon to display when dragging results of a roll
  237. Examples for processing a comma (or other) separated list?
  238. Ruleset list for extention
  239. I am bad at Regex, trying to deal with "auto" roll name [MoreCore/REGEX]
  240. Dice Set Roller
  241. DB.getValue
  242. [5E] sanitize(s) method question
  243. Personal Dice extension
  244. How does button click processing work on a map image up in a window?
  245. How do you open a map and then zoom in to an area or point?
  246. Character Images on Desktop
  247. Stumped: What are the triggers for "Recursive node event or call terminated"
  248. How to prevent "invalid" data in a DB field (e.g., via numeric control)
  249. Extension Development - onClickDown Return Value
  250. Script add to Description Linklist?