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  1. Help with code
  2. Help With An Effect
  3. 5E (& originally 2E) ruleset question - is this a bug? - Unsure where to post
  4. Dynamic Number of Checkboxes
  5. Converting D&D 5e to Metric
  6. Adding A roll to death save?
  7. where does the control's update(bReadOnly, bForceHide) end up?
  8. Best way to display “derived” data?
  9. getChildren / getChildrenGlobal
  10. Double Calendar
  11. Handler to pick up URL clicks
  12. Weird thing happened - stringres picked up from another ruleset???
  13. Not sure why adding onInit() to rollable control kills the die icon?
  14. How to add handlers for a parent node and sub nodes
  15. string resources - normalize or multiple copies are OK?
  16. Help accesing modifier stack before rolling dice
  17. Batch or delay node generation
  18. Where does one set left or right or center justification for number controls?
  19. Trouble with ModifierStack in SWADE extension
  20. Need help with extension coding
  21. script error with custom skin
  22. Create a new field on character sheet that is only visible / editable by the DM?
  23. Extension for Dragging and Dropping NPC Sheets onto PC Sheets to Auto-Fill?
  24. Question on dice tables and matching results
  25. Setting the Duration of an Effect with a Die Roll
  26. Story Template Updates
  27. 2E Question
  28. Acceptdrop
  29. Question regarding character selection
  30. 2E Ruleset Questions
  31. PDF conversion to VTT - Licensing
  32. Customization of 5e Charsheet
  33. Regular Expression
  34. dragData in onDragStart() returning true/false/nil
  35. Conditional Operators
  36. Circus Theme
  37. Setting starting day on a custom calendar?
  38. Questions about Table Rolls & Story templates.
  39. Naming conventions for data types?
  40. Table Rolls
  41. Effect to add damage bonus to each die rolled for spell damage
  42. User.getCurrentIdentity()
  43. "hooks" ;)
  44. Comm.throwDice() TableManager support
  45. Help needed with DB.setOwner and/or DB.addHolder
  46. Creating undead races for 5E
  47. Currently loaded extensions
  48. looking for some minor beginner help
  49. Custom Decal Size
  50. Unity broke my stuff :P
  51. Refreshing client character list
  52. Not sure what aEffectVarMap["nInit"] is for / being used
  53. Another calendar question
  54. 5E, manager_action_damage.lua, getReductionType() uses "last" value
  55. Random Item Price
  56. Two Rob Twohy modules don't appear in my Library to activate
  57. Change order of items in a window list by Drag and Drop possible?
  58. [Programming] combat tracker link list
  59. "Borrowing" Elements
  60. Gamma World?
  61. silly question: DataCommon - conditionaltags?
  62. Help with draginfo in FGU
  63. Issue with Images when Exporting to a mod
  64. Doing something wrong with menu code, leaving blank starting entry.
  65. Securing Data/Closed Beta/Licensing
  66. Hiding die rolls
  67. Where is stringu defined?
  68. Field Tab Order and next line issue
  69. How do I get the applications window size (in pixel)?
  70. Exandrian Calendar - Help Please
  71. Remove unused content from CoreRPG
  72. Capture a character sheet edit
  73. Reload, show console, and save by code
  74. NPC icons
  75. D&D 5E Mod for "Conjure Animal" spell
  76. Problem with "button_stringcycler" when trying for a small (More)Core-Modification
  77. Live session viewer in browser
  78. Help with Combat tracker
  79. Accessing node attributes in Lua
  80. 5e: Sacrificing Hit Dice as part of the cost of a spell
  81. Inquiry - Merge on Reference - Specifically Spells
  82. Custom action - using the modifier stack to adjust difficulty?
  83. Reduced field has text bleeding over the sides
  84. Hiding Portaits in Chat
  85. Get range to targeted tokens
  86. String.match return multiple text even if not all exist
  87. Question about mods and copyright. Traveler
  88. Party Sheet, Add all to Combat Tracker
  89. Slash commands working correctly ?
  90. Combat Tracker: How to build an Effect to skip a player or NPC...
  91. Question about version attribute on Diebox in CoreRPG
  92. Having Module Show up in Data Activation
  93. Automatically update label value
  94. Programmatically adding/removing items from a windowlist
  95. Multiple Tokens/Identifications per NPC for shape changers or illusion casters
  96. LUA file in extension not replacing original
  97. Bug? Text widget text sizes appearing extremely small.
  98. Seting the modstack to a number
  99. Aeons End like, card cased, initiative system (not savage worlds)?
  100. Hover and Custom Paragraph Types
  101. [Programming] Custom Dice and Dice Tower
  102. Changing the icons for Starfinder
  103. Looking for help in creating Tunnels and Trolls ruleset
  104. Help with windowlist and databasenode problem.
  105. Moving the Portrait
  106. NotePad++ macros?
  107. Merging a new field into a windowclass
  108. Client reading a GM set option
  109. Theme Extension Font Color Modification
  110. Theming the ChatBox
  111. Time Management
  112. Change default font *size* within an extension, but not the font itself?
  113. Image.selectToken() during a Token.onClickDown()
  114. Shared sheet for Ship/Base/Vechile/Asset management for the group
  115. DB.getValue()... impossible return value...
  116. Esper Genesis 5e Theme Extension - Modified Font Color for Readability
  117. Effects window - what am I missing?
  118. SWADE Vehicles in CT.
  119. Using LUA Script from an Imported Ruleset
  120. Customizing rules, what can and cannot be done
  121. Change color of tables in formatted text fields?
  122. Swapping/Adding tokens on map due to Effects
  123. Fun with Desktop and Panels
  124. Creating an Extension for a official Ruleset.
  125. Text widgets only showing up on client that added them.
  126. SW Adventure Deck (EXT file) customization
  127. [Programming] Linking points to player instead of character
  128. Can someone please point me in the right direction?
  129. Five Torches Deep
  130. Help with Variant Long/Short Rest Extension
  131. Manipulating Sources..
  132. Need help. new ability score doesn't add bonus to the ability check roll
  133. Fonts: FGF to TTF?
  134. Question about dynamic combo box population
  135. Auto-generated Action items when gear is added to inventory
  136. onReceiveMessage FGU question
  137. Noob needs help with MoreCore tab graphics
  138. Dices' color
  139. Color Chat associated with player dice color
  140. [Programming] Determine Difference in Time
  141. Send a message which is draggeble healing
  142. Getting range mods for targets
  143. npc sheet information
  144. Windowlist is sorting the LAST entry added first
  145. Help understanding tokeninstance vs. tokeninstance.ref
  146. Working on a Hackmaster 4e ruleset
  147. Problem with modifierbuttons copied from 2E/5E ruleset
  148. Numbering conventions
  149. Slash Handler Question
  150. Implementation health/willpower bar similar to VTM5e ruleset
  151. Capturing Table rolls text
  152. How to replace a built in script or modify it
  153. importinfo does not seem to work with importruleset?
  154. Moving Labels, NumberControls via script
  155. Getting ruleset versions (major/minor/etc) as a client not possible?
  156. Sort Order of groups in Data Library
  157. How can I put an extension field right the middle of an existing record?
  158. How to increase chat language font size.
  159. Warhammer Soulbound using MoreCore ?
  160. Accessing a control from a suboordinate list entry
  161. Gestalt characters
  162. Pop up a Story entry
  163. Fantasy Grounds' Capabilities with Character Creation
  164. How to call function of Windowclass a from windowclass b
  165. How to override a framedef in an extension using a second extension
  166. How to link multiple dice to table to create special effect dice
  167. Is there a way to make numberfield read-only
  168. Loadorder tag not honoured in loading extensions
  169. 5e How execute save-check from lua?
  170. Disable data library from extension or layered ruleset on top of CoreRPG
  171. Font options for the chat window using ChatMessage?
  172. manager_effect.lua, processEffect() bug?
  173. I'm trying to figure out basic modding stuff - and blog about it
  174. Custom module for our first setting book
  175. Stuck on algorithm using selective hexadecimal variables
  176. Creating a dynamic list
  177. PFRPG - Calculating Character Wealth Extension Idea/Help
  178. Widget.setSize() ... "size cap" ?
  179. 5e Initiative rolling
  180. Beginner Question on Functions
  181. How to create a homebrew rule on critical dice damage
  182. Creating Parcels for a Module
  183. When can I trigger a addUnderlay after a token is added?
  184. Adding New Abilities 5e
  185. Looking for WFRP 1st ruleset for FG v3
  186. A plea regarding the database
  187. A Combat Tracker question
  188. Converting the Slave Lords module to 5e
  189. Modifying the NPC Stat Sheet (5e)
  190. (5e) Issue with CombatManager.setCustomTurnEnd ?
  191. Help with dice roll script
  192. Multiple font configuration within paragraph and reference manual pages?
  193. Dice icon size & chat log parameters to accomodate high-res dice
  194. Map Question: New to FGU
  195. The <sortby> tag ...
  196. Adding New List Item But Want To Use Effects
  197. Extension naming convention...
  198. Struggling with module entry visibility
  199. Help with buttongroup
  200. Rolling from targetted enemy sheet
  201. ct_entry.lua
  202. New window like the combat tracker
  203. An active and automated condition tracker would be REALLY cool
  204. How to code Grapple and Shove as an action in your character sheet
  205. Updating Old Extension - Issue with Slash Commands
  206. A bit more help with the comabt tracker
  207. Access to die roll results in the chat window?
  208. Modify "local" function (Example: skillist 5e ruleset)
  209. Working a new mod for critical hits similar to Rolemaster for 2e
  210. Custom Themes????
  211. Type of grid
  212. Quick window question
  213. How do you use drag and drop in an extension?
  214. Equipment Degradation
  215. Window List in dual column layout
  216. Can you fix a "not found" graphic resource bug in an EXT with another EXT?
  217. request: palladium rifts
  218. Graphic resource recommendations
  219. Portraits
  220. Need advice for extension creation distribution
  221. Is there extension code to call in FGU that intercepts a map token onButtonPress?
  222. BRP Extension Error
  223. Moving from player id in CT to charsheet
  224. sTargeting = "each" not giving me the full power of targeting
  225. Should not results handlers be where results are applied?
  226. Minimal working ruleset
  227. Player vs Host issue - know it can be solved just not sure how
  228. Graphical glitch on the Images library and frame
  229. NPC character sheet attacks
  230. World of the Dead - got the pregens redone
  231. Changing the color of a numbercontrol within charsheet_inventory from a script
  232. How to post an extension on Dungeon Masters Guild
  233. Rolling 3d6 instead of 1d20 in the Pathfinder 2 ruleset
  234. Can't seem to get a buttoncontrol to appear in effects window
  235. [FGC | FGU] - CoreRPG - Consumable Items
  236. DB.import, how safe is it?
  237. NPC accept NPC shortcut 5e
  238. User.isHost has some unexpected behavior for me
  239. How do I use User.isOwnedIdentity to determine if a charsheet is owned by user
  240. DB.handler trying to set DB value its watching
  241. How do you tell who originally triggered a buttonfield change?
  242. Data Library of Traits
  243. Changing item costs
  244. Access controls inside Windowlist
  245. setValue Unable to create node
  246. 5e Combat Tracker Active Actor
  247. Coding spells on Barbarians of Lemuria
  248. getChild() Classic vs Unity trouble
  249. setEmptyText in formattedtextfield
  250. NPC DB - CT correlation