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  1. Quick way to create a category
  2. scrollbarcontrol and multiple scrollbar_record/targets?
  3. Any Class diagram available ?
  4. Custom Skill Question
  5. Adventures in Middle Earth 5e
  6. Need CustomData in 3.5E Ruleset
  7. D3 Rolling Imagery
  8. Minor Character Sheet Changes (CoreRPG)
  9. Custom Character Sheet for Ultimate Campaign - Kingdoms and Wars
  10. Boxing or Shaded Boxing?
  11. Help with Extension Multiple RuleSet Support
  12. Problems passing node information through OOB message
  13. Keep extra spaces inside <to> tags?
  14. Sending the result into chat
  15. FGU: Dev question, Blocking windows?
  16. Internationalization question
  17. Just trying to learn
  18. Complex Tables which need to also do math on results?
  19. Making changes to GURPS Ruleset with extensions
  20. Homebrew Fighter Archetype
  21. D&D 5e Homebrew Fighter Archetype - Abyss Watcher
  22. Get OS from API?
  23. Specify subwindow datasource
  24. Windowlist size
  25. Help needed with string_labeled
  26. Starfinder, Starship Stuff, struggling with DB node navigation.
  27. Where does this control setup the line above AND below the header texT?
  28. Request: Invisible Sun
  29. FGU: Stretched goal - Fully fledged development tutorials and documents
  30. Custom skill creation?
  31. [5E] Secondary custom character sheet
  32. Recommended ruleset module reference section naming?
  33. Genesys Calendar (using Star Wars EotE Ruleset)
  34. Adding effects via code
  35. Help finding variable?
  36. Fixed size frame.
  37. Liar's Dice
  38. Buttons in different position
  39. How do you set up crafting system?
  40. Only some exploding dice in a single roll
  41. Embarrassed to ask (getValue with "..." in path question)
  42. Any way to execute "code" on loading an XML module?
  43. Any implicit action on returning true/false/nil?
  44. How to do a lockable window
  45. removeTarget
  46. Quick Noob question concerning tabs...
  47. Dice and Mid-Values
  48. CoreRPG ( and 5e ) - Add new linkable record type
  49. Back again with another noob question concerning object lists.`
  50. The "Hit Point" field for COC 7th Edition Ruleset (How to turn off autocalc sheet)
  51. Looking for Stretching Desktop
  52. How to validate "databasenode = { }"
  53. Hyborean Calendar
  54. How to alter radial menu
  55. Sidebar setup
  56. Forcing the DB to save
  57. DB.getValue() for a shortcut node does not return the entered path
  58. Roll Within a table
  59. Trying to alter VtM Character Sheet ...and I'm lost
  60. Custom Calendar for a homebrew campaign
  61. API calls to remove "token selection" ?
  62. Help Adding Button to Sidebar
  63. Calling a parent's button control state from a windowlist instance
  64. Overiding parent ruleset in favour of grandparent
  65. is it possible to change the color of a frame of its contols ?
  66. Adding new die to existing dice collection
  67. "book" frame in story entry, how was this done
  68. How to "Block" Inventory?
  69. Adding tab to 5e character sheet
  70. Location Damage
  71. Alien RPG Ruleset
  72. Creating windowclass controls with script
  73. making modules for fantasygrounds
  74. Control only visible for a specific player
  75. tweaking winndow format. ( and the content inside it)
  76. GURPS Weapons Damage
  77. createControl() with windowreferencecontrol
  78. a bunch more stupid questions from an artist building a mod...
  79. Can you delete controls?
  80. Beyond Damage Dice from Kobold Press
  81. Custom Calendar question - holidays not assigned to a date
  82. Interface Zero (Starfinder Edition)
  83. MoreCore Dicepool
  84. Proof of concept/experimental, JSON, reduced "node" use
  85. the last two stupid questions from an artist building a mod....
  86. Crom dice string for MoreCore
  87. making modules for fantasygrounds
  88. Interface.findWindow() not finding window problems
  89. Creating some automation for a new TTRPG
  90. Question about graphics_fonts.xml and color codes
  91. Windowlist and Scrollbars
  92. Dice Configurator
  93. getCTNode
  94. Progressbar, not really working out.
  95. Creating a new window on desktop
  96. Editing PHB for own creation
  97. Can't anchor to bottom of window... makes creating scrollbar impossible.
  98. New Developer: How to modify NPC and PC hitpoints from tracker
  99. Adding Charsheet Tab - Injection?
  100. Is there a Generic Dialogbox (toolkit)?
  101. setBackColor not working
  102. Linking a control to a DB node with a script
  103. [5E] Get the list of all classes
  104. Campaign DB Spell Parser to Module SpellList
  105. Modifying WindowClass
  106. Formatting the chat
  107. setEditMode and isEditMode in FormattedTextControl
  108. Best method to pass variable between controls ?
  109. Noob making a class for PF; How do you make links to class tables on the Main tab?
  110. [CRAZY IDEA]: Open source the API, free the platform...
  111. Windowlist columns... can someone explain the use?
  112. Overlapping button/icons outside of window
  113. Adding fields to record_item window
  114. Setting up fields for drag and drop
  115. Developing for FGU, what should we focus on learning?
  116. Window argument not pointing to the right window
  117. getSelection/setSelection in FormattedTextField?
  118. Header Alteration
  119. Using "prerendered art" for "Similar tokens and objects"
  120. Extra field appears only if enabled or with data entered, how to proceed?
  121. Tracking click+drag mouse position?
  122. Anyway to override mouse behavior on maps?
  123. Combine values
  124. Adjusting the chat area of the chatbox.
  125. Roll based on numberfield
  126. Birthright 5E Conversion "Character" Sheets for Realms
  127. Damage Messages - One of the GM and a cut down version for the Player
  128. “Breaking up” lua files?
  129. When does onClose() for a Windowless lua script get called?
  130. Dice coding and tick boxes
  131. Renaming the .ext: will it still hold together?
  132. Changing the sidebar labels in 2e
  133. Graphic assets - Best Practices?
  134. Combobox - hiding the combo box leaves the Down Arrow showing - how to hide that
  135. When windowlist is hidden (with data source) attached the formatting goes wrong
  136. Library “selection window”?
  137. Range - from an NPC to a Character (tokens) or vice-versa - help
  138. Needing to hire someone to input the SagaBorn ruleset into FG
  139. is it possible to change sortby to descending?
  140. Roll on table on result
  141. Custom Draginfo
  142. LUA Help
  143. [Programming]Rigging PC stats to Combat Tracker?
  144. CT linkPCFields question
  145. getValue() from DB?
  146. [Programming] Help with Calendar Rigging
  147. Including Tokens in a Ruleset
  148. So is there a way to fix this?
  149. [programming] character sheet button on CT
  150. End Tag Error when Customizing Charactersheet
  151. Including Portraits in a Ruleset
  152. Creating a New List Type/Class/etc
  153. getValue() simple question...
  154. Need help creating a power action
  155. Modal popups?
  156. Quick "target" naming related question - using 2E code example
  157. Alignment help
  158. [Programming] Random Initiative
  159. [LUA] - Enable/disable field on charsheet via LUA
  160. Performance of effects
  161. [programming] Activate Character Sheet Values
  162. BRemoveOnMiss - option RMMT
  163. Comm.deliverOOBMessage -> ceffectively onverts all table data into strings?
  164. Crash with custom extension
  165. Roadmap and XML rule-o-thumb
  166. Question on over laying LUA
  167. [Programming] windowlist within windowlist object
  168. D&D 5e - Adding damaged received
  169. Assistance with New Button in Sidebar
  170. Campaign Folder
  171. Issues modifying 5e rule set
  172. Looking for help a with 5e extension I am trying to create
  173. Adding Icons to a window dyanmically
  174. Load order of extensions
  175. Return order of getChildren as per XML order
  176. Access window object via dynamic var naming
  177. [programming] chatmessage strings/player CT
  178. ref_npc.xml / record_npc.xml
  179. DCC RPG Dice Tower Bug for Dice Swap Desktop Buttons
  180. [programming]Keywords
  181. Getting targets of an actor
  182. Need Coding Help
  183. Assistance with PFSRD - coding question
  184. Capturing mouse double-click.
  185. The One Ring: Core RPG Conversion
  186. Referencing stringcontrol value
  187. Problems synchronising a label cycler field to the combat tracker.
  188. Add 'Share' opton to Right-click Radial Menu when on a list of Worlds
  189. Renaming a label in 3.5 ruleset
  190. Get General Node
  191. Accurate stats Pathfinder 1ed
  192. Getting Record and List data from a reference_list
  193. Calling windowclass
  194. Buttongroup_counter
  195. [Programming] Limit windowlist entries?
  196. Wanted: Talented developers to bring zweihänder to fantasy grounds
  197. [CoreRPG] Force a field update
  198. Need help with coding Interface.openwindow
  199. Star Trek Adventures
  200. Modifying 5e automated rules (using long rest healing as an example)
  201. Table Output
  202. Help with new willpower ability save
  203. Setting a tooltip, works one way, not another...
  204. [Programming] [5E] Your Input Needed for new Fumble Table Concept
  205. Deleting all map pins from the map
  206. New 3.3.9 API options docs?
  207. Rotate Map
  208. shadow assassin
  209. button_stringcycler nil error
  210. Tokens as Shortcuts
  211. 5e Parser?
  212. SW Setting Module/Extension
  213. Can you restricting a module to an extension? (not ruleset)
  214. Rick and Morty Theme
  215. Dice results display.
  216. Effects affecting the character sheet
  217. Custom Characters in OTF/TTF fonts
  218. Hit Dice
  219. Adding Languages to an existing Campaign
  220. Effects in a table output?
  221. Resizing Sidebar Buttons
  222. Adding PCs to Combat Tracker as Foes (5e ruleset)
  223. tables..how to randomly generate foes
  224. Calling the original function in an overridden function.
  225. Help with new damage types in 5e
  226. Can a checkbutton return a value?
  227. Archivo .dat
  228. I'd Like To Hire Someone To Make An Extension for Adding Factions to PCs!
  229. Inventory tab for npcs working the same as pcs, how to do this?
  230. Tab Font
  231. 2e module in a 5e world
  232. I just want a line of text on my sheet. Help wanted.
  233. Word wrap and Multilinespacing
  234. Newbie question on Character Sheet modification
  235. Trying to fill only PART of a frame with a background color.
  236. Margin sizes doesn't seem to work with backcolor
  237. Whats the best way to handle these tables?
  238. Question R.E. accessing character sheet info
  239. How to link to a dev ruleset directory in Windows?
  240. String Concatenation [Solved]
  241. Anyone using a later than 2018-12 Eclipse with LDT? (Lua Development Tools plugin)
  242. Am I able to change the graphics for the mouse pointer?
  243. Character portraits won't save. Where's the code that saves them?
  244. Trying to get a stringfield to lose focus.
  245. Anchoring width problem
  246. New ruleset issues
  247. How to get my DM's guild content to Fantasy grounds
  248. Adding to settings
  249. Percentile dice tuleset questions
  250. Crosslinking between extensions