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  1. Fantasy Grounds I/O Routines
  2. String Control Max Length/Filtered Input and forcing case
  3. Tooltips - can they work on data inside a field
  4. Module Creation Outlining
  5. How to include map resizing in an existing custom ruleset (Star Wars d6)
  6. Further Modifications to d6 Star Wars ruleset (SWRPG)
  7. 5E - Referencing Rob2e spells as opposed to PHB spells
  8. Warning: windowcontrol: Database referencing controls must have a name attribute.
  9. class module which defines general criteria for XP bonus?
  10. The selection tool
  11. Change pan mouse binding
  12. Notepad++ mod activation
  13. Custom Packs
  14. Reassigning Anchors to new elements in Extension
  15. Module stuffing
  16. Writing for FG Store
  17. Rounding of Values
  18. Margins
  19. DB.getValue(4 args?)
  20. Gambit of Ord extension
  21. scripts/manager_language.lua"]:203: attempt to index field 'language' (a nil value)
  22. Extension build tools or code listeners
  23. Adding a button to an encouter
  24. Calling a function in a different extension
  25. Using Visual Studio for Extension creation
  26. OnInit() not being called for sub_record
  27. Accessing fields inside header_column in the corerpg ruleset
  28. Mask Polygon Tool
  29. Can I package an entention and module into one file?
  30. Hiding chat messages when rolling on a table.
  31. Combat Tracker and visibility
  32. Window/Parentcontrol/Subwindow navigation (up/down)
  33. Override lua Function
  34. Module version locking
  35. draginfo's getTokenData
  36. Stuck Hiding and Showing Elements in Extension
  37. Dragdata for tokencontrol has no persistance
  38. Star Trek Adventures Ruleset and Extension
  39. Hiding elements in windowlists
  40. Changing Default Critical & Fumble Tables (5E)
  41. Formattedtext for tooltips?
  42. WFRP 4ed - New Ruleset? Maybe using MoreCore?
  43. Reference Manual Keywords
  44. Setting mask sensitive visibility
  45. replace/merge possible w/o having same name object?
  46. 5E ruleset, TYPE() code question
  47. type="dice"
  48. Ready Only
  49. Can't The Button(s)!
  50. data_common.lua
  51. Stretch to fit for widgets
  52. Horizontal windowlist scroll
  53. A small favour to ask...
  54. Help with a custom die
  55. Spell Slot "Check/Uncheck" posting to Chat Window?
  56. 5E status display for tokens screwed up, help?
  57. registerExportNode options, include library links for reference?
  58. Theme window border declaration
  59. Database nodes and connected clients
  60. FG Telemetry
  61. getImageSize() possible w/o loading an image?
  62. Module.getModuleInfo()
  63. FG XML characters
  64. Problem with Tooltips on a buttoncotntrol
  65. Buttons in the chat window
  66. GM token change with the embodiment of npcs?
  67. Interface Zero 2.0 Skin/Theme Creation Help
  68. Future minor animation support.
  69. Diffs for New versions of CoreRPG/5E
  70. Token issues with extension (5E)
  71. Adding new fields to items
  72. onValueChanged()
  73. Help with horizontal auto-sizing of controls
  74. Picked up FFG's L5R Beginner Box this weekend...
  75. When converting a pdf to FG adventure, whats the little mac app to clean the text?
  76. Registry entry for application data
  77. Help Needed: Extending the 5e Party Sheet with a new Tab
  78. Open a window on client
  79. Dice Command Request
  80. 'relation=' meanings
  81. FGU and cards
  82. Balancing encounters for a party with increased damage output.
  83. Trying to understand fonts in FG
  84. Query: Hiring Coder(s)
  85. Ruleset Variety
  86. Updated List of Effect Tags?
  87. Remove all dice? Spawn dice?
  88. Available Lua Standard Libraries
  89. Inneroffset for window elements
  90. 5e Extension Issues in ct_entry for NPCs?
  91. How To Create Damage Resistance PER ROUND for DCC Ruleset
  92. 5e ct_entry function onIDChanged problems
  93. Add a Mini Power Button to 5E Actions Tab
  94. Frame Boundaries
  95. Necesito ayuda imagen de fondo para modulo
  96. gems
  97. Adding tooltips to Number fields
  98. Setting sdource of local field - SOLVED
  99. GM Icon
  100. Ruleset loading script that is not present
  101. Question about the tabs on the right.
  102. LUA help
  103. Exporting nodes with image blocks... exports images?
  104. Updated AFF Ruleset
  105. <HR> Tag - Horizontal Rule?
  106. Panel datasources
  107. Exporting/Importing pregen characters with portraits
  108. Using modules for different systems
  109. Panel sizing
  110. Resize arrows for windows
  111. FGU api/ruleset compatibility
  112. Theme customization help
  113. Questions regarding the set up of a Living World.
  114. Help understanding Combat Tracker Nodes (5e)
  115. Backup and restore buttons
  116. XML/LUA Developer wanted
  117. Discussion: 3D combat- How would you or do you do it?
  118. Module Reader
  119. Drawing lines in windowclasses
  120. A little help?
  121. Relative control anchoring
  122. Dragging and linking a field without making a link graphic on it...
  123. Widget deprecation and or support for FGU
  124. Access to portrait sources
  125. Training Videos
  126. Help with making a calendar for Scarrad Lands
  127. Yet another custom calendar thread
  128. Ref-manual keywords fields huh?
  129. Widget Tooltip stacking
  130. Creating a new fantasy theme for MoreCore
  131. formattedtextcontrol question
  132. Help With Fantasy Grounds Rolls Offline at Table
  133. Set NPC tokens to mask-sesitive visibility automatically?
  134. I would like to create an extension however I have problems in identifying the file..
  135. Changing Panel Size,Position,Anchoring, or Static Bounds.
  136. How to create absorption effect for 5e?
  137. Core-based ruleset - Inventory item propagation on equip?
  138. Suppress single click handling for a onDoubleClick( ) event (5E ruleset)
  139. Trying to find where values are actually set for ref group lists.
  140. Shadowrun Dice Set
  141. Custom Calendar assistance
  142. Advanced Racial Traits
  143. Upcoming v3.3.7 release and community extensions
  144. Mirror Token
  145. Hide the Modifier Stack?
  146. windowinstance self and reference databasenode bugs
  147. Confirm delete all tokens
  148. Anchoring to resizable windows/panels on the bottom or right edge
  149. Text Formatting
  150. line in a column
  151. Issues with New Custom Class
  152. Change attack modifier calculation in 5e
  153. Weapon Degradation/Maintenance Houserule (5e Ruleset)
  154. Traveller 1E (Mongoose) PSI Talents and Abilities - Need to list the Talents only
  155. Tool for importing character sheets from Roll20
  156. Using <numberlinked' to access field values in different part of the character sheet
  157. Database Issues in Custom Ruleset
  158. Slash Command for Alias Req?
  159. Grouping and then referencing controls in the group
  160. Changing Dice Rolled Total or hiding it
  161. module change ramifications
  162. Where to find information on all APIs and functions usable for custom FG coding?
  163. Modifiers on Nat-Ones
  164. DB addHandler onUpdate not being called on Client
  165. Replace of a windowclass: Am I doing it wrong?
  166. MoreCore Rolling Rules Questions
  167. NPC Portrait instead of GM Portrait
  168. Desktop Dice starting position - different for Player and GM - is it possible?
  169. Adding a different D10 die rolls as a D20
  170. Directly edit .pak files.
  171. Retrieving the last dice rolls
  172. Getting windowclass from background image.
  173. The Fantasygrounds Content License change and how it affects contributors
  174. Combat Tracker and related questions
  175. getBitmap()
  176. Overriding to all players to middle-click to move locked tokens.
  177. Answering the Core Question.
  178. [5E ruleset] Character actions tab and ruleset layering question
  179. How do you find the correct database node name to use in general?
  180. LUA "Regex"
  181. Coder wanted for project
  182. Another Passives
  183. Custom Calendar Help
  184. Hide the Modifier Window
  185. Calling an Actor Twice in a Row
  186. What is the syntax for string capturing into a table?
  187. The Source of an effect, question why it's based on CT Actor and not the origin
  188. Accessing other window classes on the same tab
  189. <target> statement
  190. 5E Ruleset - action.label access in ActionAttack
  191. comments in script
  192. help with new 5e class unarmored defense
  193. Wolf PC Sheet. How do I add an attack that ties in a saving throw on hit + condition?
  194. Coding Inconsistency that Might Cause Invertant Error (CoreRPG)
  195. Programmatically get list of all framedefs?
  196. Refreshing/Updating a List via an External Control
  197. Window/subwindows and combobox odd behavior
  198. spell creation campaign to module
  199. CoreRPG / FG Question
  200. ID_To_Name() ?
  201. Where The Hell Is...
  202. Barovian Calendar
  203. Adding Resistance Values to a modified DnD 5.0
  204. Targeting Pointer Shapes (5E)
  205. Moving Elements in Character Selection
  206. Hooking into the Delete of an item of Equipment, to remove the weapon actions
  207. Horizontal Rule
  208. Table Creation Question
  209. DB.setValue() Fails to Write 0-value to db.xml in Client
  210. Class Specialization issue
  211. Debug console clear
  212. How to allow multiple inspiration points in the 5E ruleset?
  213. Issue with Effects Window
  214. Creating, Cloning, or Writing a Class for dragdata
  215. Creating custom libraries (skills, spells, etc) in extension for CoreRPG
  216. Comment in a function
  217. Custom Decal 3.3.7
  218. I need some help and tutoring...
  219. Custom Critical decks
  220. Remove dice from desktop
  221. Massive Damage: System Shock
  222. Dropping an item onto a list, but finding the item under the dropped item
  223. Correct way to get sibling numeric data and add them in sheetdata
  224. Lua Libraries?
  225. Where change?
  226. Coding in <script> vs referring to script file?
  227. Altering just the background on theme?
  228. Fast Random Numbers..
  229. Programmatically Setting the Holder Versus Sharing
  230. DB.addHandler and alternatives
  231. Accessing variables in lua script files
  232. Getting a "databasenode" from a databasenode and path string?
  233. Approximating a switch when calling methods
  234. Table Functions..
  235. Options subsystem
  236. Options (registerCallback) question
  237. Link with spell list
  238. lixt_text with checkbox
  239. Documentation Error in XML and Scripting Reference
  240. 5E Ability Score Increase window prompt
  241. Accessing XML parameters from script
  242. 5E number_abilityscores.lua / update(bool) question
  243. Not sure why not finding "children" for a node I see has "children"
  244. Capture global onMenuSelection().
  245. DB.getValue() parameter double-check
  246. Issue with adding a feat during class auto-level - PFRGP
  247. The cost of DB.setCategory() seems extreme?
  248. BabelRol: Assistant for translations and customizations
  249. FGU: Developer question, Controls
  250. Example of what I wish I could do