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  1. Inventory (Money Symbols)
  2. Library List Filter
  3. Party Sheet Question
  4. Adding New Fields to Character Sheets
  5. Non-energy typed modifiers? (5e ruleset)
  6. currency exchange house
  7. Modifying 5E - how to roll a spell check once for multiple targets?
  8. Search function for the ruleset API
  9. Combat Tracker with multiple cycles per round?
  10. Looking to do some small editing of the 5e ruleset
  11. Calling All Lawyers (To Get Things Rolling)
  12. stringfield onClickRelease?
  13. User.getCurrentIdentity() returns nil?
  14. Beyond the Barbed Wire - WWII d20Modern Material
  15. New Character sheet for my ruleset
  16. 5e Vecna
  17. OGL/OSRIC Question
  18. Sidebar Template
  19. last hail mary of codiing for interface extension....
  20. Subsection Frames Shifted in Combat Tracker
  21. v3.3.2 Timing
  22. Timestamps in chatlog.html
  23. Extracting all npc types
  24. Add items to existing module?
  25. Context Menus
  26. Auto-Open Object on Client Connection ?
  27. Party Sheet Question #2
  28. Tortle Race for FG
  29. 2d10 variant pathfinder
  30. NPC Columns
  31. Custom Calendar Help
  32. middle mouse click to move map
  33. XML, merge/join
  34. Modifying other .mod files?
  35. Ref'Manual changes in 3.3.2.
  36. Is it possible: Random NPC Names from Encounters?
  37. Developing ruleset inspired by Gamma World 1e
  38. Adding a tab to the 5e character sheet
  39. Chat Messages / Reports and Margins
  40. Custom Pointers
  41. Request
  42. Passive spell effects for custom Items
  43. New Ruleset Development Question
  44. Wiki Access?
  45. Combobox's and setVisibile(false)
  46. Workshop Users Windows Versions
  47. Teach Auto-Sound
  48. [Core/5E] Would it be possible to allow setCustomAddNPC method chaining
  49. User.isHost() giving odd return...
  50. Herder's Hook(5e): Unique Polearm Ation/Effect/Attack
  51. Looking for someone to hire for making basic extension
  52. Overriding ImageControl.onMeasurePointer(...)
  53. Pathfinder Custom Race
  54. Advanced Effects, Item Only Effects (action only?)
  55. Can I Really Programmatically COPY a Function from One .lua File to Another?
  56. Lock Character Sheet?
  57. control.fgf file - what is it and how do I edit it? does it deal with modifier stack?
  58. custom race question (5e)
  59. Help with custom calendar.
  60. Tokens, custom data in them?
  61. 'Low Tech' Tabletop...Can someone point me in the right direction.
  62. CSV Table Paster Community Extension - Early Access release
  63. Can't seem to over-ride function
  64. Confusing behavior in super/self code layers
  65. Conan 2d20
  66. Displaying Custom Icons for Die Results
  67. Single Story Entry
  68. getValue() help
  69. StringManager.contains() odd behavior?
  70. Problem with control anchors
  71. How does one programmatically resize a window?
  72. The tostring( ) lua function introduces "roundoff" errors!
  73. Universal Module Extension
  74. Best way to create an item in a character's inventory
  75. Barbarians of Lemuria in the vault?
  76. Resizable Form Containing Multiple Scrollbars
  77. Table Columns
  78. Do windowlists have a default or minimum height?
  79. Reference Manual Search Box Triggering Tags
  80. Trying to Implement Control Resizing
  81. Basic help with theme window title
  82. Changing initiative die roll for Pathfinder
  83. Using a custom decal?
  84. Zombicide
  85. Coding For MetaData Help
  86. Combo boxes are really hard, 'emKay!
  87. ScrollControl seeking
  88. Dragline Control
  89. Get window reference of ct_entry given the node
  90. Hot-Key Attacks
  91. Active Token graphic
  92. "space" and "reach" field onHover shaping
  93. Masking/UnMasking areas with no cursor input
  94. Character sheet help
  95. UserData
  96. Narrative Initiative for 5E
  97. Map Measurement
  98. Creating Tokens
  99. Host versus User issue, manager_action_init.lua
  100. onDragStart event not being captured for templated buttoncontrol
  101. Window Controls with sub-elements.
  102. RewfManual Wiki Entry - Where?
  103. windowlist, window list items and unexpected getPosition() results
  104. Help for adding FG GAP Theme to DOE-Locations and DOE-Sound
  105. Separation of NPCs and Monsters
  106. reference_domainlist
  107. Modifying distance calculation
  108. Questions regarding the Ruleset Development List
  109. 5E-Addons?
  110. Widget size relationship to token, and token scale
  111. DOE-Soube anda GURPS
  112. Create an Addons.dat
  113. Long or wide tokens
  114. Distance measurement abnormalities
  115. Reference manual extension
  116. tables
  117. Detecting Window Focus Loss + Application Window Size
  118. 4E initiative as a skill for a star wars saga ruleset
  119. Little clarification on rulesets/extensions/modules needed
  120. Change extension ingame?
  121. Setting Tab visibility.
  122. Calling All Beta-Testers - Universal Die-Roller
  123. Problem with getChildren()
  124. World of Warcraft 3.5 ed
  125. Export purchased content text to text files?
  126. Change the mouse pointer images
  127. Piggy backing a "windowreferencecontrol"
  128. SubWindow - issue to find the class inside it.
  129. Mod File Generation and Packing Tool
  130. Export to Module question
  131. How to get <catagory .*> entries for children?
  132. v3.3.4 beta testing
  133. Setting window position during onInit()
  134. Need some help with reference_list windowclass.
  135. Need Help PFRPG Class Feature XML code
  136. function clipboardGetText( ) question
  137. Project: Author
  138. Ruleset creation: how to co-work with my team-mate on same package ?
  139. Tool tips on buttons not working?
  140. Icons Supers RPG
  141. Map Ping
  142. John Carter of Mars 2d20
  143. Specify ImageControl datasource
  144. Content as Markdown Files
  145. What Ruleset is Running?
  146. Token to Combat Tracker Quick Search
  147. Custom Calender help
  148. Script join on layered rulesets
  149. Xanders/MM/Volo XML tags
  150. Another Custom Calendar thread...
  151. About Importing MoreCore Ruleset
  152. A Custom Calendar Request
  153. Overriding or augmenting the onRIGHTClick() function for radial menus
  154. How does the <resize> control determine which controls on a form to resize?
  155. House healing rules in 5e
  156. Window Manager Extension?
  157. MoreCore Background Change
  158. DCC onCharItemDelete not working
  159. Best way to change a button state from a different control?
  160. Losing my mind with basic custom calendar
  161. MoreCore Initiative Order
  162. Community Wiki
  163. Unusual request
  164. Paranoia (Mongoose Publishing)
  165. Profantasy Questions
  166. How can I change the Background Image in a Campaign
  167. Pass Modifiers to Table Rolls (feature request??)
  168. Dice string with "macros" exist already?
  169. <button_iconcyler> why no default value setting?
  170. Custom Effects
  171. Dice rolling, with dice...
  172. Making progress on a HackMaster 5e ruleset
  173. Feature Request: Auto-Detection of Tokens when exporting a module
  174. Request For Coding Help - Button Moves On Mouse Wheel
  175. Chat Window Tiling Question
  176. Random Question
  177. Table question about linked rolls
  178. PFRPG Item creation questions
  179. Putting input controls in chat?
  180. Remove radial menu entries defined by the application engine?
  181. Module creation - links, etc.
  182. easily convert npc to pc
  183. Subwindows and "back referencing" query
  184. Ctrl + Click for Button_IconCycler?
  185. Working With and Around Self-Super Code Layering - A Best Practice (?)
  186. Scarred Lands Calendar Module
  187. Send command to chat after each attack
  188. Campaign save frequency
  189. Luddite Ref Needs Help
  190. Numenera libraries help?
  191. WindowList getWindows() and invisibility
  192. drag/drop initiative possibility.
  193. Host side AND Player side running code issue
  194. 3.5 damage pathways. (drag/drop)
  195. Problems with tables and currency (parcel output)
  196. Developer Guide questions (possible errata)
  197. Looking up API calls?
  198. stringcontrol questions
  199. Best practices / advice ?
  200. Creating a ruleset: finaly getting my feet wet
  201. <nodelete />. What does this do?
  202. Function Call Driving Table that is Missing the Functions
  203. Template merging questions
  204. “Inheritance” questions
  205. First script error report - learning to decode
  206. Portrait control not appearing on sheet until it is populated
  207. Adding padlock function to top right of a sheet
  208. Copy/paste issues in an extension
  209. NPC autoparsing from spells
  210. Making a padlock on a form 'readonly' (ie show in red) - using code not XML.
  211. Why its my number window so teeny/flattened?
  212. Announcing a Developer's Toolbox
  213. Castles & Crusades - AbilityScore question
  214. Control centering?
  215. Defense Roll
  216. Force one extension to supercede another extension
  217. Dice withoout numbers.
  218. Star Wars Extension Question
  219. Which control/object defines ‘source=“...”’ attribute?
  220. Remove buttons from the Desktop (top right - Effects)
  221. Custom Calendar reset
  222. Basic Extension Coding Tutorial Session
  223. Anchor takin' me down...
  224. Merge delete and consequences for labels
  225. Getting a "global" variable in a global script
  226. Call a skill instead of Attribute modifier (3.5e)
  227. NPC Inventory Tab
  228. Chat window fonts
  229. Calendar extension help
  230. Overriding Help Links for help_library_masterindex
  231. aListViews
  232. OnDesktopInit() question
  233. Exact scale formula for token+image control in respect to grid.
  234. Stuffing token portraits into chat
  235. Modifier per Dice?
  236. Target DC on the Desktop?
  237. Overriding CoreRPG functions
  238. Problem creating a new tab
  239. Is there is a way to automatically convert a PC into a NPC?
  240. Certain windowinstance handlers are being reported as invalid
  241. Interface.onWindowOpened doesn't trigger when client creates new window
  242. Placing Token prototypes within an extension
  243. Add tab to character sheet (PFRPG)
  244. manual attack die extension
  245. Obfuscation in a data parser (to avoid copyright infringement): A Question
  246. Overriding windowclass entries?
  247. Chronicles of Darkness ruleset modification issues
  248. manual die roll extensnion
  249. Overriding string values set by theme in sidebar
  250. Fantasy Grounds I/O Routines