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  1. Core Sidebar Buttons for 5e
  2. How to add a character on the day of the week
  3. Difficulty finding the \ file field so you can translate \ change
  4. AD&D Ruleset
  5. How to save monster placement, grid & map masks in .mod
  6. [DCCRPG] Equipment Module Records with Strange Display Issue
  7. Dynamically Set Button Icons
  8. Adding a New Button to the Sidebar
  9. Howto Hack the Modifiers window
  10. AD&D Ruleset Progress
  11. How to write/create image database nodes?
  12. Difficulty with customdie vs the /die command
  13. Adjust initial chat location
  14. Changing CoreRPG button graphics
  15. Pathfinder Kingdom Builder extension WIP questions
  16. Exploding die for 5e?
  17. Starship Engagements (cheap SFB knockoff)
  18. Swords & Wizardry Ruleset Progress
  19. Translating Adventures to Spanish and publicy them officially
  20. Merge Rules Question
  21. Coding dice rolls (actions) in CoreRPG
  22. Getting Current PC Name for Templates role.
  23. Can't find this button
  24. Noob questions
  25. Sidebar Issues.
  26. HELP: Custom spell for Amulent of Ravenkind
  27. Images in a Star Wars Edge of the Empire Library Module
  28. Specifying a different size for a note called from a library
  29. Windowclass - Reference Header Question
  30. Character Sheet Size
  31. Table question
  32. Drag and Drop List of Links
  33. Player Character Sheets, 3.5, and tabs
  34. Adding a Force Rating section to Trenloe's FFG Star Wars Ruleset
  35. Extension base.xml question
  36. onSourceUpdate() question...
  37. Adding a new tab to character sheet in Savage Worlds.
  38. Themes and fonts
  39. Fog of War - Can we make it black?
  40. setValue question
  41. Reference Manual Question
  42. Problems creating a starwars saga ruleset based on the 4E ruleset
  43. Categories visible to Players
  44. Mystic 5e
  45. question on importing books into FG
  46. Curious about putting magical effects on weapons (ie, a sting sword)
  47. FGU Questions? Specific location?
  48. Compatible themes
  49. Upcoming v3.2.2 Release
  50. onInit and tabs refresh
  51. OR in a IF statement, bug or expected failure?
  52. Question for Trenloe or damned...
  53. Theme - Using a wrapping background
  54. Programmatic reverse traversal of a window's control hierarchy?
  55. Replacing a single tag
  56. How can I call current user identity and portrait? [Question]
  57. Help wanted to start with a new Ruleset
  58. Could an extention like this be built? (Coin weight)
  59. Programmically set xml attributes given a data node
  60. Question about module opening permissions for players
  61. Traveller Dice Help
  62. Health and Character changes
  63. Full pak or bits and bobs?
  64. Ruleset Creation Help
  65. Initiative Synchronized?
  66. "Database" of tables suggestions?
  67. Adding PCs and NPCs to New Tracker
  68. Custom Calendar - Help offsetting the start date?
  69. Editing A 5E Module
  70. Dynamic content
  71. Changing windowtitlebar
  72. Tips on a good MacOS editor?
  73. Label/frame/field with wrap?
  74. Master weapon table
  75. Chat Message?
  76. License and making a new rule set
  77. ActionsManager registerResultHandler not being called
  78. Inventory Drag and Drop from Module 'CoreRPG'
  79. Token rotation replacement (Need Assistance)
  80. Custom Calendar - help with lunardaycalc
  81. Replacing script in layered setup
  82. Hexagonal Pointer?
  83. Centering objects on an anchor
  84. I need your creative brains!
  85. Another layered script replacement question
  86. up to date anatomy of a ruleset?
  87. Assign Groups to Story Cards...?
  88. Swords & Wizardry Ruleset - You know that feeling when..
  89. template with sources, not showing up?
  90. Opening a frame from a button?
  91. Regarding NPC Saving Throws in 5e
  92. Multi-classing in 5e
  93. Hit Location die
  94. Help, Placing the window close and help buttons
  95. Protection From Energy effect...how?
  96. Tips on how to resolve Tracker issue
  97. Self-Linking Table Entries
  98. Resources/Assets
  99. Where are the LOCK icon properties...
  100. onUpdate recursive node event issue
  101. Font Size of Icon Name in Titles
  102. reference to window element from a template->script?
  103. Script Error: A Consistent Error.
  104. New magic item (unsure if this is the right place)
  105. custom extension
  106. AD&D Core Rules CD Importer for HTML files
  107. FG Table Codes
  108. dynamic list, multiple entries, stumped
  109. Add new chat languages?
  110. Suggestion
  111. 1d6*10 In A Die Field???
  112. Help with Dead Markers on CoreRPG
  113. Modifying graphics in an extension through another extension.
  114. Issues hiding, using windowlist
  115. Simple question on db.addhandler
  116. Need some Script Help
  117. Can you use windowlist for a static list?
  118. Help editing ruleset...
  119. Changing desktop background
  120. Questions about the 5e Ruleset, why were somethings done the way they were?
  121. Force Window Instance Redraw
  122. Ruleset Development List
  123. Editing 5e to use Numerical Resistances Help
  124. Suggestions: Undo Last Roll/Action + View both adv/dis die results
  125. Iron Kingdoms rulesets?
  126. Monte Cooks: World Of Darkness?
  127. Custom Data for throwDice
  128. Extension Swapping a PC's stats.
  129. Formatting text sent to the ChatManager
  130. Campaign Game Statistics
  131. Project: AD&D Core Ruleset
  132. Getting the character being modified.
  133. Dynamic dropdown/cycler examples?
  134. A Question about combat tracker
  135. Players controlling combat tracker
  136. Binding Images in Controls
  137. Ruleset Loading Option
  138. Chat window border graphics and side buttons
  139. Nested story templates and tables
  140. LUA Libraries...
  141. Gangbusters Mod for Fantasy Grounds
  142. Using special keys
  143. Wanting to add a homebrew...
  144. 3 or 4 things i would really like to see
  145. FG Themes
  146. Create a table like equipment?
  147. New Skill Set
  148. Changing Default Story Frame width
  149. Token Effect widgets (PF/3.5)
  150. Creating a New Class with Par5e
  151. New Campaign Module Selection Extension
  152. PC/NPC Portrait Overlay a la Persona
  153. Couple o' Questions (Calendar and Tables)
  154. Altering Death Saves
  155. BESM character sheet
  156. Transferring custom datasets between campaigns.
  157. Window Saver Extension
  158. Table Maker Utility
  159. Imagecontrol for Custom Pointers
  160. Portrait-Click Issue
  161. Image Becoming Unshared
  162. delete button out side of frame?
  163. Making a theme need CHATBOX help
  164. Question on combining spell effects (damage + self heal)
  165. 2 to 3 inventory lists on character sheet?
  166. Updating Character Sheet field within Manager_Action
  167. encumbrance number problem
  168. Number_linked - link source from outside of the windowlist source
  169. Dragging attack dice onto PC in the Combat Tracker, dice showing but not 'rolling'
  170. custom inventory list
  171. Reading a value off the Desktop
  172. Token Facing image
  173. Is it possible to have repeated dice on the FG Desktop?
  174. Different Font/Colour with Chat Text
  175. The current FG percentile dice thrower does not work properly!
  176. Heal effect without using the heal button
  177. Newb Question - loading a custom ruleset
  178. creating theme extensions, and having a BUNCH of questions.
  179. Looking to incorporate my custom races/classes
  180. 5E Concentration Extension
  181. Damage to Hit Points?
  182. Forcing a module to load with the ruleset.
  183. 5E Additional Rules Extension
  184. Deleting Skills.
  185. hidden files needed for making extensions.
  186. Which file or script manages the character's total weight?
  187. Pasting XML
  188. Creating Skills in CoreRPG
  189. How to make an extension to buy equipment?
  190. Question about editing the Sidebar Frame (aka desktop_shortcut)
  191. Changing button strings
  192. Rolemaster Criticals converting to 5E
  193. Get distance between Token and Target in LUA
  194. frame_char Tag
  195. Dreamweaver and Character Sheet
  196. Traveller Calendar Mod?
  197. Weapon to NPC Action Drop
  198. Total Sandbox RPG
  199. Going FLIPPING INSANE with this font issue
  200. [5E] Ability Score Increase Choice
  201. 5E Sanity Extension : Help?
  202. Do we need a newer more comprehensive Ad&d 2nd ed ruleset?
  203. Control location within frame
  204. Masked images view as transparent
  205. Custom NPC (3.5) Vehicles tab field headings
  206. xml comments error out
  207. ct_host.xml/sub window issue
  208. Changing desktop by option
  209. string_labeled
  210. What is the meaning of fieldlight and fielddark controls in the D&D rulesets?
  211. D&D 5th Edition Conditions location?
  212. Custom character sheet questions
  213. How to learn to program a ruleset or extension for Fantasy Grounds (tips thread)
  214. inside frame boundaries, issues and a ton of other anoying stuff.
  215. In windowlist, how
  216. windowlist + relative anchors issue
  217. Not getting right value with DB.getValue... not sure how this is possible.
  218. Alternative Wild Magic Rules
  219. Hiring 5E and PF conversion ninjas
  220. Different behavior between module NPC and "local" NPC.
  221. Existing function parse through Damage types, ie 2d6 heat
  222. Rise of the Runelords 5e
  223. Building Druid's Wildshape into the Character sheet?
  224. Inventory system - M&M style
  225. Get node from path possible?
  226. Help Me Find My Dice
  227. sigil interface
  228. OOB Issue
  229. GM Bell
  230. Reference Manuals for Star Wars EOTE Ruleset
  231. Help with making a custom Calendar ext for Critical Role "Tal'dorei campaign guide"
  232. Rollable Table Help
  233. Copying a theme from one ruleset to another?
  234. Is there a Parsing Tool To Help With Text/Art Mostly Refrence Modules Anywhere
  235. Map Editor
  236. Duplication of content in windowlist
  237. Alhpa Channel Grid
  238. Confused with tutorials and guides: what is still relevant and what is deprecated ?
  239. Developer Guide
  240. Updated Developer Guide
  241. Portraits/Tokens for Pregens
  242. "extra" node is being created and can't see why....
  243. Help with Local versus Host scripting
  244. How to, basic ref manuals ?
  245. Ref Manual Block Manager
  246. Star Wars D20
  247. how to split content over more than one xml file
  248. Looking for extension help...
  249. Multiple systems - one base file
  250. Deadlands, Deadlands: Hell On Earth & Deadlands: Lost Colony - Classic