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  1. Tracking spell durations in the combat tracker
  2. Is it possible to open an image with code
  3. modguide missing links
  4. Showing 2d6 an an option within the default dice
  5. Possible to add images into a Story Entry?
  6. How do I edit the 5e PHB race and class entries?
  7. Graphical Inventory
  8. Polish fonts in FG
  9. Table Size
  10. Add languages to the drop down menu in 3.1.3?
  11. Custom Chat Icons
  12. Custom Tables and Damage Types
  13. Complete idiots guide to Ruleset creation
  14. Linking a Table inside a formattedtext
  15. FG background picture
  16. Ruleset Folders
  17. Modifying the New Language Feature in CORE
  18. Scripting - Using < and > operators
  19. Dice rolls not showing up in the 'Chat Window'
  20. Dual Monitors / Screens
  21. Need Help: Mod and Ext problem with Equipment Tables
  22. Combobox troubles...
  23. Tables inside a formatedtext window
  24. Value based on source
  25. GM rolls not hide
  26. Copying monsters from the PRD
  27. Create Campaign Setup Question..
  28. Showing an empty sublabled skill by default
  29. Colored text in LUA
  30. D&D 5E Advantages & Disadvantages modifier button question for use in Traveller
  31. Make Subdir readable by Fantasy Grounds
  32. Need help with some more complicated dice modifiers
  33. Need Help. Changing the font color on an extension.
  34. Changes in combat tracker
  35. Vlad's post of inquiries
  36. battle map combat request
  37. Hidden field
  38. HideNotReadOnly Tag
  39. Problems Deleting Windowinstance
  40. Moving tokens mouselessly?
  41. basicnumber source and inline Lua script assignation call to obtain value
  42. Infinity rpg
  43. Don't know where its getting it.......
  44. more than 1 Minisheet.
  45. Issue with Manage Characters..
  46. Which Rule set should I build my modules on?
  47. [TUTO-DEV] plz use single format for your Debug.console
  48. Simpler Creature/Monster Import options
  49. CoreRPG and the changes in dice rolling
  50. Multiple tab.png resources?
  51. do i need to learn xml
  52. Issue with 'Skip Hidden Actor'..
  53. The Ultimate Fantasy Grounds DM Toolbox
  54. An other way of "local gaming"?
  55. Map as the background?
  56. Question for Coders
  57. Linking spells in descriptions of other spells
  58. New spells D&D 5e?
  59. Limiting Group Icons/Tabs
  60. Adding Tab/Category Icons via Extension?
  61. Text
  62. Table Roll modifier to subsequent table roll Question
  63. Fonts are foxing me
  64. Targeting Complication...
  65. need coding help with BOTTOMs and how to reference another window
  66. Battletech Ruleset
  67. Unpack Base Ruleset (PAK) files?
  68. Maps, hexes, and "distance" tag
  69. Where is ActionsManager. defined?
  70. Story entries via modules?
  71. Issue with placement using createWindow
  72. XML Parse Error I can't track down...
  73. Ruleset error...with windowclass
  74. Drop down list control
  75. Number box with tiny die icon?
  76. addTextWidget, and database for fields...
  77. Problem designing combobox control
  78. Dice rolls and output channels
  79. Need Help Addint Ability Scores To 5e Character Sheet
  80. Collapsing List
  81. Dragging Damage to Combat Tracker Client
  82. Merge rules
  83. Database Scripting Issues
  84. Array of controls?
  85. Effects modifier help
  86. Noob datamodule question
  87. Another Dice Question
  88. Run script function in another script?
  89. Anchoring issue ...
  90. Pokemon Tabletop Adventures Help
  91. Looking for: A Bag of Bennies, Tokens, Fate and/or More. Extension question.
  92. 4E ct npc atks parsed from powers
  93. Maximize Current Map (Top Most / Last if easier)
  94. New CoreRPG Theme: CONAN
  95. Custom Extension Request
  96. Corrupting image files?
  97. Tab Controls
  98. Help with Merge and Character Sheets
  99. Iterating through those procedural controls...
  100. Must be syntax...
  101. Home grown heroes
  102. Can't click on a control
  103. stated button, how to create, how it works?
  104. FYI: Free for Use Images
  105. Two Way Sync - CT to PC Char Sheet
  106. Anchored static width ignored
  107. Advice modifying feats functionality
  108. drawbar
  109. Ignoring width...problem
  110. Jollys WorkBench: Talk of my current works in progress.
  111. button icon cycler
  112. More anchor issues...
  113. Setting XML tags from script difficulty
  114. Frame in template not working...
  115. From Sheet to CT
  116. Change color of frame element
  117. Tying Hit Dice to Character Size rather than Character Class
  118. Library extension for CoreRPG
  119. Questions of Tweakage
  120. Xianxia ruleset WIP
  121. Theme Extensions and Tokens
  122. Windowlist tutorial please?
  123. Module for Modfiers
  124. Results of dice roll from ActionsManager.processAction
  125. List of recognized XML tags?
  126. How to store a common number that all players can change
  127. Pasting formatting in Formatted Text Fields?
  128. Extensions. Where do i start?
  129. Cypher System Support
  130. Modules and Story Items
  131. Extensions and Database nodes
  132. Another Modules question - Images
  133. One Last Module Question - Shared Sheets with players
  134. Overlaying a bitmap on another one
  135. Help needed: implement a template for a characteristic tree in a PC sheet
  136. Converting Notes into a Library Module?
  137. Hints & Tips - Drag'n'drop Adventure Locations
  138. Implementing a wait/sleep within an extension using Lua.
  139. What I can and can't do with dice
  140. Does FG Support the Entire W3 XML Document Specification?
  141. Possible Documentation Error in the XML and Scripting Reference (refdoc)
  142. There's got to be a better way...
  143. Numenera Ruleset Upgrade
  144. Search function for Developer documentation
  145. Filtering Data within a Windowlist
  146. Quick (and ignorant ;)) question:
  147. 'Tactics' Tab for CoreRPG Encounters..
  148. Dragonborn Subrace
  149. Star Wars Revised?
  150. Lua or LuaJIT ?
  151. Marco Tab
  152. Do these graphics reside in the wrong place?
  153. Opposed Rolls?
  154. Core+5E - Altering NPC names in the combat tracker
  155. Changing Default Values in a script.
  156. Error with iadd
  157. Module Dependencies
  158. Decoding Strings for Variables
  159. Creating NPC entries
  160. LIST inside a LIST , Cant figure it out
  161. License, source control and extension release
  162. RPG Name in Decal?
  163. Sorting Attributes on a custom Character Sheet.
  164. CoreRPG Custom Character Sheet
  165. Creating tables in Notes, Items, etc...
  166. NPC Spell Effects
  167. Division of dice rolls or custom dice?
  168. Looking for good guide how to create Empty Library which i can create entries in
  169. A shorter, easy way to Code in the Formattedtext
  170. Dice mechanic for L5R ?
  171. CC3 Map Making
  172. Where are the "Core" assets?
  173. Desktop Graphic Options
  174. Work In Progress Skin
  175. I just want to add a School to the list of available Wizard Schools . . .
  176. Adding in new sections to character sheet
  177. Colored 5e Sidebar
  178. My Little pony module for 5-7 year old
  179. Traveller Random Encounters
  180. Stumped on using cycler
  181. Learning how the skins work
  182. D20 Modern,Blood and Space (Ship NPC ) ext
  183. Tab View for Players - CoreRPG
  184. Displaying Character Portraits from Comm.deliverChatMessage(msg)
  185. Previous values for HP/Tmp/Sbd/Wnd
  186. Changing "Personalities" to read "NPCs" in the module library
  187. 3.5E ability effects code
  188. The mutable entry, possible?
  189. Help finding Targets
  190. Hackmaster 5E
  191. Widget Creation?
  192. Resizing desktop background for 4k monitor
  193. Help with a coding issue
  194. Does FG spawn additional processing threads?
  195. The combobox from CoreRPG is only editable by the GM
  196. Adding Classes, Races, and Archetypes to the 5e Ruleset
  197. Hiding Token Names ( "Identification" for monsters ) ?
  198. Help: Saving Mutistate elements
  199. Map scale
  200. Help: Simple Number Counter
  201. NPC "character sheets"?
  202. "Layer in" an additional character sheet tab?
  203. Built in Random Lists in a Ruleset
  204. When are globals really globals?
  205. Are variables passed by reference? by value? or it depends?
  206. Trouble with class.txt in parser
  207. Some general questions about customisation.
  208. 2d20 RPG dice rolling
  209. Adding the Gunslinger Archetype using Par5e. Couple questions...
  210. Feedback On My General Approach
  211. Coding question
  212. Error in Base Ruleset (FullPortraitFrame not found)
  213. Creating a custom Dragonlance Calendar
  214. Savage Worlds Custom Adventure Deck help
  215. Minimizing windows from a button push
  216. Add recharge to a Dragonborn PC's breath weapon?
  217. d20 Modern - Laungages
  218. Need an assist with my first extension (3.5/PFRPG)
  219. New Extension - Individual PC XP Awards (3.5E/PFRPG)
  220. Would be possible to do something like that?
  221. Accessing Loaded Library Modules through an extension
  222. Grouping Dice Results
  223. Trouble finding right click menu for tabs
  224. First Module; if anyone wants to offer critiques?
  225. Extension question
  226. New Extension - Whisper Die Result to GM.
  227. Formulas in the player sheet
  228. Dice help Question
  229. New and Poking around
  230. Structured messages
  231. 5e 12 row table
  232. [5E] More than a dice ?
  233. [Core] small letters in the source code?
  234. Adding effect modifiers.
  235. Question regarding creating some form of trigger in FG
  236. Anyone looking at making a ruleset for the Cepheus Engine?
  237. Ubquity dice macro [ succeses]
  238. Translation (FR to UK)
  239. [CoreRPG] Replacing the action_manager.lua
  240. Text Cycler
  241. Images and Maps Subfolders
  242. Modify Fumble Range
  243. Upcoming v3.2 release
  244. [5E] Custom Critical Damage
  245. [5e] Get Character Traits
  246. calcItemArmorClass function
  247. Confused about Creating Conditions
  248. Simple 5e Graphics Question About Frames
  249. Effect modifier linked to stat
  250. Core Sidebar Buttons for 5e