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  1. 4e Theme in 3.5 ?
  2. CoreRPG: Theme for Vampire the Masquerade
  3. Font and fgf file
  4. Campaign Data Lists Name Change Code - Where?
  5. Convert 4E healing surge value into a dice roll
  6. Loading information
  7. How do you override a script that is in CoreRPG
  8. IF ELSE syntax
  9. Editing or adding to the Wiki
  10. Trying to make a new reference window
  11. Creating a dice rolling callback script like manager_action_heal.lua
  12. Story Font
  13. What does extending CoreRPG give me
  14. Adding a state machine...
  15. Question about Extension and CoreRPG derived rulesets
  16. Request for help: .ext to .zip and then back to .ext again fails to work
  17. Roll / Keep Systems and Exploding Dice
  18. Looking for a developer
  19. Image XML question
  20. Migrating to CoreRPG
  21. Dice rolling mechanics
  22. Adding Skills
  23. Warhammer Fantasy RPG 2nd, new ruleset, any needs?
  24. [Need Help] Trying to create a custom rollable field, like Initiative
  25. rRoll, rSource, and rTarget
  26. Partysheet Help
  27. Problem with Call of Cthulhu translation
  28. Odd Behavior with the Armor Check Buttonfield
  29. Need help with a function to filter a list, please.
  30. Module Node Paths
  31. updating a total based off a list getting deleted
  32. [Enhanced Images] bug report
  33. Chat Log Entry Timestamps
  34. Adding Variant Rules
  35. Creating a new spells module [3.5e/PFRPG]
  36. Campaigns with multiple Calendars
  37. Assigning a tokencontrol from a file
  38. CoreRPG Default Attributes Help
  39. making custom races help?
  40. Using the Comm.throwDice method
  41. Question on tables in a "formattedtext" field.
  42. A problem with the Client Tracker vs the Host Tracker...
  43. Frames - screenshot and code embedded in post Here - Assistance
  44. Party Sheet Calculations
  45. Modifier Adjustment
  46. Custom Character Sheet - Draggable Links
  47. Making changes to manager_desktop.lua from an external script.
  48. Comm.throwDice Question
  49. WFRP3 Creating Custom Cards. How might one do it?
  50. includefile in module?
  51. making Dice string rollable
  52. Retreiving Extension Info
  53. 2 Text fields in same ability
  54. LoadOrder Tag Documentation Request
  55. Change Mask Texture?
  56. Dragonwing Torn Asunder: Critical Hits PFRPG
  57. Getting the Sum of several Fields and applying to another Field
  58. Unrequired Campaign Tools
  59. Accessing module entries
  60. Combining a two values for display
  61. Error on client: "setValue: Unable to create node"
  62. Working with then and else...
  63. Functional Themes
  64. Shortcuts without using draginfo?
  65. Restricting An Extension to CoreRPG v3.0.8 (And Above)
  66. Keep Highest/Drop Lowest ?
  67. Roll on Table - receive an image?
  68. Adding a new slash command in chat
  69. Move a mask/unmask selection shape?
  70. Using a Campaign Image in an Extension
  71. Changing a 4E Skill windowlist window to not custom
  72. Anyone tried using this tool for creating/editing/modifying rulesets ?
  73. Changing Only The Frame Of An Existing CoreRPG Windowclass
  74. CoreRPG Requests
  75. Cascading Lua Functions (As Oppossed To XML Templates)
  76. New to this and can't figure out how some things are defined
  77. Bit of programming help
  78. Italic Font Color?
  79. Help with Xml anchored static height error
  80. 13th Age rule set released (Beta)
  81. Chat Window Framdef or other....
  82. Ignoring <defaultlabel> in <button_stringcycler>
  83. Coroutine Standard Lua Library
  84. Calling WindowControls As Strings
  85. [Feature Request] 4E: Add Curse, Oath Target, and Quarry conditions
  86. Require/Force Download a Module from within a Ruleset
  87. Native letters
  88. Strange issue with scrolling
  89. buttoncontrol/buttonfield getValue problem
  90. [FEATURE REQUEST] - Icon/symbol for GM so you can drop/send text directly to them
  91. The best way to hide a calender month
  92. Various New Ruleset Coding Questions
  93. New Extension Idea: Moon Phase Tracker
  94. Damned's Init/Combat tracker questions
  95. How do I display a simple icon?
  96. Tunnels and Trolls Ruleset - or close?
  97. Mask Color
  98. Colour Data Storage Location?
  99. Setting your range/Grid numbers
  100. Keeping track of Player info
  101. Draw a 30* Cone Pointer - Looking for some help.
  102. Extension: changing one item, like one script?
  103. Fantasy Grounds II for Eclipse Phase
  104. Overwriting a Ruleset
  105. Need Help! Automatic ammo counter for 3.5E
  106. Jukebox feature?
  107. Help with Tables
  108. Large Modules
  109. Parsing text to create xml to integrate into a campaign (in this case, PFRPG ruleset)
  110. Idea For A Feature Update!!
  111. Changing map targeting scale/units and getting targeted range
  112. NPCs in Foundation
  113. Advanced Bestiary (Green Ronin) for PFRPG product discussion
  114. Demi Dice
  115. I'm Fed up with Notepad++
  116. Character sheet, how to make a simple one extended from CoreRPG?
  117. How to write original adventure modules for C & C
  118. tokeninstance.addUnderlay doesn't work for Hex grids?
  119. Dice mechanic tutorial for coding under CoreRPG?
  120. Issue with the Control Key, Targeting and the Modifier Stack...
  121. Retrieving and Using Options
  122. Outline style list?
  123. whats the simplest way to add a number with a label?
  124. Calling function from attached script
  125. Unbalanced Columns?
  126. 'ping' feature for FG maps
  127. Getting the target for a PC from the Combat Tracker
  128. Avoiding extension collisions...
  129. Idea!!
  130. description for referenceindex under core?
  131. Ist there a way to "draw cards"
  132. yeah
  133. Classic Traveller: Anyone know where the control is for the Attack Roll ?
  134. Help!!!!!
  135. PF Skills for 3.5e
  136. Magic the Gathering?
  137. Need help to automate Display Sum
  138. CoreRPG Modules that Change graphics
  139. minor change sheet wont resize. any ideas?
  140. example from guide not working: runequest damage mod in Classis Traveller ruleset
  141. Mixed Dice Rolling
  142. Example of a diecontrol that accepts dragged dice
  143. non static column labels
  144. Dice Roll problem
  145. Extension Question
  146. Module: Show in Library, not in Story?
  147. Locked / Read Only NPC Records
  148. New DFRPG Ruleset Extension WIP
  149. Can I give this module away?
  150. What happened?
  151. Question regarding dice
  152. Recent patch results in Dragon image returning to desktop
  153. Updating a old character sheet.
  154. Working on a (very basic) DCC RPG ruleset
  155. Is it possible to create a Game in FG allowing you to control Multiple Characters?
  156. Console command in script block
  157. Sticking the Right Side of a Frame..
  158. custom tabletop
  159. Missing delete button on charsheet (5E)
  160. Core Enhanced Images Code for map layers
  161. Custom Character Sheet: Help Wanted
  162. Help with rounding numbers
  163. What's the trick to 'string_columnh' ??
  164. Creating a revised character sheet for 5E
  165. Help With Spell Cast Scripts
  166. D&D 3.5e
  167. Help With Effects and Damage Types
  168. Total Noob Creating Ruleset
  169. Help updating old ruleset.
  170. Rules within Rules
  171. Skin extension glitch?
  172. Effect Targeting - 5e, 4e, CoreRPG, etc
  173. Linefeed in Chatframe?
  174. Adding entry to using green + icon
  175. Savage Worlds, No Power Points, Casting modifier
  176. Any way to access the D&D Complete Core Class Pack?
  177. Allowing players to edit a GM module sheet
  178. Merge Rules In Templates
  179. Issue with ActionsManager.registerModHandler
  180. A question about posting rolls to chat-
  181. ImageControl
  182. Question on dynamic resizing on the core CT
  183. Client vs Host Issue..
  184. A Song of Ice and Fire RPG Basic Implementation
  185. Text widget rotation
  186. Extension Handling
  187. BRP Calculate base attack bonus - how to write it onto a field!?
  188. Setting the Window title by the ruleset
  189. My Extension Tutorial, Part 1 (Draft)
  190. Building a Rule Set
  191. Fallout Pnp ?
  192. Enabling players to roll their own physical dice
  193. Handler On Campaign Registry
  194. Unbound windowclass needs bound!
  195. New question of the day: how to use setHolder
  196. Core RPG: Colouring 6's and removing them fro÷ the dice sum?
  197. Defining a static default window position
  198. Location of DnD 5e modules
  199. Is it possible to change the bounds of a windowclass dynamicly ?
  200. Change colour on 1 dice
  201. The 'Rules' for string.match
  202. New to Fantasy grounds, wanting to make a 'Concentration Fail' effect
  203. NPC Saves vs. Spells in 3.5E
  204. Making new weapon properties
  205. How to get items dropped in the inventory to populate weapon list
  206. Traveller 5th Edition, or any edition for that matter
  207. CoreRPG CombatTracker editable by clients
  208. Execute Function in charsheet onLoad?
  209. 4E NPCs with brutal attacks
  210. Jeff's Excruciatingly Simple Extension Tutorial
  211. How to relaunch dice on condition ?
  212. Appling Source Data To Target(s) - Please Help
  213. Planet Mercenary (coming out in 2016) : Anyone planning on building a ruleset?
  214. Special Abilities!!
  215. Referencing a Window with a string...
  216. How to add a party sheet to a ruleset?
  217. Question: Thumbnails in Library?
  218. Linked Variables...
  219. The !magic descriptor
  220. How to enable a charsheet entry to accept a link (these red boxes)?
  221. Changing default attribute score
  222. New Ability Scores <SOLVED>
  223. Skill Proficiencies
  224. Having some trouble with positioning in a simple extension.
  225. Add character image to character sheet - Call of Cthulhu
  226. New class mod
  227. Definition of UI Elements
  228. Core RPG Ruleset Architecture
  229. Campaign Calendar Module
  230. Moving the dice about from Lua....
  231. Editable Mod, i.e. 5E
  232. Vampire The Dark Ages
  233. Star Wars D6 Rule Set
  234. White Towel; Duplicate+Renamed 5E.pak results in lost PHB Module
  235. Looking for a guide or suggestions on creating a custom ruleset
  236. renaming groups
  237. Update Event Frequency
  238. Posting chat message only to myself?
  239. What is an Empty Ruleset
  240. RFI - Auto-Loading Default Campaign Data
  241. Custom Library - all good, just need to insert some pictures.
  242. Custom Savage Worlds Adventure Deck
  243. Custom Library - inserting a weapon table into a section.
  244. Help Adding Duel of Wits Tab to 5e Character Sheet
  245. Is it possible for sound made to all Players and GM when natural 1 or 20 rolled
  246. CoreRPG - Windowlist - Changing width of columns
  247. Advice on Simple Alterations to CoreRPG
  248. Technical - Multiple queries
  249. Category scripted management
  250. Set Value Of formattedtextcontrol