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  1. Issue calculating distances between huge or gargantuan creature tokens on square grid
  2. My license key doesn't work.
  3. Bug- When Dropping Thing into Stoy to create links.
  4. Story Template: Tagged text with multiple column table
  5. Extension functions not correctly called by the super class functions.(tested in 5e)
  6. Bug in code
  7. Administrator permission issues
  8. IFGU Update Issue
  9. As a player I can't see my own dice rolls
  10. FGU Not Installing (Windows 10) - Error: 1223
  11. I've put in the wrong IP address and now I can't seen to change it
  12. Authorization failed.
  13. FG Freezing! Unloading a Module?
  14. Art Pack 2019
  15. how to delete my account?
  16. Can't Enter Text in Campaign fields in Unity
  17. Core RPG - NPC Rolls
  18. Connection issues
  19. Fantasy Ground Issues
  20. Fog of War Question
  21. Purchased Ult Sub, but no email and not showing under Order History?
  22. Token Sizes and Hexes
  23. Subscription Question
  24. Performance issues with Icewind Dale
  25. Cache cleaning for DM
  26. Just bought FGU but cannot activate
  27. Can't connect to the Lobby server
  28. Steam does not recognize installation
  29. Updater time out issues over the last few days
  30. Connection issues
  31. FGC Lag on Win10 Laptop (running 5e ruleset)
  32. Possible problem with licences
  33. New computer
  34. Connection problems
  35. FG Teamspeak server down?
  36. Issue with a few player's launcher
  37. Issue with Updater after Buying Alien Ruleset FG Classic
  38. Adventure Glyph
  39. FG no longer working after update
  40. Very frustrated DM - mobs disappearing
  41. How do I activate Fantasy Grounds Unity (Kickstarter Supporter) into my steam account
  42. License key cancelled
  43. FG Webinstall Timeout
  44. do I need to purchase new license if I have one already
  45. Odd behavior with maps
  46. Rime of the Frostmaiden missing material
  47. Alien RPG Timeouts on Update (Classic)
  48. Why is my Macbook having constant issues with FG?
  49. List of previous connections with alias IN FGC
  50. LoS line definitions not showing on map
  51. Curse of Strahd - Grid Alignment
  52. Impossibly small Icons and Fonts FGU
  53. FGC Issues with Campaign Opened by FGU
  54. Fantasy Grounds Connection Steam Purchase
  55. Player can't get past demo login
  56. Bug: /identity
  57. Issue updating FG Unity
  58. Please fix your updater
  59. FGU- 5th edition conditional effects IF
  60. I broke it...
  61. Cannot get updater to work
  62. Devin Night Token Pack 142: Nasty Beasts
  63. Loading Library modules takes a long time with dat.tmp files in loading loop
  64. Savage Worlds Sub-Powers
  65. 3.5E wiki missing effect operator
  66. Gothic Theme - tiled, looks terrible
  67. At a hotel long term need help with Port Forwarding VPN
  68. Can't use alias
  69. where is the gothic theme?
  70. Is there any significance to the bolding of lines...
  71. Is there a way to add a map over a map in FGC?
  72. Freehand Drawing Map for Players?
  73. Can't share Maps/Images?
  74. One Player Suddenly Unable to Join to my FGC Ultimate Server?
  75. onExport Error in Savage Worlds/Deadlands
  76. Bug 5e Monster Ranged Spell Attacks missing [toa] [Yuan Ti]
  77. Masking does not stick
  78. exporting and iimporting modules
  79. After fresh Install of FGC on Mac OS 10.13.6 updater fails: CreateDevice Failed
  80. Specific question on connection error issue
  81. [3.3.12] Links to custom races of characters pre 3.3.12 are now unlinked
  82. NB! FG Theme - Futuristic doesn't properly "support" Starfinder
  83. Official Background Decal Issues
  84. error message when opening an npc stat sheet
  85. Fantasy Grounds Classic Dowload
  86. Den of Iniquity Tokens Problem
  87. Gothic Theme Trouble with Hot Keys being blocked
  88. Lost Campaign info
  89. Cannot remove identity problem
  90. White Screen on Classic Init
  91. Server Online (color blind)
  92. DB.export() function displaying text in chat
  93. The Calendar got bugged in update just a few minutes ago !!
  94. Custom races and variant speeds/languages
  95. Player download issue
  96. new upgrade
  97. New Table Import Feature -- Error when using WOTC official D&D Theme extension
  98. Fgc updated - token facing issue
  99. login password won't save
  100. cannot connect to my groups games anymore
  101. Weird Server Connection Issue
  102. Module creation headaches - Savage Worlds
  103. NPC portraits not showing up when speaking through them as GM
  104. Any way to lock PC sheets?
  105. Nsaty bug with "IF"
  106. Crashing Problem with Fantasy Grounds Unity
  107. Unable to Host External - Hear me out
  108. Program Issues
  109. Odd value in CoreRPG, seems backwards?
  110. New feature (hand indicator) cannot make attack rolls (error)
  111. Unknown Error on Install
  112. New feature (hand indicator) character sheet weapon attacks act as melee
  113. Windows reboot will not gracefully shutdown FG
  114. Lost all the characters and the notes?
  115. Cannot launch Fantasy grounds on windows
  116. Unmasking Works for Some Players, Not for Others
  117. Strange Dice Results ?
  118. An Odd DB.XML Problem - Unlike any I've had Before
  119. Player access to libary item NOT owned by the GM
  120. Screen resolution blurring issue
  121. Demo Adventure "A tale of Dinor" missing after update.
  122. Starting FGC rather slow
  123. Error on shared items
  124. Invisible borders
  125. Transfer Starfinder Starship to new computer?
  126. Update incompleted
  127. CoreRPG - Shadowrun 4E - Client combat tracker problem
  128. Connecting to cloud game with demo
  129. its probably been asked before
  130. Need Help! Unable to create items/NPCs
  131. Is it possible to import LoS to a new map?
  132. [Steam] Launch 2nd Instance License Key Error
  133. Trouble changing my Decal
  134. Info not visiable
  135. Script Error: scripts/manager_portal2
  136. Cannot host games on specific computer
  137. edit/copy item = script error
  138. Trying to install FREE version of FGU -- license key issue
  139. Unable to connect since switching from Norton to Windows Defender
  140. Targeting issue
  141. No switching out of FG to another program.
  142. Possible to selectively update modules?
  143. Snap to grid legitimately not working
  144. Help with "Error reading end tag" pls
  145. Mac issue (High Sierra) Can't launch Fanstasy Grounds
  146. Lost Buttons/Icons on GM Combat Tracker
  147. JBE Star Battle maps --- missing images
  148. Spell Lookup Failure - Volo's Hag Coven Template
  149. Help with Mods
  150. FG not installing
  151. Connection Test Failure
  152. Anyone been able to port forwards on Eircom F2000 router?
  153. FGC Fonts
  154. Dice Lag FPS Drop Causing Me Aneurysms
  155. Can't launch the Steam version of FGC on a mac
  156. Reactivating a monthly ultimate licence
  157. FGC Player view DM Info
  158. Just reactivated my Ultimate (classic) license - how long to receive key?
  159. Data Module Activation: web and bag icon
  160. Purchased book not showing up
  161. No Data after update
  162. Choppy dice
  163. Got a funky module update problem here
  164. Arrrrrrggggggghhhh
  165. Issue loading maps and images in FGC...
  166. Table generated Parcels and custom money...
  167. SWK01 update failure
  168. Updating is super slow
  169. Accidentally deleted the DM MAP: Barovia. How do I get it back
  170. Missing race and class data
  171. Public vs non-public settings
  172. Theme - Western in Savage Worlds
  173. Module Disappeared from Library
  174. Classic Issues
  175. Library tab
  176. Image Toolbar missing?
  177. 5E Not loading encounters after update
  178. New MOTD function?
  179. 4e healing surges don't work
  180. Lankhmar in Space!
  181. Error when opening images
  182. How do I switch between Player and GM modes on FGU
  183. Lost the Skill list in PFRPG ruleset
  184. Actor manager 2 error
  185. Prepared! One Shot Adventures
  186. peculiar sorting issue (fg classic, story entries)
  187. Button change
  188. Map Size.
  189. Ability score automation bug
  190. FGC Masks not Exporting
  191. Token Issue
  192. Sidebar in 2e Ruleset?
  193. Can't get past the license agreement page
  194. Script error 2e AD&D
  195. Links won't drag and drop
  196. GM Health Status Indicator not working
  197. Library Look up change?
  198. Classes and other banners hidden
  199. JBE Star Battle maps --- missing images?
  200. Players disconnecting and reconnecting again and again
  201. Disconnecting from board taking very long time
  202. Library Missing section that controls the campaign buttons.
  203. Players Accessing Campaign & Quick Save toolbar
  204. D20 Modern console errors and HP not tracking
  205. Script error on existing campaign
  206. Purchased book not showing up!!
  207. Character manager won't show latest version
  208. Can Unity PCs be imported into Classic
  209. Anchor dices
  210. Help me technologically challanged
  211. Transferring Custom Data from One Pathfinder Campaign to Another
  212. New Computer
  213. Is there a way to conceal "hit poinits" oin the combat Tracker for both FG's?
  214. unable to update
  215. Cannot share Fantasy Grounds campaign (Classic) with players
  216. Problems with clearing cache and console errors
  217. Client doesn't Update Wound Status Colors
  218. Activation key won't work Need Help
  219. Connection Issues Need Help
  220. Upgrade from Classic to Unity, data missing
  221. Core RPG - Shadowrun 4e - Not able to make any check
  222. Rollon table with a comma
  223. FG crashed when renaming a directory, all recent changes lost
  224. What am I missing?
  225. Can Pathfinder Map Tile Packs be used in D&D5e???
  226. Updater failing
  227. Image Editing Tools Not Working in FGC
  228. weird version issue
  229. Freezing issues
  230. NPC direct damage
  231. Generic Table creation question
  232. Tiefling bloodline issues
  233. No Character Portraits and Character Tokens showing
  234. ACK!!!! My maps are gone!!!
  235. Old FG License
  236. Unable to check lobby server...
  237. Custom background?
  238. Error after the latest patch...
  239. Fix Wrong Spell Effects
  240. Starfinder: Deck of Many Worlds
  241. Crash on Load/New Campaign
  242. Tokens moving for the mover, but not for observers
  243. I Cannot find my license key
  244. Can I configure FGC to autolaunch my campaign on startup?
  245. purchase problem
  246. Ultramodern5 REDUX can't load
  247. Tokens not centered on map
  248. how to adjust selected copy in text block?
  249. FG Classic - Connection Issue
  250. Reference Manual Images Not Displaying